Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play
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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

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 The Unknow

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Alois Usagi

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PostSubject: The Unknow   Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:00 pm

A child
A demon
The demon child
He kills her
He kills him
To survive
Leaving a kiss of death
Because he does not want to kill her
Because he does not want to kill him
But he must survive
To help the gods
Who made is possible for him to breath
Creating him
To be their weapon
To protect the ones who deserve it
And murder the ones who sin
He stands in the rain
Wanting to go to the place
Where they cant find him
So he can live in peace
And never bring death again
Useing those eyes they gave him
Brings him so much pain
He keeps it covered
So he wont see
When they are doomed to die
Since this only feeds his bloodlust
To kill those disgusting creatures
That he loves so much
The child
The demon
The demon child
Take the souls
Take the blood
As he crys over the body
With tears of blood
From the body he had taken
From the life he had stolen
For his own life
But he stays for seconds
As he stands
To go to the next human
To take their life
As well
And in the morning
You see him resting
Next to his brother
His lovely twin brother
That he loves so much
Even though the twin is one of the creatures
He uses to stay alive
He still loves him
And the twin loves his brother to
As they snuggle together
One bloody and one clean
They stay together
Until the humans find them
And kill them
And when they do
They will go back to the place
Where they cant find them
Where they can sleep
The child
The demon
The demon child
Has died
With his brother
In his arms
They leave
To the place
Over the waves of blood
The waves of their blood
And finally
They are happy

Alois Usagi~Age 15~Student at Raira Acedemy
Yukio Bara~Age 19~College student/Writer/intern at Raira General Hospital
Simon Brezhnev~Adult~Works at Russian Sushi with Dennis
Akira Envy~15~Student as Raira Acedemy/stock boy at large manga shop
Nire Inazuma~19~College student/works at Russian Sushi
Simon: Contains spoilers!!

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The Unknow
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