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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

Ikebukuro: To some, it is just another big city in Japan, but there are others who have been priviledged to see what really goes on. Gang violence isn't what we're talking about. You'll soon see what I mean. Welcome to Ikebukuro...
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 Kageyama Subaru & Others...

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PostSubject: Kageyama Subaru & Others...   Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:40 pm

Name: Kageyama Wrath (W.) Subaru
Nickname (s): Kage, Cross, Drake, Kame, and Red
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexual Interest/ Orientation: Bisexual/ Homosexual. Kage's interest is varied to those that are innocent natured to those that are a bit of a tempered hot headed person. Kage likes women and he likes man as well as he likes little boys and girls. Sort of wrong though he would never dream to do such weird things with kids. He just finds them cute that he can't help but pick them up and call them a 'kitten' for little girls to 'little pup' for little boys. Teenagers are the same for he calls them pretty much the same thing. Kage likes almost any gender but is more leading to like guys more but if the right girl comes around then he would be interested in her but chances are high and or likely. This weird like of his came from his father.

Occupation: Kage doesn't really have a job though he did sort of graduate from a 4 year community college which helps him in his dream of being a lead player when it comes to guitar. Going to a school that teaches music and such that he only enrolled so he can have the knowledge to use one.

Kage though is seen doing other things such as being a skilled tattoo maker as well as a singer though he never would think to sing to others he hums when doing tattoos. His knowledge is pretty good and so right now he travels to find some inspiration somewhere. However he has been known to go to concerts and play at the beginning of them. Smaller jobs such as being a cashier and a waiter to being a good hand in the kitchen are what he does to get some little money. Though, his main job right now is playing his guitar while he travel's or doing tattoo's upon request.

Gang (optional): None
Physical Appearance:


Weapon: It is seen above, looking like claws. These claws are sharp and they are always in his gym bag which he carries with him all the time.

Eye color: Light/ Dark Sapphire Blue (Mixtured to being two blues fused)
Hair color/style: Blonde, and its style is sort of long sort of short. His hair however is long enough to place in hair clips as well as small pony tails if that tells you how long his hair is.
Height: 6'7
Weight: 215 pounds, all lean muscle
Clothes: Kage wears a hoodie all the time and all the time the hoodie is red. Sometimes he wears no shirt underneath his hoodie but in other locations he will change that of course and will wear a shirt basically sleeveless ones to long sleeved ones. Wearing long jeans with chains and such is another thing that he always wears with those shoes which are a mixed together to being boot shoes that are tied with a lot of laces. Kage isn't anyone who hates wearing anything cause he will wear things that show off his build. Oftenly some call his style a punk which in a way it is for never will he wear clothes that others want him to wear. More about his clothes maybe told later on. Simply to always he will wear his red short sleeved hoodie. The different shoes he may come to wear are boots to normal shoes known as converses but only if they have those large flaps then he will wear them.

Talents: Kage is a good cook to where some compliment on his skill as one, Kage is a man referred to as a monkey or a cat for he is a good climber and maybe seen climbing up on a railing on a building just to get a good view of everything. Kage is good at singing though he hums and playing his pure crimson red guitar that he had bought with his hard earned money.

Family: Kage's father lives to Hong Kong and is known to be a weird man that has been known to play as both a mother and a father to Kage. Not much is known on how old his father is but he is a hard core worker in a company and has been known to have a lot of money and employees working for him. The funny thing about his father is the both of them do not look like and in which case Kage calls his father 'Gramps, or old man~' but means it well.

Weaknesse (s): Kage has a weakness for cute things such as little kids about the age of 6-7 years of age. He also is known as a run away alley cat for when someone wants to get to know him when he doesn't know them he will run away and try to lose them. Kage calls it his way of observing them. He is fearful of thunderstorms and has been known to have dizzy spells and may pass out. This is only when he over does himself. The man is also weak around cookies and chocolate ice cream as well as being a flirt to almost any gender though is leading more to being a little bit more interested in guys though he is weak to flirt with them as well that is only if they peek his interest.

Strength (s): Kage's strength is the source of his adventuring, loving to run around and be hyper. He has some strong muscles which allows him to climb things with ease and since he runs alot then chances are his jumping skill isn't bad either. Kage is pretty smart or actually he is a average smart since he graduated from a community college and passed all the SAT's. Though sometimes the guys plays dumb and tries to be playful but really he is smart and skilled when it comes to using his body. Other strengths he has is he has a good sense of smell as well as having a very well trained stamina allowing him to run for a long period or holding his breath for 2 minutes to 3.

Personality: Kageyama Subaru is a lean and skilled running and climbing man. Loving to be tough and viewed as a good kind of character when it comes to his skill of holding his breath for a long period of time. Kage is a tomboyish punkish man and has a memory which is pretty normal for him. Playful sometimes to almost all the time around his friends, and being a bit of a flirt to all genders it would be hard to know what he is planning since he flirts alot. Hard hitter, he sometimes may push someone over being gentle but it may cause the other to fall to the floor in which case he would look over and call you clumsy. Kage is skilled indoors and outdoors and some have called him a monkey or a cat since he follows his instincts more than following his human known senses. Kage is a bit of a bully but a good kind, sometimes. Mysterious is his other trait for though he may make friends with you he may want you to chase him for this is his test to see if you are worthy of still being his friend or not. Random is a perfect term for this, he is also funny and if you need to go to the bathroom he will carry you there. Known to also dance for fun and being hyper almost all the time it is hard to know wether he is always like this or he is simply just playing to be this way.

Kage has also been known to be serious and mature and he can be affectionate to cute characters and animals, another thing he got from his father. Kage likes to listen to rap and rock music and sometimes he plays his guitar and often if he is playing his guitar he may just listen and not say anything. Everything about this man has yet to show itself though he does show a lot of himself a lot. Kage is also a bit of a dark natured being especially around teenagers this is only when he flirts with them. Kage is good in every single detail though he may annoy some while others he may make them sad for never does he stay around along for you will see him run around the corner. Kage is also lazy and a big eater and has been known to be a little on the angry side. Secretive is when he runs when you ask him a question which he isn't comfortable answering. Though sometimes he just runs to be random or to play around. He is a wild being and that is no lie for not all the time does he do the same thing twice.

