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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

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 Wandering (Open)

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PostSubject: Wandering (Open)   Sat Mar 03, 2012 5:05 pm

Saying that it was a beautiful day out would be a downright lie, but saying it the weather was miserable would be just as inaccurate. The azure colour of the sky was blocked out by clouds of varying gray shades, all promising to bring rain, although it didn't look like it would happen until late evening at best. Occasionally the sun's rays would shine down through a break in the gloomy mass of grey, but it would be swallowed up as quickly as it came. There was little warmth on this grey day, and the bitter breeze only made it worse. Due to this unfriendly weather, most individuals were avoiding the outdoors, although there were a few who didn't seem to care much about the inhospitable conditions.

Sandolio Torre was one of those people. As soon as the bell for lunch had rung, he had walked as quickly as he could out of the classroom without drawing attention and headed outside, knowing that it would be quieter and less crowded on the grounds as opposed to within the school's walls. As of now, the tall Hispanic male was sitting under a tree near the edges of the boundary indicating where school property ended and city land began. His dark eyes surveyed the street that was laid out before him, observing the few pedestrians who were out and about, taking care of whatever business needed to be completed. It wasn't a particularly interesting way to pass the time, although it was better than being cramped up in that loud, smelly and disgusting cafeteria in the school. Sandolio had never understood why so many of the students neglected to dispose of their lunch waste in the proper bins, preferring to throw it all over the floors and tables instead. It was because of that mess that he avoided the cafeteria at all times, along with some of the other more popular hang outs.

Of course, this allowed for very little interaction between Sandolio and his fellow students, although he didn't really care. The lack of human companionship did little to unsettle the teen, and he much preferred the company of animals anyways. Animals didn't judge or make assumptions about a person before they get to know them, and they certainly weren't discriminative... Well, most of the time anyways. There were always a handful of troubling ones that proved to be incredibly difficult to deal with due to a tendency to go by their first impression of an individual, but that was true in all species. It wasn't that Sandolio was incapable of establishing connections with another, as he was perfectly capable of doing so. He merely lacked the motivation to do so as he was perfectly happy with how his life was at the moment, although he believed that it would be even better if he was back in Spain... But there was no helping that. So he continued to observe the passerby on the street, leaning his back against the thick trunk of the tree, thinking about nothing in particular.
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering (Open)   Wed Jul 11, 2012 6:05 pm

Alois one of his legs swing down from the branch he was laying on as he took another strawberry from his lunch box and poped it into his mouth. He kept the white and black striped medal lunch box on his stomach so he would have enough room for his skinny body to lay down on the tree branch. He really just loved climbing trees and being able to listen to the peaceful sounds of the birds that nested there.

"So pretty." Alois said aloud as he stared at the blooming blossoms on the tree, as he reached for another strawberry he gasped when he sliped from his fingers and started falling to the ground below. He sat up and looked down to watch his strawberry fall, he bit his bottom lip seeing as how it was about to his the boy sitting against the tree on the head. The albino boy hadnt noticed him before and hoped he wasnt one of those boys who usally beat him up when they saw him.

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Wandering (Open)
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