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 Fushou's Character(s)

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PostSubject: Fushou's Character(s)    Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:29 pm

Name: Fushou, Nora

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Occupation: Raira Student; Part-time Worker (whether the work is illegal or not may vary); he is almost capable to do any kind of work due to many experience in many fields.

Gang (optional): Not planning.

Physical Appearance:Lean and strong; is pretty much his overall appearance. But because of that, due to the fact that his legs and arms are covered most of the time, he would weak and a little bit overally skinny. Many people are afraid of looking in his eyes though, for Fushou always have an overall emotionless expression, his eyes naturally narrowed that would sometimes, more accidently than not, give off a dangerous glint. And the color of his eyes weren't helping his case much either.
He has a nice tan skin, indicating how often he is out in the sun. It gave off a healthy glow.
Despite the fact that he might look imtimitaing, he is, in fact, handsome. The shape of his face gave off a foreign aspect; that some might have thought he isn't Asian, if it wasn't for the black hair and obvious squinted eyes.

Eye color: White

Hair color/style: Black. Cut in medium length tresses and has a messy, yet fluffy, appearance to it. When he works at time, he would pull it up in a ponytail though not all the strands could be tied up. He never really comb his hair or brush it, for it would eventually revert back to how it originally looks.

Height: 6'4

Clothes: His clothes would usually vary depending on whether his friend, Mori, decided to dress him up just for the heck of it. But due to the fact that he is still a student, he would be seen to wear the Raira uniform. But for his casual attire; when he felt lazy, he would put on a suit. When he felt to make an effort to look like every teenager his age, he would usually have some sort of piercing on his ear (usually a single Cross earring on his right ear) and a black, or white, tank-top (despite whatever weather it is). At times, due to the fact that Mori complains about him getting a cold (if he could get a cold), he would wear a black designer jacket made from leather (not like those shiny biker leather jacket). His pants would usually consist of jeans or slacks. He would wear cargo pants from time to time (usually, the ones with the metal chains on it) but those vary on his mood. No matter what he wore, he would always wear these flexible boots that would always somehow look new as if he just bought them (except for the times when he has to wear his Raira uniform).
At home, he would rather just put on a simple yukata and just be done with it.

What brings them to Ikebukuro?:
It started one evening in the city of Osaka, Nora was just starting dinner when Mori came barging into their small apartment.
"Let's go to Ikebukuro!!" was his proclaimation.
"Why not?!"
Nora is use to Mori's random quirks. But he is also tired of it at times. Of all the random things the informant has declared, moving to another city isn't something to be joking about.
"We barely made this month's pay check and you expect me to move to another city and start over???"
When it comes to money and making ends meet, Nora gets especially dangerous at this time. Of course, Mori isn't one to be pull down by the other's glare, no matter how horrifying it is.
"But Ikebukuro! The danger! The sights! The excitement! The rumors! The girls!"
Nora proceeded to uncharacteristically roll his eyes. 'The girls' part is just a joke between them, since Mori could care less about the female population unless they have something to contribute to his fun... like every other human being on this planet. Except for Nora, he's somehow an exception.
"The bills. Finding another place to stay. The gangs. The trouble (that you would get us into). The transfer papers. The jobs that I have to find. And the jobs that I would have to quit when we move."
"Well, of course it sounds horrible if you are being so permisstic about it."
"The bad outweights the good, deal with it."
Of course, Mori isn't someone that would easily just let go like that.
"What if I get us a cheaper apartment, with better rooming and list down the jobs that would be avaible for you when we get to Ikebukuro?"
Nora couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at that. That does sound a good deal, but can this guy really do it? He would acknowledge that Mori is a spendid informant (so spendid, that they have to run from the Yakuza or whoever that got a grudge on Mori every day of the week) but this guy is willing to go that far just to move to Ikebukuro? Something is suspicious here...
"If you could do that much, I would also like for you to do your chores."
"Hey, I can make ends meet but I'm not a miracle worker."
Nora refrain from sighing. Seriously, Mori is the only person that could make emit any kind of emotion.
"Fine. You have till the end of the week."
To say that his best friend is estatic; is an understatement.
At the end of the week, Mori did what he promised. A cheap apartment with a lot more privilage and room than their current apartment and a list of jobs that Nora could work at..... Now if only Mori would be this serious with his job (he can do his job correctly and gather informtion in a split second but he would forget about the money and do things for his own enjoyment soon after) and earn them more money.
And so, entirely because of his best friend's selfish reasoning, they both moved to Ikebukuro and started their new life there.
"Mori... we're moving here because you got into another tussle with the mafia again, haven't you?"
"........ how did you know?"
"It's obvious when you kept dragging me away from the men in black at Osaka airport."


Likes: Sweets. Food (in general, for who knows when is the next time they could eat?). Cooking. Jobs. Money. Cleaning. Work. Mori (somewhatly, kinda, at times, maybe, sometimes...).

Dislikes: Bills. Mori (days when he would kick the teen out). Tardiness. Sloppiness. Crowds in general at times.

Skills: Because of his many experiences in his short 16 years of life; he is skilled in many things. Including:
And housework.
But in that of dangerous fields, like fighting and such, he wouldn't be a pushover despite his skinny figure (his height makes up for it though).
He knows how to use guns, knifes, whips, bo's, swords, bombs, and some others. He is more skilled in using guns though, able to make accurate shots and use them in hand-to-hand combat.
Nora is pretty strong (not to Shizuo's level strong) but a lot more strong than the average person (maybe to the point of lifting a table with ease and throwing it through a wall?) but he hasnt' really test how far his strength could go. Nora is actually very flexible though he does look a bit bulky. He's not as good in parkouring like Izaya or his friend Mori but enough to be consider inhuman.