Birthday: June 18, 1990
Background Histoy:

"KAGEYAMA! YOUR HOME" shouted his father as he clapped his hands and waved soon afterwards. Kage raised a eyebrow for he had finished college and is now home to take a break and smirking he dropped his bags and walked over to his overly excited father. "Hey, gramps!" his father's expression became annoyed one but changed to a shocked one as he is being hugged by his son. "How was everything that you were taught tell me! Did you meet someone special? Are you still a you know?" Kage grinned but gave his father a painful noogie making him cry out in light pain. "I kid son!" Kage did a 'ptt' noise and took up his bags and said looking over his shoulder. "I'll be resting." His father nodded and he rubbed his head before laughing a little and going back to work.

Kageyama Subaru lived in Hong Kong with his father, they lived in a big house but always did they come to the company which Kage called it his larger than his big house. His father's name was known all around Hong Kong for his name was Yoh Tritex Subaru. The man had a weird way of doing things not that Kage was complaining. Not much is known about Kage's mother but he didn't think to much of it as he relaxed at home and stayed there with his father for a little over 8 months. That changed however for after that 8 months did Kage tell his father he was leaving. "WHAT! But you can't just leave like that! At least stay here for a year before deciding such a thing!" Kage sighed putting his things together and fixing his hoodie he looked to his father after dusting his pants and tying his shoe boots. "Heh, sorry I made my decision I'm leaving. I'll be back!" Kage jumped out the door while holding his guitar case and three bags making his father jump out and yell after him. "WAIT!

Kageyama run down the stairs and was liking the fast pace down the stairs making many people move out of the way and call him a stair hog. Running out the front desk did the women look to her speaker as Kage's father continued to yell through it demanding that he stay but was denied it as Kage already made it out the door and was running to the subway and was laughing.

What brings them to Ikebukuro? Kageyama Subaru is here for he had heard of a new idea being here and that is why he is here. He is also here to find some good money and find himself a lover that he can bring back to Hong Kong.


Loves: Kage loves Rap Music to Rock Music. Climbing, running, swimming, and eating is another thing that he loves. Kage likes a lot of everything though that isn't true when it concerns tofu and tea. More may come to be known.

Hates: Thunderstorms/ Severe ones, Seeing someone like couples being to close for it makes him jealous that he can't find anyone, tofu, anything without taste, country music, and lovey dovey music. More may come to be known.

Likes: Dancing, playing his guitar, drawing, cooking, doing indoor chores as well as outdoor chores. Getting his own money, hugging and teasing little kids as well as teenagers.

Dislikes: Having his hair pulled, mice, and cheese or all kinds.

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PostSubject: Re: Kageyama Subaru & Others...   Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:30 am

Very detailed! Good job! Approved~

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PostSubject: Re: Kageyama Subaru & Others...   Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:08 pm

Name:Misaki Akatsuka
Nickname/ Pen Name: Akatai Shinomurai, no one in America and Japan know his real name. So, that is why he is here on vacation.
Age: 25 years old
Gender: Male
Occupation: Misaki Akatsuka is a male that directs and or edits major works of both movies and books. Mostly, he works and is the boss of a company that ships out many books that speak about love, romance, and drama. With a little tragic endings added in. Winning 4 awards as best movie director and 2 awards for selling the best series known as 'Crimson Moon' this man is set for life. Never does he have to work again, though he does work being that of a full time novelist and editor of his work.

Misaki owns the company right now, this company of editing and publishing looks up to him and he strives really hard to make it noticable around the public. Does this company make manga, of course. Misaki knows his way around the books of japanese culture and has been known to draw one himself which is probably ranked at as 5th of the shelves of most beloved. Not much is known on the genre but if anything it is a manga series one shot which includes yaoi and normal relationships. This oneshot series is for all reader's. Have a request and he will do it and make another one shot series.

Gang (optional): Misaki thinks gangs are pointless for they never solve anything.
Physical Appearance:

Misaki Akatsuka stands a full height of 6'5 and weighs a little over 140 pounds. Pretty even in muscle as well as weight mass. Misaki is sort of healthy at this moment though some doctor's want him to eat more. Not at all does the man paint his nails. Misaki has had his ear's peirced which was only one time which was on the left ear. Is it still there, yes it is. Just a normal silver ear ring which is small and one would call it a small stud of some kind. Misaki also has his navel peirced but never would he think of showing it.

Eye color: Chocolate/ Blue. Mixtured together. Wears glasses.
Hair color/style: Dark chocolate brown/ black. Short though the bangs are long.
Height: 6'5
Clothes: Misaki wears clothes that are stylish. Usually seen in a T-shirts with sort of long sleeves that stop to his elbows and wearing jeans to slacks of both navy blue or black. Sometimes he will also wear white jeans. The man is well kept and clean. Not really bothered by his looks, Misaki wears anything that makes him feel comfortable. Sometimes also he will wear sleeveless shirts to coats. Hoodies and jackets do not hurt either.

Apartment: Misaki Akatsuka owns a well organized and sort of large condo/ apartment. His apartment is well hidden only cause he wants it to be well hidden. If someone is close to him then he will allow you to come over.

Car: Misaki owns a brand new corvette 2012 that is fully black, which mainly tells you how well kept in life he is. Usually, never does he drive it unless he really needs too.

Interests: Misaki is a man that looks for the best in his partner of choice, then again he just wants someone to love him as well as look to him with respect. He is kind of like, if you show me love then I will show it back to you. Not much is known about what he is looking for but if he flirts with you then you are probably the one, then again he isn't much known to flirt with people anyway.

Weapons?: Misaki believes that violence is a horrible thing and so he doesn't fight, then again he does hold a weapon for his use just in case he is in a bind. The man knows a bit of kick boxing, so if you provoke him then you better stay clear for he may do some major damage to you.

