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Ikebukuro: To some, it is just another big city in Japan, but there are others who have been priviledged to see what really goes on. Gang violence isn't what we're talking about. You'll soon see what I mean. Welcome to Ikebukuro...
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 Mori Aurum's Character List

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Mori Aurum
Mori Aurum

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PostSubject: Mori Aurum's Character List   Mori Aurum's Character List I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 05, 2012 8:51 pm

Name: Mori Aurum

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student. Rouge Informant. Knowing too much for his own good, Mori wanders the streets with information selling it to the highest bidder. Being a bit of the sadistic side, he gladly watches scenes play out as he gives gangs wrong information or too little information to go on and eventually gets themselves into bad situations. Mori does this work and actually does side jobs such as working at bars and other places to earn extra money when his usual work doesn't pay off. He believes in not getting in too deep with other people's affairs or else that would burden him. He dosen't like therefore tries to stay out of it. Yet giving off tidbits of information sometimes renders him attached to the problem.

Gang (optional): Not as of yet, nor does he really plan to anytime soon.

Physical Appearance: Mori is a light boy with a rather scrawny lean body though it dosen't mean he dosen't work out or anything. He is fairly fit and is always armed with a few weapons to protect himself. His skin is rather pale even though he is usually running around collecting information from people and doing reseach and otherwise just sticking around places, adventuring.

Eye color: A light blue if not a real pale gray

Hair color/style: Mori's hair is purple grayish, pale yet healthy, it often just does it own thing and stays up in a mess upon his head. Tangled at times, he has bad habits of running his hands through his hair during conversations or when he just is thinking to himself and needs to fidget.

Height: 5'6

Clothes: Mori tends to wear punk style clothing and even a bit of goth clothing though he dosen't tend believe in everything they do with death to the human race crap. He keeps it simple, wearing black and gray and few colors. The boy also dosen't really care for his clothing either, it just seems like something to put on at the beginning of the day so he can get through it. Sometimes his clothes can end up in the strangest of places like that one time when he found his shirt while making a bowl of ramen in the cabinets randomly... Anyway, he wears anything that'll fit in general and won't care for how he looks during the day.

What brings them to Ikebukuro? The rumors, speculations, and most of all the mysteries and legends.

Other: Mori is a talented informant and is best friends with Nora, his comprade in arms as some would say. They've known eachother for as long as he can remember. Some of Mori's likes are sweet and spicy food, he likes enjoys reading to himself though he really hates to be alone at times when there is nothing to do. Occasionaly the one to be a bit sadistic at times, he often has to be refrained by Nora who is practically like a second mother to him. He tends to roam around at times and gets lost fairly easy. He's an eccentric person but also really pleasant to get along with even though he may by a bit mischeavous at times and mess around with pranks and other people's lives. he is a teenager, no? And that's pretty much it for history is way too troublesome~

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PostSubject: Re: Mori Aurum's Character List   Mori Aurum's Character List I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 05, 2012 9:08 pm

Nice details on the character. He'll be interesting to roleplay with~ Approved.

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Mori Aurum
Mori Aurum

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PostSubject: Re: Mori Aurum's Character List   Mori Aurum's Character List I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 24, 2012 3:38 pm