Personality: Nora is rather an old fashion person. Out of habit, due to the fact that he has to look presentable on interview for jobs, he would be extremely polite, and sometimes, straightforward. Nora usually held a professional air around himself in everything he does; his guard is rarely down (that is also due to the fact that he is well known in the Yakuza and in the mafia because of a certain best friend that he sometimes regret to know). Nora is also very emotionless, but most of the time, it wouldn't be on purpose. It is more due to the fact that he doesn't know how to express towards certain things. He can certainly act happy or sad or angry but whether his feelings would be geninue is hard to tell.
He is almost disinterest in almost everything; unless it has to do with work, his friends, his best friends (which is always), and things that might have to do with him.
Nora is also very, very, blunt. Like, offending blunt. But what he said is usually true nonetheless. It just that sometimes, he doesn't consider the other's feeling when he said it.
Nora might also but a bit oblivious to the latest tread coming around with kids his age. Of course, Mori tried to update his style as much as he can (which Nora heavily dislike since it is a waste of money) but he wouldn't be a person who would know what is 'new' or 'hot' or anything like that. So seeing him wearing something rather old or 'unfashionable' wouldn't be the first (well, not that he wouldn't look good in it of course =P, jkjk).
Nora is also pretty much unsocialable. He doesn't speak much unless there is a reason to or that he has to. He is a man of a few words and usually is a silent type (though, you could get what he is saying with a few pointed glares and some silent stares).
When in danger, Nora would keep an uncanny coolness that would sometimes nerve his oppoent, mostly because that they wouldn't know what the other would be thinking. Nora isn't one to panic; in fact, he would rarely be phased of someone tried to cut him or tried to shoot him. He would keep a cool, level-head air around himself, which is probably a lot more dangerous than an angry bear attacking you. But if you actually, got him angry; meaning that he would furrow his brows and his white eyes would give a dangerous glint as sharp as a knife- I pray for your safety.

Humans are cruel.
Though most wouldn't realize it, many humans are unusually cruel. Sure, everyone wanted to believe that everyone is actually the good guys; but they would usually forget to mention the dark side that everyone has.
He has seen this dark side of the mankind. Every speck of it.
At a young age, he doesn't even remember having parents. He doesn't remember even remember how it feels to be loved. He doesn't remember a time when he has been held. He was sold off to a Yakuza boss as a servant for his needs. That Yakuza boss has no honor and no morals. Its almost as if the man has lost his humanity.
"You're a thing. My slave. You have no freedom." Those were the first words that were given to him when he has met the Yakuza boss. He didn't mind though, for he has no other purposes. If that was the reason he would live, then he would live for that reason only; to be the servant of the man who bought him.
Then he met the man's son; Mori.
That was the only time and the first time Nora ever saw the Yakuza boss with such a humanlistic expression. It was the first time that the boss ever looked kind.
And then he was given to this so that he may serve him; given to the boy that made the man smile.
"Hey, let's be friends." the boy was strangely friendly, but he said that proclaimation in such an empty tone. As if the thought of it was hopeless.
Mori then made a look of surprise. It was obvious that the boy wasn't expecting that though he had said it in an monotonous tone.
"Y-You sure?"
"Yes." Nora bluntly replied, finding no harm in it. He wasn't sure what a 'friend' is but he found no harm in it. "Do you not want to be friends?"
"...I do..." he mumbled quietly though Nora wasn't sure why. "But aren't you afraid of getting in trouble with my father?"
Nora was obviously confuse.
"How is being a 'friend' going to get me in trouble with the master...?"
For some reason, the boy looks that he was about to cry. Despite the fact that Nora looks calm, he doesn't know how to handle a crying person, so he tried to dry his tears with his sleeves. The boy sniffled.
"Aren't you going to yell at me for crying...?"
Nora became confuse once again.
"It's normal for anyone to cry, right?" Though Nora has never cried before, he saw many others who do. He never understand how to cry but he thought that there is nothing wrong to cry for it seemed to be a normal action that people would do.
If anything, that made the boy cry even more and Nora was left with the assignment to help make the boy stop crying.
For years, their relationship is rather tightknit.
Nora would always have some kind of sixth sense when it comes to Mori, who is pretty much in dangerous every Saturday of every week. And Mori would cling onto Nora as if he was his favorite toy and refuse to replace him with anyone else. To say that his father is rather surprise at their closeness; is an understatement. But he hasn't got the heart to make his son sad.
But as years come and go, Mori was getting surpress into his own home to the point that he wouldn't be able to go out any more.
"I'm faking my death, help me Nora." was the request that his master made and Nora couldn't help but sigh.
"Please think about the consequence of your actions before doing them." At some point during these years, Nora made a habit of correcting Mori's behavior. Of course, not around when Mori father is here; for the man would certainly punish Nora out of his cruel and surpressing, dotting feelings for his son.
"I don't want to live my life as a cage bird. And I certainly don't have the patience to wait till my father hit the hay....unless."
"Please do not think about it."
Mori pouted at his second mother's mind reading. It seriously creeps him out about how he knows what he's thinking.
"But it's boring pranking the same people every day!! I want to prank some new people!"
"So you're the reason your father has to punish the chef just because of your pranks...?"
"Apologize to the cook after this."
Mori flinch at the stern glare from Nora.
"Yes..... kaa-san."
Mori did earn the slap on the head.
"Think about your plan a little more before we talk about it, okay?"
Mori grudgingly nodded but he knows that Nora is telling the truth.
They weren't able to talk the next time though.