Personality: Misaki is a calm and not at all much of a showy man when it comes to showing his emotions. He is the one that doesn't really cry about anything. Seen as kind and polite to his readers and when working he is mature and keeps up his head in confidence. Misaki is a bit of a joker with friends and he talks a lot with just about anyone. Though when working he may be a bit on the angry side. The man has focus and the intelligence of a college student graduate. Known to be wise and also known to be a hard worker. The man hates vacations but he was forced to come here to take a long break. It may give him some ideas as the company put it. To put it simply, Misaki is a mature, calm, and wise man. Good with friends as well as kids.

When he is emotional is when he may show a bit of other things, such as he will be exhausted and tends to worry or be a worrywart about others that are close to him though he tries not to show it. He knows jealousy really well only cause he is often looked at as a jealous one with friends since well that is just who he is. Misaki is never jealous but if his friend talks to another when he is around he may show signs of irritation and anger. As well as bad mood. He smiles a lot when he isn't working all the time, though he is on vacation he tries to work anyway. Known to think things through and never does he show that he is happy. Misaki is a cool dude with a lot of money though he cares little for the money, for he is the one that has been known to give some money away to companys and such. That includes giving money to charity. Everything else about Misaki will play out in time.

What brings them to Ikebukuro? Misaki Akatsuka is here on vacation for a few months, mainly for 4. After his long term break will he be making some more money though he is making money right now for he is on vacation.

Family: Misaki Akatsuka's family is a sort of normal sized one. The man has two younger siblings, a mother and a father. As well as two uncles and one grandfather. Misaki is close to his siblings as well as his parents but his grandfather is sort of against the work that he does not that it bothers him none. They do get along, just not much. Chiyoshi and Chidori both have black sort of brown hair and they are always up in a bun or down. Their eyes are blue unlike their brother's who has mixed colored eyes. Misaki is really close to his mother's uncles but never do they see eachother much and so they email eachother.

Weakness: Misaki is weak against animal abuse, for he likes animals. The same thing applies for kids. If kids are abused he will not take lightly to it. This pretty much says also that he hates bullies, sure he is against violence and such it doesn't mean he will just sit around when he watches a child or anyone for that matter to be abused. Misaki is allergic to animals but he takes medicine to ease it. The man also has a weak system, this means that he gets sick often. Funny though, when he is sick it only lasts for a day or two and then it goes away. Misaki can't see anything with his glasses which is a common weakness of his.

Strengths: Misaki knows kick boxing. Hard working in the chore department he is able to keep himself up even if his stamina is low. He is the type of man that doesn't believe in giving up, when one gives up it makes him angry. Has high tolerance for kids but will punish them if gone to far. Misaki is smart and has been known to be helpful to students of all kinds. Misaki is also creative and artisitc. Misaki knows a lot of recipes so he changes up his lunch each day. Has photographic memory he remembers just about anything, if he has seen it he will remember it right away. Misaki has also been known to be the lead track team captain back in his youth which means he is agile and can run away from just about anything without really trying too.

Talents: Misaki Akatsuka is a good drawer and has been known to be a pretty good to average expert. His editing isn't all that bad either. Misaki can talk his way into anything for he is good with speaking with just about anyone. Maturely able to check over his work as well student home work and such is he able to detect if something is wrong right away. This man is also a expert skimming reader, being pretty fast in reading gives him a edge somewhat. Misaki is a multitasker, he can talk on the phone in one ear, type on his laptop, and listen to his song from his Mp3 radio station. This also applies to cooking for he is able to just about do anything in a kitchen much like chef's do. Writing is his normal talent.

Hobbies: Drawing, working/ typing on his laptop which he holds with him, writing, playing sports such as baseball and basketball. Misaki loves to do anything that passes the time, he even knows his way around doing house hold work in his apartment. Misaki doesn't know much about anything else though he does play video games of all kinds as well as hanging out with friends and shopping for his two pets..

Likes: Coffee/ tea, cooking himself lunch, sleeping in late, taking a bath, typing on his computer, doing his work as director as well as editor of his own books. Writing, and going outside walking on the beach. Somethings may be shared.

Dislikes: When people lay around/ don't do their job, when some people are just to sorry to take care of themselves, kids who have not been taught any manners, to getting paper cuts. (This happens a lot.) He also doesn't like to nag to others to do something though he does it all the time.

Fears: Heights, (You will never get him on top of a tall building rooftop.) Losing his friends or loved ones to someone else, (Makes him feel like he isn't good enough to have their attention.) Dying alone in the hospital. (Actually had a dream about it, and to this day it sort of still scares him as well as places a uncomfortable feeling through him.)

Schooling: Graduated in a 7 year college which earned him his degree of editing and or publishing books. Highschool diploma. Misaki is a guy that has been through a lot, in highschool he graduated when he was just in the 10th grade for he already knew the other stuff thanks to his studying and remembering the computer lessons. Misaki did go to elementary but graduated in the 4th grade. The man was a smart student.

Pets: Misaki owns a pure gray cat with a red bell around her collar. The cats name is 'Kisa' and she follows her master around all the time or tries too. Sometimes he carries her around in his arms. Kisa is 1 year old. The other pet that Misaki has is a black and white rabbit named ''Usa" she is shy around strangers but will hop after Misaki everytime he comes home in his apartment. Usa sometimes plays with Kisa. Usa is also 1 year old.

Favorite foods: Seaweed Porridge, Sushi, and Steak special bento box.

Favorite season: Fall

Friends (Those that he is still questioning still being friends with them.): Misaki has two friends that he will sometimes send text messages too. One is another male named 'Haruka' and the other is a female named 'Aya'. They have been friends ever since they had graduated from the same highschool, though Misaki graduated early. Aya has red long hair with a nice appearance. Her eyes are a deep violet. She has a bit of a russian accent. Haruka has navy blue hair with light blue eyes. He looks to be very punkish but really he is a big softy to some while to other's he is a real jerk. Only acts like this to who ever Aya has come to like more than a friend.

Actual Friends: Misaki has a ton of friends in the publishing company. One of his friends is named Yoh. They are really good friends, ever since he started they had been through a lot together. The other's name is Kane. Yoh has brown hair and green sort of light green eyes. Kane has semi long hair which is always in a pony tail and it is black. His eyes are the same color, the guy has side burns and a faint sign of a beard growing in. Kane is 5'11 and Yoh is 6'0. Both of their age's are between the 20's.