Name: Jun Annorami
Nicknames: Anna (for some reason, his coworkers will refer to him as this)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Mori Aurum's Character List 977982-1
 Eye Color: A chocolate sort of brown
 Hair Color: Blonde. Nearly platinum but still claims some of that blonde color
 Clothes: Usually Anna (*coughs loudly in background*) er…Jun likes to wear things that are comfortable. Like big jackets that are way past his size and t-shirts and regular jeans, not those skinny things that look impossible to fit in. He hates to wear things that are formal but will if he has too but that doesn’t mean he won’t complain about it the whole entire time.
 Other: Jun has a long thin scar right near his hair line that is hidden under his long bangs, it is faint but it can be seem some when he runs his hands through his hair.
Occupation: Shoujo Novelist. Jun breathes in romance and exhales wonderful shoujo manga for the world to read. He may not really be one to be in a relationship but he tends to have a heart for anything cute and fluffy.
 Unknown: First, Unknown was a person who had saved Jun from a gang of people who wanted what little cash that was in his pockets. Seeing the man in action as he skillfully beat the others inspired Jun for another manga (which became quite popular) and he asked if the man would allow him to ask a few questions, so he could interview and gain some of his personality and history for his story. Learning more about him, Jun came to realize that the man was rather strange, lonely, and sold off as an outcast. He then looked to Unknown as his friend, seeing as how he looked like he could really need someone to rely on.
Personality: Jun is well, first of all, impractical. He daydreams nonstop and will completely zone out in conversations because of this. He looks around with a bright positive opinion on life itself. He is a fanatic on shoujo and focuses mainly on satisfying his readers need for a break out of the cruel reality of the real world. Jun doesn’t seem to fantasize over his romantic life though. Maybe it was because he really didn’t care much for himself which would explain his hair and his clothing and his careless look on things that would involve him. He may seem immature and rather strangely childish at times but he tends to be who he is and reflect on daily things. Jun however can be a little negative at times. Every novelist has that. When that time when the due date comes around, he can change dramatically and become rather depressing as he loses sleep and hates on pretty much everyone who may come to annoy him during that dangerous time. He doesn’t seem to notice it himself so when you come to ask about it, he probably will just stare at you with big brown eyes and an innocent smile and say ‘I don’t recall.’
 Likes: Shoujo, Sweets, Spicy food, and other people who like shoujo!
 Dislikes: Sour food, Mecha manga, and people calling him an otoman or gay for being a shoujo writer (to those few who know him)
 Habits: Zoning out for ideas for his manga.
 Talents: Writing, drawing, and a bit of amateur cooking. Jun also happens to be knowledgeable in martial arts and tends to be a bit old school and traditional like the rest of his family.
Jun comes from a novelist family. His father, his mother, his older brothers, and his grandfather: they have all written and wished for him to write books as well. His family is famous for their books and the company that they own and his grandfather who is the boss. The young boy was only five when they insisted that he learn to write essays. He usually wrote Japanese kanji and such to get him started and he was already showing signs of genius that made his family hopeful. Jun however was far from turning to his family’s side. He was walking home from school one day when one of his friends suggested that they go to the bookstore. If Jun were to tell his father about it, he knew his family wouldn’t mind that much if they knew he was going to be broadening his horizons or whatever they usually said. He nodded, willing to go with his friend who seemed embarrassed about going. Jun didn’t really understand why but he soon found out. His guy friend really liked to read shoujo mangas. The young blonde teenager didn’t really know much about mangas and other such wonders as anime. His family wanted him to remain solely on the business of the family. While his friend was picking out the colorful books from the shelves, Jun went solo to figure out what these mysterious things were and began reading. He smiled, a bit surprised by his sudden like of the strange stories and didn’t all seem to mind that his friend was embarrassed by the shoujo manga because he certainly liked them. He grew to love the irresistible characters who were too shy to confess their feelings and grew their frustrations as they learned to love but understood that their love was too clueless to figure it out. Jun became so immersed into his new manga that his writing heart soon began to yearn to make his own. Abandoning his family’s thoughts and beliefs, he began searching for ways to help his poor drawing skills and bought more and more shoujo manga. His family had left him alone for a while and did not understand the new influence in their son’s thoughts and ways. They believed that he was beginning to write his own book which they had done, too, when they were about his age and were glad to be out of his way as he wrote. But he didn’t just write. Soon in a matter of weeks, rough drafts and quite a few final storyboards littered his room and pictures of his made-up characters were stuck up to the walls to inspire him further. He seemed to have a natural hand in drawing as well and enjoyed it as much as he enjoyed reading shoujo. His friend who had accompanied him to the bookstore knew of his accomplishments and even helped him send his story boards to a helpful agency where they quickly promoted his ideas.
But they didn’t accept his age.
He was denied his offer at age 12 and returned home with a broken heart but a stronger will. He worked hard on his manga till he was 15 and he began anew and started a new series called Bara no Hitokuchi [Mouthful of Roses]. A story were a girl is cursed with a harsh breathing disease learns that her troublesome twin brother is going to be transferred to another school, a military school, far away from home. With only her brother to keep her company at home and her brother that alone is her life while her parents are away and her servants are not enough, she discovers that she must do something if she wants to keep her brother. She tutors her brother and teaches him not to be mean to other people but one fight reigns out once his friend is pulled into bad business. Their parents learn of this and they sign for the military school. Dealing with her own heart break, the girl realizes that her brother is just as unhappy about leaving all his friends behind. She then plots a way for her brother to stay with his friends and for her own unrealized dreams of being free…
Going to a different agency, he presented his ideas which were actually accepted and he began to work there. His friend that helped him gladly supported his manga and helped promote it to some of their other friends who he knew liked shoujo too and even at the school. Jun then had to figure out how to explain to his family how he was now expected to bring in updates of his new manga and all the due dates and the other fun stressful things. His father was heartbroken but his mother seemed ecstatic about the idea, even though she hid this from her husband. His brothers questioned his sanity but none the less supported him as well and even his grandfather seemed to be proud of him. Jun after many months in the business, with help from some of the workers he received from the company to help him with his design soon began to nickname him Anna because of his last name. They thought he was a girl for the first time they had met him and continue to tease him to this day about his long hair and feminine figure. He growls at them near the deadline and throws things at them when he is in one of his relaxed moods….Kind of messed up huh? Though the nickname also came in handy since he couldn’t hand out his manga with people knowing he was a male. He therefore went under the pin name Anna.
Now a rather successful manga novelist, he continues with new ideas and is eager to learn more about the shoujo world since he is sure that he has not discovered all of its wonderful secrets. Thus he came to Ikebukuro with his family and workers and his friend so he could work under the same company but one that has more professional air about it. He finds that Ikebukuro also has a wonderful stock of manga in most of Japan and feels that the mysterious demeanor behind the district will give him some entertainment and also some enlightenment when he feels he is lagging in his stories.