Nora was accused for abuse against Mori. It seemed that one of the servant saw him when he's reprimiding the young master and now, that servant has a big fat promotion. That guy better hope that it was worth it.
"How long have you been abusing my son?" He has seen this dangerous and horrifying look from the boss before, and Nora wasn't scared of it anymore.
"I'm not abusing, Mori."
Tied up and in shackles, Nora has no business in talking back to a dangerou Yakuza boss, but Nora was never one to fear death. The boss kick Nora on the stomach, hard. Nora couldn't help but cough a few times.
"Who gave you permission to say his name...?"
Nora did answer, his white eyes glinting in the dim light.
"Don't be so blind."
A few beatings later, the Yakuza boss left and Nora was left alone.
A few hours later, Mori came in running. Though he was smiling like a fool, tears were streaming in his eyes.
"...Your crying again..."
"Oh shut it. You're the one that told me it is okay to cry."

Soon after, they were out on the country side, Mori giving Nora a piggy-back ride.
"Let me down."
"And let you leave a trail of blood? No thanks."
"What about... you...?"
"Ah, since you weren't there to help me, I have to carry out the plan all by myself!!" Nora could imagine the pout on Mori's face. "In the morning, they would think the Awakusu-kai had kidnapped me and there would me a small, insignificant war between them. Soon after, that bas-d Yakuza would be no more!"
"....That bas-d?"
"Yeah, I cut all ties relating to my family. From now on I will be Aurum Mori! Not Morte Mori!"
".... That's cruel, you father loves you a lot."
"No he doesn't, and you know that."
Nora watches as Mori shifted his head so that he could look at him; a sad expression on his face despite the fact that he is smiling.
"He only sees me as a prize, that's why he only cares about whether everything I do is perfect." Mori tighten his hold on Nora. "If I do anything out of line, no doubt he'll be the one abusing me."
"I wouldn't let him." Nora stated as if that would be the truth, resting his head on his ex-master's back. "I love you very much, so I wouldn't let him hurt you."
"..... you meant that as bro love, right?"
"Of course, what else do I mean?"
".... never mind."
"I don't want to know. But to make it clear that it wasn't anything romantic; I also do hate your quirks: like how sloppy you are, how horrible you smell at times, how this one time-"
"Wah! Don't say that out loud!"
"I also think that the world might be better off without you."
"Ouch! That hurts Nora! That's cruel!"
And life continues on from there, Nora became an informant and Mori has to be the mother in charge just to make ends meet. But no one could say they aren't content.
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PostSubject: Re: Fushou's Character(s)    Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:55 pm

Holy cow that was a lot to read. Now I know how Erika feels when I submitted all of my OCs. ^^' Anyways... Very nice. You've got lots of detail and a great character. Accepted.


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PostSubject: Re: Fushou's Character(s)    Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:29 am

Name: Rei Henteko

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Occupation: Employee at the Otaku Store/Mangaka Artist (secret)/Yaoi and Shounen-ai Artist (secret)/Student at Raira Academy

Gang (optional): Dollars

Physical Appearance:
Rei is as young as she looks, a sixteen year old girl (probably with some mental problems whenever she saw a fandom -mostly towards yaoi- that she must support). She isn't exactly a beauty, but she could be consider cute at times. Her face is rather petite and her eyes a bit bigger than normal. She doesn't have a lot of leverage towards the chest area, nor towards the buttocks, but skinny figure and graceful curves usually makes it up. Her smiles are always big, her dimples showing up often.
Rei is half Japanese and half Hungarian (hint: Hetalia). So she does have some distinctive European features. Like her eyes isn't as narrowed as the Japanese and the color of her natural hair and eyes.
At times, she looks rather innocent- able to pull of a cutesy expression to trick whoever she meets (though these occations are rare). Most of the time, she had this weird look on her face (people couldn't really describe it since they were creeped out the minute they saw it and look away) and her eyes would look distance. There are also times when she would randomly faint during one of her daydreams (happily might I add; if the creepy grin is any indication) with some suspicious nosebleed.

Eye color: Green

Hair color/style: Black (Originally Brown). Long and wavy that seemed to flow when put down. Her hair style varies from time to time. Some of the styles would be from different animes that she would see: from buns, to ponytails, to mohawks, to spikes, to pigtails, etc. At times, to get into the mood of the character that she decided to want to cosplay, she would also wear many different wigs (even if she goes to school).

Height: 5'4

Clothes: Clothes would also vary from time to time. Rei is an extensive cosplayer but she could sometimes care less about what she's wearing (unless she's cosplay, of course she would care!). Outside of school, when she's not wearing her uniform, she would go outside in a t-shirt and some sweatpants with some mismatch flipflops (looking very much like a hobo) that would hid her figure and made people wonder if she is actually a boy with long hair (especially when she wears a short-haired wig) but her petite face and semi-large eyes would reassure them of her actual gender. When she feels like being fashionable (Otaku Fashionable, of course) she would wear the many different cosplays costumes that she has. Sometimes, those costumes were not outfits from anime.... she would sometimes wear the clothes of real people that she decided to make a fandom out of. Example: Izaya and Shizuo....... (yes, she has costumes of every Durarara!! main character). This also puts her as the master of disguises.