The book 'Crimson Moon': Misaki's book he had won awards for is a pretty common book in America. The book takes place in the 1800's, in England. It was the start of demons, devils, angels, and common night walkers roaming the world. The world in the book is different, human's were hard to find. Two human's which were siblings befriend a vampire and a lycan to try and figure out the mysterious of the cause of human depletion. There is romance in the book as well as action and adventure with a tradegy in the end. This book is a normal 3 book series and is beloved by almost everyone in America. The book shows pictures and explains words that is not known. The chapter's in each book are around 20.

How did he come across kick boxing classes?: Misaki was always picked on by crooks and criminals for they always tried to threaten him to give them his money, and he would not for this was not a good cause so he would always run away and make it to safety. One day he went to learn how to learn how to kick box. It took only a little time for he was good at remembering things. The same guys in the alleyways came to attack him again and threaten him though sadly they were all defeated by his new learned skill. Walking away did he leave those idiots alone in the alley all beat up and passed out.

His relationship with his grandfather: All the time when Misaki comes to visit his grandfather there would always be evil lines of light coming from his eyes to his grandfather's eyes. This is only during the holidays being that of thanksgiving. When the rest of his family come do things sort of calm down. Though, sometimes his grandfather will race to the kitchen to get the last bits of food and Misaki will challenge him to it. Most of the family do not mind this as they continued to eat. This goes to show that Misaki has more emotions and such that he hasn't shown yet.

Hometown/ Birth place: Misaki Akatsuka was born in the United States. Which gives you the clue that he is half japanese and half american. The man though has strived really hard though when coming here so some of the people forget the fact that he is half japanese and half american. American isn't a race so practically he is normal with some japanese blood in his vains.

Arranged Marriage: Misaki was arranged to marry a women that was born in Russia which is Aya. The both of them though decided to stay friends. Since he was in a company and kind of owns it for the time being did the company think that Aya had some knowledge and such that would help the company out. Misaki though kindly refused the offer. The company is still trying to get them together and in all honesty Aya does have a crush on him and wants to go through with the marriage but he doesn't want it.

Birthdate: Decemeber 18th 1985

The other kind of history. (How normally he acts.): Born in the United States to a mother and father. Misaki Akatsuka was a unique child being both Japanese and American. Which genes came from whom? Misaki's mother was from America and his father was from Japan. The family had three kids, though Misaki was the oldest born into the family. Does this mean he is the oldest child of both brother's? No, he is the only male son into the family for both of his younger siblings are girl's. He has two sister's who are completely in love with cool looking guys and such. Known to like the bad boy types as well. Growing up still was a major for them. When Misaki was in elementary he graduated pretty early due to his strict up bringing and teachings from his father. Going to highschool, the same thing happened. This made his father very proud as well as his mother. Both of his sister's though have to go to school fully cause well they were not like Misaki. Both sister's are named Chiyoshi and Chidori. Are they twin's, yes they are. Misaki is the only one in the family to tell them apart sometimes for both of his parent's just didn't know who was who. Misaki's dislike for his Grandfather happened in a certain time. When he graduated from highschool early did that dislike sort of start. Not much is known why, but apparently his grandfather wanted him to go to school fully and cause of his early graduation thought that his parents were going easy on him. Then again that dislike sort of increased when he started writing and becoming a editor and such, so that is probably why too. Misaki was told by his father that his own father who is his grandfather wanted Misaki to work in the Teaching department but since he chose another course has come to dislike Misaki's choices. Though he has everything he could possibly ask for at this moment, his grandfather is still not pleased. Doing everything and growing up, did Misaki become a well praised man though his grandfather did not praise them. Many people in America loved his work and so the company offered him a job.

Earlier in the beginning of his work shift in the company did his sister's show him something when he was about to leave, since well he came to check on his mother and father and sisters. Suddenly did he hear his sisters, "Misaki!" spoke his sister Chidori. "What?" Chidori and Chiyoshi both giggled and showed him a novel. A yaoi novel. Blue lines came over his face. "W-what they heck!" said Misaki sort of shocked by this that his sister's had given him. "Where did you two get this from?" Chidori pointed to the computer that belonged to their parent's and said. "We ordered it for able 5 dollar's good deal huh!" Shaking his head did he ground his own sister's which both of them said. "Awww!?!" Misaki didn't like that kind of thing but as idea's were hard to come by did he sort of introduce it to the company which well they took to it. It was new and it seemed easy enough. Still to this day does he ground his sister's for looking up things such as that. The novel was however placed in the company as a example for new workers. As time went by did Misaki get promoted and was also asked to do a movie for his work was amazing. Not turning it down did he accept it. That was when he was given awards and was placed on Tv by those who review good work. They gave his work a pretty good score of 4 stars out of 5. That wasn't all to bad to viewer's watching at home. Misaki's actual name was protected even on Tv at the time.

The company was so impressed they were also worried about the vacation day's that Misaki had saved up and so they forced him on vacation. Since, Misaki was a work a holic they figured it would do him good. That was also when they asked for him to marry Aya because by this time she graduated sort of early due to good connections to the comapny. Misaki kindly declined and now Aya will not stop at nothing until she has his hand in marriage. The hate that Haruka has for Misaki had been for a long time. During his forceful move did he invite Kisa and Usa into his little family. That is why he is here today. Calm with other's and sometimes a bit of a funny guy who runs away from Aya and Haruka. This man has a lot of funny antics up his sleeve.

When arriving here in Ikebukuro, Normal History....kind of? (Only with friends does he act like this, sometimes.):
"Misaki!" yelled a voice. It was Aya with Haruka right behind her.
"Hm?" was the normal response not at all was he surprised about them coming up unexpected.
"What do you mean, Hm?" said a pouting Aya. Her hands on her hips with red hair flowing over her shoulders, Haruka had navy blue hair and light blue eyes. Though, Haruka was smiling he wanted to punch Misaki.
"Hm, as in Hm." was the response that Aya got and she sort of giggled and pushed Misaki.
"Come on you old man!"