One day Jun had find himself on the wrong side of town.
“Give us your money kid.” One of the men said, his dirty teeth showing as he grinned a nasty grin. Jun didn’t know how or when but he was somehow caught by a couple of gangsters on his investigation for finding a new plot to go from his story. He doesn’t understand why they are victimizing him when there are other people on the street that looked richer than he could ever be but he has a feeling that it wouldn’t matter anyway. They probably just want someone weak looking and easy to fight with so that they could take his money and such. As much as he doesn’t want to let them take such advantage over him and such, his body wasn’t made for combat. Especially against bats, lead pipes and possibly guns if he looks closer…
“Look! We render him speechless and scared!!” They laughed in a tone that made Jun want to throw up. He hates to admit it but he’s a little frightened. How could he not when his life is practically in danger here? But heck if he’s going down without a fight.
With all the strength that he has, Jun stop his food on his captor- the other soon after yowling like an alley cat who had lost his fish. With that distraction, Jun ran further into the alley, hoping to escape from the others before he could be beaten. Sadly, they decided to follow him, madder than ever. He had made several turns and tricks to try to get rid of his chasers but it seemed that it only made them faster for they are catching up. Or maybe Jun is becoming slower because he doesn’t have the stamina to keep going at the same pace- slowing down and down till he couldn’t any more.
Turning to another corner, he bumped into someone, the sheer force making him fall down on his butt. Looking up as he tried to ignore the pain, scared that it was one of those guys that were chasing him, he almost gasps at the sheer handsomeness of the other. Maybe he was exaggerating, he saw some handsomer man in his life time, but the black-haired other with the striking red eyes that seemed to glow so mysteriously yet so dangerously- it seemed like he came from a fantasy. Though his clothes are rather weird –wearing a scarf with a tank top and a pair of sweats while having flip-flops on his feet- you could still see how breathtaking he is. Short cut black hair that framed his face perfectly, eyes almost and seemingly blood red, a body that might as well belongs to a top-rated model and a posture that screams superiority… he’s perfect! Jun finally found the inspiration he needs for his next volume! A person that his other main character, Bella, could be with! He doesn’t know why it has to be this man, but he has a feeling that this stranger would take his volume to the next level!
But before Jun could ask the other to let him have an interview with him, the other had pushed him away from the side. Jun didn’t understand what was going on until he saw the mysterious stranger catching the lead pipe in his hands before it could hit him.
He had just saved him.
Jun eyes widen as he saw the pipe then bended in the middle, the black-haired young man soon after punching the other to the point that it was stronger enough to strip the attacker of his clothing… this guy is really perfect for his new volume…
He watched as the other punches and defeated the rest of the gang without moving an inch from where he was, amazed and how proficiently he’s doing it and how he only need to them once, whether it was gentle or hard, to knock them out. At times, Jun couldn’t see his arms for they were moving too fast. Everything the other did was calculated and perfected- right on the spot and without any effort. It’s like the other is inhuman. No- he felt that this man is not human.
When the other had finished, he began to walk away as if he didn’t existed, which annoyed Jun a little. But it almost seemed sad- as if that the stranger had already thought that the other didn’t want him around anymore.
Sure, the sight of what he was doing to the gangsters was pretty scary and unbelievable but the guy had saved him. It won’t change the fact that this complete stranger, who could just probably run away and left him there to die, had fought for him and saved him. So, doing what he was planning to do from the beginning since he had met the other, Jun ran to catch up to the black-haired beauty and grabs his arm to stop him.
Jun was surprised to see a look a surprise on the other’s expression but shrugs it off.
“Let me interview you.”
The look of surprise turns into a look of ‘wth’. Jun only grinned innocently as best as he could.