What brings them to Ikebukuro?:
"Itach-nii! I'm moving to Ikebukuro!!"
"Okay.... wait, what?!?!?" The male named "Itachi" (his real name is Abramo) exclaimed, watching as his sister dump all of her clothes into the many suitcases that are laying around.
Suddenly, his sister kick him onto their living room couch and slam her laptop on the coffee table in front of him.
There, on the screen, is showing a website called "Shizaya Offical Website" with pictures of the two men (which is guessed is what the whole website about) doing things that should be horrifying to a straight, stern man.... well, Abramo is already use to his sister antics- he has live through her horrifying collections of Yaoi manga that she made..... of his friends.
"And this-" He waves over to the collection of Shizaya/Izuo fanart. "-has something to do with you moving to Ikebukuro, on the other side of Japan, how???"
"They're in Ikebukuro Itachi-nii~~~"
"I told you not to call me that."
Rei simply waved that off.
"Anyway, this Erika Karisawa is a genius!! A true fujoshi at heart!!" Rei exclaimed, heart literally flying out of her body as she twist and turns in some kind of weird dance. "Ikebukuro, that is where I would find my main characters for my next Yaoi manga!"
"Like these characters on her "Ikebukuro's Yaoi!" site! This one is one of my favorites, Fushou/Mori (I'm so sorry Mori XD) or Tsugaru/Psyche! There is even Roppi/Tsukishima!! Oh, and don't get me started on Hibiya/Delic!! So delicious~~~~"
There was a sudden 'ping!' on the laptop.
And a fangasm scream filled the air around the living room, Abramo having to close his ears. "A picture of Fushou and Alois together!!!~ Erika-sama is the best!!"
Like one of those exaggerated animes where everything seem to be random and out of proportion: movers then came randomly barging into their house, taking all of Rei's stuff to the truck outside. Somehow, all of her clothes are already packed.
"And so, that concluded that I must go to Ikebukuro, Austria-san." She said as she gives her brother a salute, calling him in his other nickname.
"What kind of conclusion is that!?!?"
"I'll visit later!!!"
And so, begins her tales in Ikebukuro.


Likes: Yaoi, Mangas, Anime, Cosplay, Shizaya (but actually prefers Izuo), Semes, Ukes, Tsudere, Drawing, Writing, and Reading.

Dislikes: When her theories are proven wrong; When the couple denies their true feelings; When her favorite Yaoi couple broke up; When people get in the way of Yaoi; When someones badmouth manga (no matter how horrible it is); When someones misuse a manga; and when someone badmouth art.

Pairing up People (is that a skill?)
She is also skilled in parkouring and using the surroundings around her to her advantages (hey, she have to escape for all of those people who tried to kill her when she said something about... yeah...).

Rei is a full time, genuine fujoshi. And she's proud of it too. She even have a website of every fandom she could support (which is actually famous among all fujoshis and fudanshis (male bl lover if some don't know)). She is one to be blunt about her fandom, proclaiming it to the couple that she is supporting over (let's hope that she would live if she ever told Shizuo and Izaya about Shizaya). She is not ashamed of her hobby (or would it be her life's work?) and wouldn't mind showing a few M rated pictures around. She would even draw said 'M rated' pictures in public. She is also not afraid of stalking the couple/person/people she supports, taking pictures (in angles that would make on think that they are in love), taking notes (to see how she could get them together), and sometimes taking their things (hey, it's in the name of research). She would even go far as to make plans to put the couple together (luckily, her Fujoshi and Otaku instincts are 90% of the time true so it works out in the end).
But despite the fact that she could do this without any shame (why should she be shameful about it?), she does know the meaning of 'privacy'. Despite her fangasm over Yaoi, she's actually pretty calm and relaxed once you get to know her (and as long as there isn't a potenial yaoi couple in front of her). She doesn't make judgements quickly and despite her mischeviousness, she does plan out and thought through how things are. She doesn't just pair a guy off another guy on the streets (... at times, but only when she could tell that they have chemistry!).
That's her Yaoi-fangirl mode (which is usually switched on by- well, anything that has Yaoi reference, which could also be everything). Her Otaku mode (switched on by any mention of mangas/animes or when she saw an awesome reference of something she saw in the manga/anime) is a little more calmer, but all the same hilarious and unusual.
In her Otaku mode, she would reference everything to every manga/anime she read/watched. From the moon to the sun, from the sky to the ground, from the buildings to the streets. In her Otaku mode, she gets a very large urge to go and cosplay- so she would despite the fact that she might have plans afterward. And during her cosplay, she would exactly act like the character that she was cosplaying (which also included Shizuo and Izaya). Sometimes, she would almost go far as to smoke when the character can smoke or try to use their powers (like Naruto and his Shadown Clone Jutsu).
She's actually very wise (there is a reason why her manga -at least, the straight and non-yaoi ones- are popular). She doesn't voice out her wisdom though; she believes that one should learn how to live life by experiencing the lesson straight on (which would lead to accidents and a lot of angry chasing).
She's a pretty happy girl too, always positive and looks directly at challenges that are ahead. She could be consider fearless at times and also predictable. Her mind isn't something that is easily read (except for the times when she's fangirling).
Her friends and family are important to her (though she would leave them in the dust sometimes whenever there is Yaoi to be found). She's very stubborn and persistant.
Overall, she's a nice girl with some strange quirks (that she is immensely proud of).

Rei is actually adopted.
She doesn't know her parents or where she had came from; only that she was half Hungarian and half Japanese and her name that the caretakers had told her.
She didn't think much of it though- why miss something that you never had? Well, she never had parents, a place to live, or a family.
It was then till Abramo has adopt her that she realized that; yes. She does want to have a home, a warm place to live, and a family who love her.