The three of them were going to the coffee shop to look back on their youthful days.
"Remember when Misaki was a nerd?" spoke a snickering Haruka
"Nerd?" said a dumb founded Misaki who was still being pushed to a random table by Aya.
"Yes, you were alllll toooo smart!" sang-sung Aya who finally made Misaki sit down with herself beside him.
Misaki glared sort of through his glasses, that term wasn't to look up on. To him anyway, it wasn't.
Haruka narrowed his eyes and smirked. How he loved to make fun of his rival.
"What was wrong with being smart? Look at me now, you two could learn a thing or two from me." said a irritated Misaki with his head looking away and looking out the window.
"Like what being a nerd?" said Haruka with a smug smile.
Misaki glared to the other male across the table. Aya was staying silent admiring Misaki and his face.
"You know Misa-misa~ You would look tons better without glasses." said Aya in a dreamy way.
Misaki blinked and looked to Aya sort of weirded out. Haruka on the other hand felt the urge to just tackle the man where he sat.
"I hate contacts."
"Well get lazer eye surgery?" suggested Aya.
Misaki narrowed his eyes but glared when Haruka had spoke.
"Yeah and then maybe they can make you look like something else? A bigger nerd!"
"I am not a nerd. You are just jealous that I am smart."
"No I am not."
"Yes you are."
"Who said?"
"Me, and apparently yourself. You need the extra brain cells"
Haruka glared some and Misaki sighed shaking his head. What kind of remembering time was this.

"Oh, remember that time that Misa-Misa won the awards!"
Haruka rolled his eyes. "Who doesn't remember that."
Aya laughed and looked to Misaki. "You were something else on the news!"
Misaki rubbed his forehead. "I hate being shown on Tv. I have no idea why but it makes me look fat."
Aya giggled. "No, it made you look skinny. I bet girl's and women from all over were hugging their Tv's!"
Misaki flinched and coughed some trying to remain calm. Haruka on the other hand looked to be gagging.
"Is your parent's proud of you?"
"Sort of, though my grandfather isn't really proud of it."
"Still!" questioned a surprised Aya. "You got everything you could possibly have. What else is there!"
Haruka coughed in his hand. "He....*Cough* wants Misaki... *Cough* to die!"
Misaki narrowed his eyes obviously hearing something come out of Haruka's mouth. Aya rambled about what else his grandfather probably of wanted and nothing was coming to mind. Misaki sighed somewhat closing his eyes.
"Whatever, it isn't really anything much to talk about."
Aya nodded but then said.
"Why won't you marry me?"
"Didn't we agree to stay friends?"
"Yes!" said a annoyed Haruka.
"I know but you are single. Do you really want to go around and be looked at by billions of people?"
"I think I can hold my own."
"You couldn't hit a girl or even a women for that matter!"
"Then I'll call the police."
"And? If the police wanted a peice of you?"
Misaki blinked making a no face expression at a serious Aya.
Haruka laughed at that. "You never know?"
Misaki shook his head and sighed. "What is wrong with you people?"

The talk lasted for a little bit more before Haruka had to go to the bathroom and that was when Aya said.
"Liking your vacation?"
"Why not?"
"I like to work."
"But you need a break. Find someone that loves you and spend time with them."
Aya hugged Misaki earning a grunt from him which he softly pushed her off and said.
"Well it has been fun."
Softly pushing her out did he walk off. Aya pouted and chased after him making the half breed run off. Haruka returned and got angry before running out of the small coffee shop chasing after the two.
"Misaki!" yelled Aya chasing full force after him.
"I'm late!" said Misaki in response and jumping into his car did he lock the door.
Aya face planted herself up onto the car window. "Misaki!?!"
Misaki sighed and slinked into his car finally able to relax. That is when he glanced to the other window with a blue face seeing a angry Haruka.
"Eh. Oh, look at that I got to leave." Misaki took out his car keys earning both shocked expressions from Aya and Haruka. Putting the keys in and placing it in drive did he drive off making both Haruka and Aya to fall to the floor. Aya pouted and pointed down the road earning lots of looks. "You can't escape me! I have unlimited texting!!!!" Haruka narrowed his eyes as he watched Aya text away before sighing. "Let it go." Haruka walked off with Aya right behind him texting a long text to Misaki who was down the road waiting for a red sign to change and sighing he smiled. He just escaped from another crazy day from both Aya and Haruka. Next stop, to enjoy the rest of his long vacation.

Fun Facts!?!

Misaki Akatsuka is a star in America and no one seems to know his real name as well as all the places in Japan. That is only cause he wants his real name censored and hidden which is why he has the pen name. Though, if someone did enough studying would they figure it out. All of his records are sort of limited with different information.

Aya has a crush on Misaki and has been known to follow him around or come out of no where.

Haruka is Aya's best friend who has a crush on Aya and is secretly hating Misaki for having Aya all over him.

Misaki is allergic to cats but takes medicine for it. Why did he adopt Kisa. She was about to be put down in 3 hours so that is why he adopted her regardless of his condition. Is he allergic to rabbits, yes. Though, the same thing applied for Usa. She was about to be put down in a hour and he made it just in time to adopt her.

Misaki has been on his own ever since he was in highschool.

Misaki started driving at the age of 14, he had to pull strings though. Which isn't the case since he was a major star back in America.

Misaki has been drawing/ writing ever since he first enrolled in highschool. Though, he had been doing it ever since his youthful days.

The man is a worrywart.

Misaki has sort of bad eyesight and that is why he wears glasses or changes it up by wearing contacts.

The man has been known to smoke a cigar when stressed/ mad/ or sad. When ever he feels bad of any kind does he say. ' I need a smoke.'

Misaki Akatsuka is left handed, using his left more than his right.

Misaki Akatsuka can speak both English and Japanese.