From there, they went to a café. Jun was surprised to see the other answering his questions quite truthfully. At first, judging by the mysterious air and uncaring attitude, he thought that the other probably has a lot of secrets. But everything he had asked have been honest and straight forward –except for some question which the other skillfully dodges- but it’s not what Jun expected out of a guy like him. Despite his weird and outlandish clothing, the stranger is actually very regal and superior-like. Of course, it’s not like the other is demanding superiority but his subject has an air around him that gives off a feeling that respect is demanded if you want to interact with this guy.
Jun found out that the other’s name is Unknown- unusual but created an excitement and mysterious feeling that his readers would love.
As he continues to ask the other questions after questions about himself and his life (which was rather vague for some reason), it was already sundown and Jun’s parents are angry that he was out too late at night.
Jun insisted that they would meet up again and Unknown said he would be fine with that- though with little words.
Jun didn’t understand why he should meet the other again- he has all the information that he needs to create his next volume- but for some reason, he felt drawn to the other. He then remembers that they didn’t set up a place or Jun didn’t get his cellphone number at all… he face palmed.
Luckily, the next day, the guy was there again, at the café where they had sat down at, much to Jun’s surprise. He only came this way since this is his usual route to get home… As Jun look at the other named “Unknown”, he can’t help but think how lonely the other looks. People are obviously avoiding him, for most are either one or two tables away from him. It’s sad and somehow frustrating. So, not following the scared crowd of people, Jun sat right across from Unknown, surprising many.
Unknown looked a bit surprised also but they continue their conversation from there. When the other had asked him why he’s asking all of these questions, Jun told him, in secret, that he’s a Shoujo mangaka. The other had a look on his face that said ‘of course, that explains everything”.
Time has passed since they first met and Jun began to think as Unknown as a friend, not as some characterization project for his manga.
Unknown is a really surprising character. The man is an enigma but he’s also very truthful and honest somehow. Some answers he gave are vague but most are rather detailed and straight to the point. The other would some days prefer silence but sometimes, Unknown would lead them to the loudness parts of the city, listening to everyone around him and almost relishing it. What really surprised Jun is that Unknown is rather… sadistic. And very sarcastic and blunt. At first, while his clothes are rather unorthodox, he could be the perfect picture of a gentleman by the way how he talks and by the way how he positions himself. But he figured out that Unknown loves to make people miserable. Including him… but he’ll live (he doesn’t want to go back reminiscing it… when Unknown gets sadistic, he gets sadistic).
Sometime after or so, like a few months maybe; Jun had asked a question that meant to be a joke.
“Are you some kind of inhuman creature or something?” Jun asked after seeing his incredibly strength again.
Jun froze at the answer and look at Unknown with wide eyes. Unknown slowly looks back at him; with unreadable eyes. Jun knows that Unknown isn’t joking. He never jokes about things like this. Unknown then explains how he is an Eternal, living here for almost about billions to trillions of years. He is not human- he couldn’t be considered human before.
Somehow, that sounded so sad; despite the fact that Unknown had said it in such an emotionless tone.
Jun told him he’ll stick by him- and Unknown smiles, saying that he knows.
From there, is almost never a day where they haven’t seen each other.


Mori Aurum's Character List 1052473-1

Mori Aurum
[Devoted Informant. 16. Albino.]

[High-Ranked Member of Awakusu. "Red Demon". Old Man.]

Jun Annorami
[Raira Academy Student. Rich Son of a Publishing Company. Secret Shoujo Manga Artist.]

Mikado Ryuugamine
Mori Aurum's Character List 2994403447 [Raira Academy Student. Dollars Leader. 16]
Mori Aurum's Character List 2994403447
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PostSubject: Re: Mori Aurum's Character List   Mori Aurum's Character List I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 24, 2012 7:29 pm

Mori Aurum's Character List Approv12

lol, great work on it! Very detailed and interesting 0w0.

I hope to rp with him someday ^^

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Mori Aurum's Character List
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