She had met Abramo one day while he was passing by the orphanage. They somehow immediately notice each other. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they both obviously does not look fully Japanese, with her brown hair and large eyes and his freckled face and red hair. They could somehow relate to each other.
Over time, as she gets to know Abramo, she completely adore him as a child. Abramo was always strong looking and kind. He was an admirable man who would always look after her.
Though later in life, she would realized that he had done many things that would make anyone's ears rot if they had heard it. But Rei didn't really care; she likes the Abramo now, not then. She could meet Abramo then later.

After a few months, Abramo adopted her and they begin to settle their lives with each other.
But for some reason, Rei felt that there is something missing with her life.
Years pass on by as she continues to live with Abramo, the two of them happy and content with eachother's presence. But, like some kind of instinct and premonition that came out of nowhere, they knew something is about to change.
Needing to a computer for school, they both bought one.

Then she saw something on the internet that would change her life forever.
And Yaoi.

She found her calling card.
Her usual drawings of random figures of landscapes and people took a turn to a picture of two men doing.... well, I'll leave it to your imagination. Soon after, she began to make her own stories. Then she would turn them into her own little manga. She begged her brother to buy her an animation program.
One day, someone saw her talent (she was apparently drawing a sex scene of Naruto/Sasuke at that time) and offer her to be an mangaka. She gladly took the offer though her brother clearly states that her identity cannot be reveled under any circumstances.
She's fine with that, more room to stalk people without them unecessarily finding her and identifying her.

Her brother did one day wonder how his quiet sister turn out such a boisterous fujoshi. Though, he knew this would happen when he bought her the computer. She's a person easily influence at times.

Nora Fushou, 16- Raira Student/Mori's Caretaker/Ultimate Part-Timer

Tom Tanaka- Debt Collector

Rei Henteko aka Fujoshi Henteko, 17- Raira student/Full-time Fujoshi/Otaku store employee

Unknown Earth, 18ish- Occupation Unknown
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PostSubject: Re: Fushou's Character(s)    Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:48 pm

Hahaa, she seems really fun to RP with. I'm curious to see her reaction when she sees Psyche. Approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Fushou's Character(s)    Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:19 am

Name: Unknown Earth

Additonal Names: Hikari Riku/ Naroka Suca/ James Thimble/ Dadowek Peroak/ etc. UK is the most common.

Appearence: 16-17
Actual age: Has been living since the Cambien Peirod.

Race: Eternals
These beings are actually still human despite the different name. But they are curse with an eternal lifespan. Hence, the name 'Eternals'. They aren't immortal and has ever lasting youth so they could age. But Unknown is one of those Eternals where he ages very slowly. He looked like a five year old child when he first started to contain memories and aged to a teen when the modern world started to form.

Gender: Male

Occupation: Advisor for the Prime Minister/Head of the Sucessful Eco-Tech Company/Trusted Chooser for the Canidate of the next Prime Minister

Gang (optional): He is secretly part of the Dollars but is associated with all gangs

Physical Appearance:
Unknown is a handsome guy (though most didn't notice due to the fact that he would disguise himself so often that it makes one wonder who is the real 'Unknown'). His complexion is smooth and without any blemishes, his skin tanned with a healthy glow. Despite the other's dark black hair, you can tell from his facial features that he's foriegn though most couldn't figure out what ethnic he is part of. It looks as if he is part of many culture- they figured out. His eyes are slightly narrowed but not so that he looked Asian. He has a lean body that looked rather skinny and fragile through baggy clothes but if one saw his muscles, they wouldn't think of that. He was not one of those buff guys you would see in the gym but his muscle are perfectly sized. His body is lean and always have a superior posture to it. He always seemed to have a smirk on his face one way or another- like he's amused at almost everything there is. His mouth curved to a seemingly plastered smirk.

Eye color: Red, almost glowing red.

Hair color/style: Black, short and cropped that reaches to the end of his ear lobe. His hair is usually neat and professionally arrange according to the meetings he attended.

Height: 5'1

Clothes: Unknown is a very casual guy. Actually, casual enough to go outside wearing PJs. He has never been one to care what he wore- no matter the weather. He would wear a scarf on a sunny day 103 degrees outside. He would wear board shorts and a tank top in the snow 3 degrees cold. Despite the weather, whatever the other is wear always depends on his mood- never the comfort or for the opinions of others. If he felt like he wouldn't care what he wore, Unknown would just throw whatever he would find- scarf, short pants, mittens, tank tops with colors that would make the fashion police faint.
Unknown is a person who would wear disguises also- years of practice fooling the population of who he is.
If he made himself into one of his characters, he would dress accordingly to the character he had made. Whether his character has a masked on or not. Or piercing around his whole body. Or some tacky thing that would usually make anyone embarrassed. He would even disguised himself as a woman- he's pretty good at it too.
The only exceptions would be on business trips or business meetings with the Prime Minister. While he does hates it- he has known the Prime Minister and his family for a long time and respect the man enough to do his duty and make himself look presentable.