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PostSubject: Re: Kageyama Subaru & Others...   Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:28 pm

Wow that is a lot to read. ^^' But yeah, very good character. It seems like you really put a lot of thought into him. Nice job. -w-b I hereby dub thee, Misaki Akatsuka, accepted. Lol. ;3


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PostSubject: Re: Kageyama Subaru & Others...   Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:37 pm

I also think it's a great character. It just...slightly irks me how similar some things are to the characters in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. (The arranged marriage is the big one, it's so Ritsu. Not to mention the cosplayer is Takano xD And then the friend Yoh looks so much like Yuu, i'm actually kinda giggling. =w= I like Yuu a lot.) Then of course there are the nit picky details such as being paid on vacation and being half american. American isn't a race. =.=;;;

I still like the concept, but I think that a few things can always be tweaked a bit. Of course, this is just my opinion. He's ultimately your character.

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PostSubject: Re: Kageyama Subaru & Others...   Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:21 pm

Thank you for approving him, I know he is sort of related to Sekaiichi Hatsukoi who is Takano. Yoh also included. xP I was going for something a little different but I guessed it didn't work out cause well I forgot to add it which in a way works. Misaki will show many differences however when I use him more. Beileve it or not I'm using this as a example of some kind. I am making a game and so I had to find my way around being creative. It also meant me using some idea's from others but I'm going to put my idea's into the storyline later on. I never meant to irk you Psyche, if anything you will come to see many difference's along the way. ^^;
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PostSubject: Re: Kageyama Subaru & Others...   Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:32 pm

No it's fine! I was just pointing out a few details that might have caused some trouble. I hope I didn't offend you in any way! ^^;;;

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PostSubject: Re: Kageyama Subaru & Others...   Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:40 pm

Nah, it is fine. I'm just using Misaki as my main base character in the game and darn it Takano is the only one that fitted his looks sort of. It is for a college project and in a way this character that I will be using will be like a slow course homework to me. xD I'm okay with it though, that gives me something to do when I am still recovering. If anything all you had to do was ask me to edit somethings, I'll do it for you. lol. ^^
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Name: Mahzun [ Turkish for 'Sad, grieved' ] M. = Metin [Turkish for 'Strong, firm'] Kazuya [ Japanese for Peaceful one]
Age: Mahzun's age appears to be older in personality but younger in appearance appearing to be 18 years old, but really he is 27 years of age
Gender: Mahzun is a pure male.
Occupation: Mahzun's job record is pretty poorly shaped for he has come to look dangerous and not at all trustworthy. Being accused of 4 or more crimes in his life time it is hard for him to get a real job as well as keep one. Right now, he is working as a part-time assistant for a pharmacy working with the many doctors and nurses at the moment. They like having him around cause of his quick learning skills both mentally as well as using his hands. Mahzun is also a foreigner for he was brought up in Turkey. Mahzun is also working as a security guard in bars as well as malls. The bosses of the establishments mentioned think of Mahzun in a positive way, meaning they like him and his serious behavior at work. Meaning he is a hardcore worker.

Pay per hour: Part-time, Pharmacy Assistant. 4.5 hours. Each hour, is 7.00.
Security guard in the bar. Night shift, 5 hours. Each hour, is 9.00
Security gaurd at the mall on weekends. Day shift. 8 hours. Each hour is 7.50. Both on Saturday/ Sunday.

Gang (optional): N/A
Physical Appearance: Mahzun stands at a height of 6'2 and weighs a little over 170 to 180 pounds. He has muscles but never does he tend to use them but only seems to only at work. Mahzun's hair is bleached, it use to be brown but now it is a fushion of such with bits and peices of brown in his hair. Mahzun's eyes are a red chocolate soft of gold amber crested color. Mahzun always wears cross silver ear rings which shows that he is a religious man who is trying to make amends with himself and his choices he had made in the past. Sort of a self cleaning of his heart and soul. Earlobe hugger ear rings which are silver are also on his ears full covering his earlobes. A tattoo that looks like this 'V11' on the left upper part of his chest. The color of this is a dark sort of light blue. The reason he has this on his body is unknown, doesn't remember getting it. Fair skinned and sort of skinny looking, do not let this fool you. Mahzun is a fighting machine when angered or pushed to far. Mahzun also has his tongue peiced with one full bolt with two little metal balls underneath along with a navel three small navel rings. Physically, he looks tough and dangerous that not many people want to converse with him either that or he is just to sad and gives off a rather lonely if not rather depressing aura.

Eye color: Red chocolate soft of gold amber crested color
Hair color: Bleached his hair white and it has bits and peices if not visable brown coloring.
Height: 6'2
Clothes: Punkish with gothic attire. Wears black all the time with cool if not interesting designs of symbols that look like flames and or tattoo's engraved into his shirt. Jacket's with fur hoodies of a varity of colors being black, gray/ white, black/ white, and full black. Chokers as well as wrist bands will be seen on him. Rings for his finger's included being of all kinds during certain days. On monday's wear silver, on tuesdays wears gold, and so on. Though sometimes he will not care what he will wear.

Personality: Mahzun is a bit of a guy that has suffered to much during his child hood. Known to be a bit on the sensitive side does he feel sort of more than others. Mysterious, when some people look at him they wonder what goes on in his mind as well as what his next objective would come to be. Mature in his actions, this doesn't stop him however on making poor decisons especially when he is mad or upset. Rather blunt sometimes he only shows his blunt forwardness with his facial features or his actions being rather cold. Not always is he cold, he can be kind and gentle as well as very much fun to talk too. Though he sometimes doesn't like to show his gentle side, only cause of his image sometimes. Not much is he a person to like large crowds as well as to many friends.

Very serious when he puts his mind to it, he becomes a different person actually show so much energy and being ready to take on the day. Mahzun is often clueless though around somethings. Mainly about what others will say to him.


"Hey nice day huh?"
"How is it nice? It is raining outside."

Mahzun doesn't know much about sarcasm, or pranks as well as jokes being played on him. This doesn't change anything though, he likes the moon and tends to stare at it all through the night.

Family: Mahzun has no family left really that like him. His parents were killed in a crash, so it left him to fend for himself really. The only ones that are pretty much like real family to him are Touya who is a middle age man being in his 30's and his love for fast food as well as wrestling. This also includes Touya's cousin known as Raietsu who is about 7 years older than Mahzun.

Car/ Any means of transport? Mahzun rides with Touya who drives a Jeep and sometimes with his cousin Raietsu who drives a truck.

What brings them to Ikebukuro?

Mahzun was brought up in Turkey with his actual family things weren't working out of course cause he was rebellious with pretty much everything they had said. Being in Turkey things were tough on Mahzun only cause of him being ordered around by just about everyone in sight and so to get rid of it all he actually freely committed the worst of all crimes. Mahzun actually killed a person, one of his best friends even. The reason for this is unknown but all that was known was that his best friend did a horrible thing to him. Mahzun doesn't want to talk about it though. This wasn't the only crime that he had done, he did a break in attempt in two stores as well as fighting it out against the police going against arrest. The wounds he had gave to the policeman was a sprained wrist and ankle. Then ending it did he actually stole a policeman vehicle and did a high speed chase into quite a few places. The chase last for quite sometime actually leading into the night before wrecking the vehicle and almost hurting himself during it. Mahzun was placed in jail for a little over 10 years for he commited to his crimes and told the judge that clearly he knew he was guilty and had nothing to say really in his defense. When he was arrested he was 16. Ever since he had been in jail did a lot of his personality changed, but not much was changed with his actual family. His mother and father were killed in a car crash and as oddly as it sounds, he was blamed for their deaths.Mahzun's parents actually went to buy him something for his 15th birthday but was killed in a car crash on the way back home. This is why his family blames him for their death's. When he was released from jail did he pretty much lose his license and such and so he took the bus like everyone else. Returning to Turkey was he hated by all of his family and so he packed his bags and left. Talking with a few people on where to find jobs did he hear word of a place known as Ikebukuro, Japan. Using the money he had saved that his parents had gave him in their will was it enough for plane tickets for him to get to the new location.

That was when he had come across Touya a man who was holding a sign that said 'Wrestling, at such and such place and time'. Looking confused about the sign did both of Touya's eyes fall onto Mahzun. They chatted a little bit and became pretty good friends, they even went to that wrestling match together and had a okay time. Touya helped Mahzun learn Japanese since he couldn't speak it all that well and still sort of has trouble with it as well. Touya also helped Mahzun come into touch with his religious beliefs and had took him to church on some occasions which made Mahzun sort of feel bad for all that he had done. That was when he had come to want to clean himself and actually try to make the right choice. Touya decided to help his new friend and ever since then they had been like brother's. Getting three jobs and putting his mind to it, Mahzun has felt a lot confident that he will make amends for everything that he has done with both Touya's and Raietsu's help.


Sexuality: Mahzun is unsure about his own sexuality and has come to think of it as a bother.

Strengths: Mahzun has a lot of inner energy which allows him to keep busy for long periods of time, he is understanding of somethings especially in situations that are personal. Mahzun can lift three large bags or boxes bigger than himself with little to no effort. Can play a pure white flute which he has with him the last thing he has to remember his parents.

Weakness (s): Speaking Japanese, can say somethings a little messed up which tends to get weird looks and snickers. Sensitive around others who speaks of him wrongly. Meaning, when someone blames him for something he can't help but glare and sort of lash out as well as acting cold. Mahzun has a no understanding of sarcasm and thinks that someone is just being mean. This also goes for teasing as well as flirting but if he catches on or doesn't like it he may come to punch or kick or shove you away. Mahzun has been in jail and has been in situations that he doesn't like and so he will lash out or put some kind of fight.

Mahzun can read but he can not write and so he leaves pretty much everything to Touya.

Rival: Kageyama Subaru. Mahzun met Kage once and ever since then they have not liked eachother. It is like putting a pitbull with another pitbull. The both of them can do some damage to eachother and yet sometimes they can get along though Mahzun doesn't like it all that much.

Mahzun can sort of cook, but pretty normal meals. Never does Mahzun drink any soda or anything of the sort and will only come to drink water.
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Nice job! A lot of details and you created him quite interestingly. XDDD


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Name: Xyphate Kyoya
Nicknames: Venom & Black Scorpion

'Venom'- was given to him when he was in the Mafia back in his youthful days, ever since he was 13 was he given the name. One punch from him was like getting bitten by a deadly rattlesnake that was provoked and wanted to do damage to get its message across. Meaning, that he had a temper much like a snake and that his fists were like a rattlesnakes fangs.

'Black Scorpion'- was given to him when he had first got accepted for the job as a Spy. Turning 17 going on 18 and enrolling in a collage while still in High School was he looked up highly for all of his records. Getting the name was something that many people that he turned in had referred to him as. Always seen in a striped shirt of purple and black was he called as the name known as the 'Black Scorpion'.

Age: 30, looks to be in his early teens.
Gender: Male
Occupation: Xyphate Kyoya is a grown man that has a secret of a job. Clues have indicated that he is a sensation in both Russia and New York City in the United States. Though, for a real job he is usually seen infront of a Night Club/ Bar and therefore is the manager of it. The night club that Kage often goes to is the same club that Xyphate runs. As a spoiler to those that are reading, this man has been paid to keep a eye on Kage due to Kage's father's words. Believe it or not, this man has also been in different kinds of work and has many people he can talk to for information as well as work suggestions. This man never ceases to amaze himself and his peers and actually some believe he used to be a world known spy who had just retired because he was tired of his job and thus disappeared from the files.
Gang (optional): None
Physical Appearance: Xyphate is a skinny man with smooth almost girl-ish skin that looks soft to the touch and feels like silk. The color or his skin is a perfect almost attractive tone. Short hair that is shaved in the back with short locks of hair that is almost much like that of seaweed always seems to catch many eyes no matter the gender. Xyphate is 6'0 even and weighs over 150 pounds. That is not the half of it though, Xyphate's eyes are an interesting easily stood out light purple similar to that of amethyst colored hues, they are just lighter in color and shine as if real jewels.
Eye color: Light unique amethyst colored hues that make them look like real gems instead of that of a natural eye color.
Hair color/style: Short, has the appearance or feel of silk as well as looking a bit wavy much like seaweed.
Height: An even 6'0
Clothes: Xyphate wears clothing that shows off his shoulders and stomach pretty much all the time. Wearing jeans that cover his knees but stops their entirely do they show everything below his knees. Calves, ankles, and then his feet are always shown because he wears sandals. Stripped shirts of purple and black, and then red and black seem to be his favorite kind of colors that he will come to wear. Meaning this man wears stuff that show a lot of his skin, even during the winter time does the man wear revealing clothes. Does Xyphate wear hats? Yes, he wears hats just only one kind of hat. It is the kind that some mafia men back in the old days seem to wear. Jackets and coats are his worst enemy much long clothes that keep his skin constantly hidden.