Personality: His personality isn't so typical or simple. Unknown is a very complicated person actually- if someone is actually able to read his movements and predict how he is, he would applude them and give them a milllion bucks. He's wise, that much is true, but he's not like those gurus or monks who wanted to show the world how precious wisedom is, no. He uses his wisedom as a weapon against the mind of others. Because of his wisdom, he exactly knows how others would act, and how they would carry their lives, and how they would end. And even if he does share any wisdom to anyone- he never makes it clear and turns it into a mind game. Unknown nevers let himself get too attach to anyone -even the animals- for he hates to know that they would eventually die in the end; young or old. Though he doesn't look like it- he's pretty sensitive to those kind of subjects. He hates living how he lives. He's quite mysterious, never ever talks about himself. Always puts off his past as "nothing special". Whenever someone asked him a personal questioned, he always left his answer rather vague and never clear. Usually, his answers would be a one worded answer.
He's a bit of a sadist. Charge by the desire to see how people react and such. He understands that everyone is different through personality or through looks. And because of that, he was curious to how each human beings would react. He understand the similarites that everyone has with each other but is facinated by they different opiniated thoughts. Don't ask- it's better that you do not know. He doesn't have that much of a decency- almost quite shameless in fact. He would straight out even embarrass a total stranger and would have the gull to make fun of a overpowered warlord or even kiss a person who already had a boyfriend. He would even **** a man out of curiousity.... Yeah... not much decency there. And all for the fun of it usually. Just because he's wise, doesn't mean he does wise things. Usually, there is always an ulterior motive over everything he does.......maybe.
But despite all of these -rather horrible- traits, he's always truthful....perhaps a bit too truthful. He's always honest and blunt and saw no reason to lie to anyone of what is the truth. There's no point in it- if a person wants to know something, he would tell whatever the person want to know. He does understand the concept of lying just to protect someone, but he would never lie unless it was completely and utterly dire. Other than that, he's always truthful. Bluntly truthful, but truthful nonetheless. Unknown is also very honorable in a few things- like keeping promises. He never does a surprise attack to anyone and fight then head on (well... sometimes. This is the modern world). And he never sought out to harm an innocent man or woman.

Habits: Disappearing off without anyone noticing, staying up on impossibly numbers of days, and he doesn't say contractions (he feels like saying "Don't" and "Can't" is lazy). He would go without eating for an impossible numbers and days and would usually go and sleep on a random tree branch than the $700 bed back at his condo (that he also barely stays in too).

Talents: Unknown has many talents actually. Not saying that he's perfect and that he could do everything (Unknown scoffs at the thought of being perfect and is ready to disprove that actually) but he is willing to learn whatever new thing there is (hates claw machines actually and couldn't even get a stuff bunny from it). His most known talent would be his amazing talent of being able to play every instruments there is. He knows how to take care of any kind of plant and animal given to him also (actually, animals are very attrached to him like some kind animal lord). Unknown has also perfected the technique of being able to read a person mind without actually.. well, reading their minds. How this work is that his eyes are able to catch the slightest movement on the victim he is focusing on and well using touch to determine their heart rate and temperature and using his ears to pick up the slightly sound of whatever they are feeling. He uses all his sense to his advantage just to know what the other is thinking- and his sense are immensely heigten due to years and years of training and experiences.

Likes: Solitude, Nature, People (in some way...) and life.

Dislikes: Death (for others but never for himself. He felt that he is ready for death), seeing his Earth being destoryed and polluted and for rather innocent people who has nothing to do with anything getting hurt, also his......'aquaintese'....

Special Ability: After years and years of living on this very earth from when life is slowly just starting out to full out moderations- you eventually learn some things by yourself that most people wouldn't be able to do.
Geokinesis: The ability to manipulate the earth to a certain degree.
But Unknown barely uses this power due to the fact that it harms the Earth to much... But he would understand the need of it and knows how to fully use it as a weapon.
Other than that: Unknown is a quite strong and resourceful Eternal- knowing many weapons and how to use them and is able to use his surrounding to his advantages. Unknown even knows many form of martial arts- making him deadly and more than capable to protect himself. Ninjutsu is his best known martial arts though- having to use it more often.

What brings them to Ikebukuro?:
Unknown has actually been living in Ikebukuro for a long time. Actually, he has been in Ikebukuro for more than fifty years already. He has came to Japan 400 years ago but didn't settle in Japan till 70 years ago.
The reason Ikebukuro is his finally settlement, after traveling to many different places and many different countries for so long, is because an old friend of his -who was the Prime Minister at the time- appointed him to be someone to pick the candiates for Prime Minister and Unknown had stayed with the job for ages, secret to everyone but the government and some few people.
Why Ikebukuro? Why not another other town?
Unknown understands that Ikebukuro is different from the other places he has been to and wanted to watch what would be taking places out of entertainment... (more details are in history)


Parents/Guardians: None.... decreased actually.

Siblings: None (though he would probably mention a few that would act like one)

Hometown: Though he is currently a residence in Ikebukuro (under the name of Fumei Daichi as a 78 year old man >.>), he does have a heart for his old home town in the USA called Benevolence, Rhode Island.

Birthday: Originally, Unknown doesn't have one but because of the comments and complains from many annoying people, his birthday should be one April 22nd (Earth day)


Short Version (for those who doesn't want to read this ungodly long history)