Personality: This man is very generous, always has he been known to give money to about anyone that begs for it. Showing emotion is the next best thing that he shows. Though, he loves to converse he never laughs, all he does is smile and that is it. Xyphate's true colors are much like this, smiling constantly and never does he look like anything upsets him just makes many people think that he is weird or just not normal. This man is a very touchy guy and he is also seductive to about anyone that comes into his club. Xyphate oftenly flirts with Kage which the blonde haired man usually flirts back. This is Xyphates way of saying 'Hello' without the words. He is also brotherly and is looked at as a gentleman that many are jealous of. Known to kiss many peoples cheeks when he first meets them, and over extends his welcome on friend nights does many people wonder about him and what his plans are.

Use to, this personality of his that he shows today would have never existed. Being a controlling man and taking just about anything that was handed to him was he known as a greedy man that many people did not like. Xyphate use to be a right hand man to a mafia group that disbanded not too long ago. Right after that was he offered such a job as a spy and that was when many things about him changed. Now he is kind and has been known to just give things away than take them away from others from how he use to do back then. Things are different with his personality now, for he tends to act a bit on the homosexual side doesn't mean that he likes man and only man. He is open to anything which gets many peoples attention sometimes not that he is aware of the gossip and such that goes on around him. Xyphate acts like this to mostly get your guard down and when that happens then chances are you may never see his plans coming.

As explained above he acts like a caring man and has come to act like that 24/ 7 but on certain days, such as when he is tired or is having a bad day will you see another side of him. Being serious and mature does he change his personality. Some claim that he is bipolar, but he doesn't believe in it. All that he says to counter this is "What? Don't we all have a bad day?" and that is it. Known to be a complete mystery does he never show much of anything but when the right chance comes along will he show you things that you have never seen before. Oh, and before I forget. Sometimes he acts like a child and or a stunt man from time to time.

Accents? Xyphate speaks really good Japanese, not that it is any surprise. His accent is a related nature of speaking Russian with Japanese. Also known to understand English that is commonly used in the United States is he looked at as a translator to some? Xyphate even has a talent to where he can fuse his Japanese with many other accents.

Strengths: Xyphate has skills as a handyman and as a stay at home mom, known to cook well and be good under pressure especially when he is asked to do over 5 servings of food each visit. Good at his tolerance levels, never does he gets mad even if something hot was spilled on him. Xyphate has always been good at hiding his emotions and has been called or often referred to as as a strong man. When really he is the polar opposite of it. The other strengths about him is that he is paitent and is very much caring to where he will even help a elderly women walk across the street. He is also good to go to if you want advice.

Weaknesses: Xyphate has a bit of a allergic spell especially around cheese as well as milk. Anything with milk in it or cheese does he get very sick and will stay that way for a few hours to actually staying like that for the whole day. This means that he can not have ice cream, chocolate or anything made with chocolate and so on. This is probably why he is so skinny. Also, he has been known to have a temper when pushed to far will he show you a few things especially on punishment. Known to have a faint dislike for anything that hides his skin is also a indication that he has weak skin especially to the harder type of materials such as leather, wool, and everything else that is rough to the touch. Though he never laughs or cries doesn't mean that he can't do it, he will show it but only when he is by himself in a closed off location. Though he looks younge doesn't mean anything, he can sometimes get a hurt back or something related in that nature. Known to act tough will he hide it.

Family: Xyphate Kyoya never does seem to bring up his family cause well what is he suppose to say? His parents died a few years ago and that has left him when he was young with his 2 older sisters. This probably how he got his personality to act all touchy. Who knows, all that is known is that he lives here for the time being to keep a eye on Kage by himself without really much connection with his two older siblings. That is all that is known.

Likes: Vegetables, Fruits, Reading, Watching Tv, Listening to Music, and enjoying himself with the life he now haves.

Dislikes: Anything that is made with milk and or cheese. Can't eat it what so ever. Being threatened when obviously he is trying to be a nice gentleman, and lizards. The man can't stand lizards for they are just to weird to him.

Birthplace: Normally, he was born in Russia but didn't stay there long after his birth for constantly his family moved all over the place.

Club/ Bar Name: 'The Raven's Roost'- he had called it this for he had loved the name of it and thus has sticked with it, ever since he had started did he start with it.

Workers that are loyal to him? Only one, the mans name has already been said. Mahzun. Constantly, Mahzun and Kage are always butting head and as always poor Xyphate has to break them up. Either that or bet on who will win. Either way when you come to the club nothing ever seems to cease.

Come all. The Raven's Roost will take your order now. (Funny how I put together such interesting characters. Oh well anything goes?)

What brings them to Ikebukuro? Xyphate has been here for a little over 2 years or more. He doesn't remember all that he does remember is that he loves the interesting people and the pay that he gets in each day and night. Usually, the man is seen as a weird character but he doesn't care. All that he cares about is if the people are enjoying themselves in the club or bar or if they are loving the music. Either way you look at it, he just wants everyone to have fun and drink a little. That is one option of course, you can do that or watch Mahzun and Kage have interesting fights. Never does the club stay quiet for long not that Xyphate dislikes that. A loud place is a happy place in his eyes.

Xyphate Kyoya is a fatherly type of man and has been known to break up fights between Kage and Mahzun. Can this man fight? Yes, he would have to be able too, since he did the dangerous kind of work. Nothing to worry about though, he retired from that kind of work long ago. If you need a job then he has some positons open.

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This character seemed very interesting- I would like to see how he is in rp one day ^^ good job!

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Kageyama Subaru & Others...
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