How he was born, who he was, he never did figured out. Why he was here and who is his family; he never did know either. When he first realized it, he was in a undevelop world. And that is how he came to be "Unknown"; because he pretty much is unknown, to the whole world. A mystery since day one. From the day since the "awakening", he didn't know where he was going, but he's slowly watched as time and the world passes him by. He had been alone for millenniums, somehow not needing to eat but he did find some algae to feed on just for kicks. Everything was bare and empty- he never thought much of it and continue on as if he was like those small pieces of rocks, just moving where the wind take him.
He found other living beings after a few more millenniums. Most being underwater and some how flexible-looking. He tried to flex like them but was never able to with his bony and jointed structure so he stopped trying. He studied them from the surface, not knowing how to react to them or if it was safe for him to be in the water. But at this moment; this was a memory to remember, for he saw his reflection for the first time. He had ever opportunity to when is rains or when he saw a puddle or so but he never really did look at himself. He was faintly conscious of how different he was. He wondered why he never found others like him. Others that breath on land.
It was then the Cambrian Period, and there were more creatures in the sea. During the millenniums that had passed, he learned to hunt for other living creatures with his observations. He tasted his first meat a while back. And also learned the wonder that is fire though it never lasted long with the lack of materials (which only consist of rock and his hair which is used to capture the fire). But he had a feeling he knows about fire before he even tried to make it. Maybe he's being overconfident but the fire was very familiar.
Many, so many, more years had passed and he was in the Devonian Period, finding joy and competing against large sharks and rays that spread vast over the oceans. Plants were spreading large around the world, giving him justified curiosity of the rather strange living organism. Well, like he isn't one. Years before, there was a mass extinction but he manage to survive it.
The Permian period, he developed a wonderous fascination over the large reptile he would encounters, often playing with them and the bugs the developed over the years. He's faintly glad to be accompanied with air breathers like him. He was happy to find a creature with some similarities towards him. Since they found his scent so familar to the earth, they didn't harm him and found him to and fro like some kind of family. He found out how one should be born and wondered if he was born like that. From an egg.
During the Mesozoic period, despite the two mass extinction happening at that time period, he met creatures who are very familar to him. Well, the fur is. He found a creature with hair like him. He's still the same, playing with the reptiles and some of the new air breathers. There are more plants, some are tall, around and he love to climb up on the trees. He develop a sense of excitement, going head on with carnivorous creatures as raptors or large crocodiles but mostly tyrannasaurs rex. Seeing how there are many organisms are on four feet, he wondered if he should be on four feet too, but decided to continue to going on being on two feet.
After the Mesozoic period, he found himself watching as more mammals evolved onto the earth after the big mass extinction of the dinosaurs, and life has picked itself up once again. He notice how much the earth is moving but decided not to dwell on it.
Time pass and pass and pass and pass. A lot more time till he finally found others exactly like him. Well, in body structures and such but still very familar nonetheless. He found some primates back then but they didn't exactly look like him; more towards animals. More similar but not like him. They were really hairy.
In the Pleistocene there were a wide range of spread of people like him, except they have a few differences that are different but nonetheless the same. From how hairless he is, from how they all have tuff of hair on their heads.

Despite of all his memories from his time where Earth is still just developing, it was then he finally had a conscious. At most, he was acting like the creatures back then; surviving from animalistic instinct just to survive the next day. Now he can think and he realized something rather disturbing; his ideas and mind-set are more advance then any human should have the capability of. He knows about electricy. He knows about fire. He knows about quantum mechanics. He knows so much. Yet, there was something in the back of his mind that said he wasn't suppose to tell anyone. That he was only to watch the world developed without his help.
During B.C., he found that there are people with last names, for some reason or another so he picked "Earth". Cause for him, Earth is his. He knows Earth better than anyone else. And because of that, he sought to protect it.
Other creatures than his own occupied his earth also. From humans to Vampires to Dullahans to many other creatures that others didn't thought would exist. Many creatures that he knows had lived here way before the humans did. None stood that much of a chance against someone very experience like him, someone who knows many dangerous secrets, but since Unknown is not asking for any conflict against some clans, they had made a pact with him. He doesn't harm them, and they don't try to hurt him either- also, they must abide to the laws of making sure that his earth is well protected and not ruined by them.
In some legends there, he would be called "The Watcher of Earth". Not that anyone believed. It is a legend as they say.....
For the rest of the years, he kept himself hidden from humans and other creatures as he travel the world from one end to the other. He knows of the New World long ago and everything else that the humans are starting to discover. He has been to Japan before but it didn't strike him with any interest.
In the 1700 A.D., he wreak havoc against his own kind ("humans" as he heard) for they endangering the species of dodo birds of who he made friends to. He manage to save one and treat it as family before it died of old age and frowned about how there is another extinct species now.
He watched as Humans became more advance, not on his knowledge of advancement, but advance nonetheless. He learned from Tibetan monks, learned these "martial arts" that he so often heard of through excited kids and easily became a black belt through all the experience he had. He found out that he looked like a "teen" and was consider "poor" because of his clothing, even if he knows how to survive without all of these contraption they made.
It was found out because of his journey that he could speak many different language -if not all- around the world. His voice was at first crooked and barely heard since he never really did speak unless you can include screaming, laughing, and roaring in that catergory back then when he was with the extinct creatures of the earth long ago. He had managed to avoid all wars and watches as Countries developed and the thought of independence being spread.

One day during the 20th century, somewhere in the 1920s, a man and woman at their 40s foolishly found themselves lost deep in a forest, in the black bears' territories, during one night. They soon came in contact with one, which looked particually hungry. But before the Black Bear can get to them, he attacked the animal before it can get to them, killing it instantly with a sickening crack of its neck.
From that day, he found out the wonders of having parents.
They were farmers, and to him, fussy 'parents'. He found a lot more from them about his own kinds. And they never asked him anything about his past and what he was doing out in such a dangerous forest. It was obvious that he didn't want to talk about it and it was obvious that it would not be fair to use his trait of always telling the truth just to get him to spill. He asked them, surprised that his voice is clear since it had been ages since he last talked. He also asked them that he would not go to school. It is suppose that he knows a bit too much that a human shouldn't. Plus, they might figure out something about him since he refused to tell a lie.
It was then at the age of "21" that he was suppose to be that they found out he couldn't age. They were worried that it was some kind of medical condition but he told them the straight out truth that it was normal that he couldn't age, despite he knows the treatment he is going to get. They know from the fact that he couldn't lie, and immediantly believe him.
And somehow accepted them full, even if they have to cover a few things not to bring too much attention towards anyone.
At that time, he found out after a little reserch from his parents that he was an "Eternal". He's still human, but he is one that can live for long periods of time. Maybe even forever. They were sure. They were supposed being cursed with eternal lifespan. He doesn't think of this much of a curse.
By the 1930's, they both died too soon from disease. From then on, he painfully noticed how easily people can die. He was not like them, despite being human. He's still vulnerable and possibly soft-skin, but he's almost completely inhuman. His body was trained by years and years of surviving while waiting for the world to catch up. Compared to the things that are here now, and the contraptions that humans would use now to help train; it can not be compared from wrestling beastly large sharks, crocodile, dinosaurs, canivores and the likes. He had seen things that many have not seen. His reason of being here, after all these millenniums, centuries, and years, have not come clear.
He took over to the deed of the farm, as said on his parents will, and come back to Benevolence, Rhode Island to see how the farm is doing. He was able to hire some farm hands to take care of the whole farm and let them live in the main house as if they are the ones that own the farms. He just made a request that they never go into this parents room and they can have the whole house to themselves. They never get why he made such an offer but didn't complaint. He knows how trustworthy they are. He just can tell.
Then, World War 2 came.
Though Unknown has no sentiments against any of the other countires that he visited over the many years of restless living- he found himself in rage at the many innocent lives that were sacraficed- especially hearing the horrible news of the holocaust from a sources of his own. And when the US finally got out of their stand-by position after the bombing of pearl harbor, Unknown was ready to go to war with them under the name of: James Thimble. Unknown, disguised as a brown haired man, was respected and admired as he fought through the German forces and the Japanese forces.
After the war, "James Thimble" disappear without being given a metal of honor and bravery.
Unknown return to his random traveling and leisures pass times on his 'parent's' farm
After his parents death, there were questions about the will they left and about their "son" they supposedly adopted, even if they never did tell anyone that they adopted a child of their own.... That's when they found Unknown. Tiding up his parent's place for the farm hands. They found an Eternal.
Of course, it's hard for anyone to realized who and which is an Eternal for they are still humans. It's just that they live longer. There had been hunts for them before, believing to have obtained the power and secrets of immortality. So any Eternals know that they should shut up. Being truthful as he is, he had no gulls in saying that he is, indeed, an Eternal. And he also knows in fact that they couldn't capture him even if they wanted to. He was rather inhuman than human to the USA government. So they made a deal with him. In use of his services, they would give him undeniable amounts of cash and let him have a seat of opinion, knowing that his opinion of the world could be valuable. Hating to be controlled by others rather than the elements, he turned the offer to his favor. He would offer his services but only on missions he approved. This is America, they can't force him into things he doesn't want to do. And he'll take the money but he refused the offered seat. Heck, is he giving them his own wisdom. They done a good job learning their own mistake as the country developed, he knows that relying on him too much is too bad. And so the deal is done. He had done a few missions, all successful (only that he approve of, of course).
That's when Unknown first met the Prime Minister. Despite that fact that Unknown had probably killed a thousand of Japanese and such in the war which probably wasn't too long ago and everyone is still trying to get back on their feet- they have gotten along quite well actually.
And when the Prime Minister offered him a job as his advisor; he couldn't say no for some reason. Probably because he knew that the Prime Minister wouldn't abuse his knowledge or his wisdom and would actually make his own choices.
From there, Unknown had been introduced to a lot of opportunities. He made his own eco-friendly company and decided to move to Ikebukuro- which is part of Tokyo where the current Prime Minister resides.
He doesn't know what's going to happen or where this is going to take him but he'll just have to look over to it.

Nora Fushou, 16- Raira Student/Mori's Caretaker/Ultimate Part-Timer

Tom Tanaka- Debt Collector

Rei Henteko aka Fujoshi Henteko, 17- Raira student/Full-time Fujoshi/Otaku store employee

Unknown Earth, 18ish- Occupation Unknown
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PostSubject: Re: Fushou's Character(s)    Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:24 pm

//totally read the entire background story and not the spoiler PFFTTTT.
Either way, approved *w*
Although at some points I was nervous he was getting "too perfect". Does he have any strong weaknesses besides his sensitivity towards death?

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Well, harming the earth in anyway. That means not destorying any tree, ground, plants that he deemed very important and such, etcs. Buildings and people are acceptable >.> It's very hard for him to even make a crack on the ground. Though if the ground is concrete then he destorys it find since it's manmade. Anything man-made he could destory but many of earth's creation he goes very submissive against.

And he's not completely indestruble- he's still human so he could get hit by a bullet and still bleed and such. His body is just kinda built as strong as Shizuo-san in terms of toughness. So if someone stabs him, he still bleeds and get cuts.

Nora Fushou, 16- Raira Student/Mori's Caretaker/Ultimate Part-Timer

Tom Tanaka- Debt Collector

Rei Henteko aka Fujoshi Henteko, 17- Raira student/Full-time Fujoshi/Otaku store employee

Unknown Earth, 18ish- Occupation Unknown
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Alright then. Any fears/phobias? I just wanna make sure he's got those few details that people tend to forget. xD

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Death of his love ones usually (he long stop fearing his own death and actually welcomes it) and having no reason for him to live.

And transportation >.> (He was never good with those)

Nora Fushou, 16- Raira Student/Mori's Caretaker/Ultimate Part-Timer

Tom Tanaka- Debt Collector

Rei Henteko aka Fujoshi Henteko, 17- Raira student/Full-time Fujoshi/Otaku store employee

Unknown Earth, 18ish- Occupation Unknown
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Alrighty! sounds good to me!

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Fushou's Character(s)
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