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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

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 All Roleplayers Should See my Rant- By Megami Toshuro

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PostSubject: All Roleplayers Should See my Rant- By Megami Toshuro   Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:10 am

Um... Yo. Fushou here.

This is NOTHING PERSONAL to anyone. It's just that I remember this rant from long ago and it has been my inspiration.
It's very well written and also very beautiful. I don't ask of you to agree but I would like for you to read it ^^
(you asked why it's long? Well, this person is from a professional kind of rp where there is a rule that all rp post MUST be long so yeah xD)
This is not to insult anyone or to offend anyone- I just want for others to also hear her strong hearted and determined thoughts.
I'm sorry if it did though- but everyone has different opinions ^^;

To all you who have ever said that Roleplaying is stupid, that Roleplaying is 'Fake' and should require no human emotion, for those who have said that the relationships between people online are 'fake' and require no emotion I have one single thing to tell you. Fuck Off. There is nothing that pisses me off more then people who call roleplaying 'fake', Yes its fictional we know it doesn't truly exist but that doesn't deny that any of our thoughts, and emotions put into the roleplay is any different then say someone drawing a comic, or writing a novel. We put our heart, and soul into our posts and our roleplay to the point that I feel that we should be complimented for our divine passion in writing such magnificent things. We are only one step down from grand novelists, weavers of tales that one would not find among the pages of written books.

The words on a forum or a chat room are as true and passionate as that of a book, and to all of you who dare say that we are immature, childish, don't deserve any form of recognition for the thoughts, passion, loving, caring, soul-shattering, heart-breaking, roleplays that we sometimes do? You are the immature ones, you are the childish ones, you are the ones who should be reprimanded and laughed at. Most, if not all, of the high ranking roleplayers that I know could easily write as good as some of the greatest authors of our times. Anemone Mamoru, Sora Amai, Ai Miyazawa, Tova Diablo, Mitsutaka Karaha, Hikari, Trever Valens... These are people I could read their topics for hours and feel immersed and feel the passion and emotion burning from every single word they write, just as much as I could from reading a book by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, or V.C Andrews. So to those who believe you are better then us just because you don't roleplay? For those who think we are nerds and lower people because we sit in-front of a computer and do 'fictional' things on a forum. Fuck. You.

Next, to those who believe that our Characters are nothing but 'items' a 'fictional person' whom you should not ever be effected by on an emotional level, or someone you believe that you could just throw away or 'delete'. Screw you. Its people like you that cause people like the ones mentioned above to be ridiculed and its people like you that cause roleplay to be taken unseriously. When I make a character I believe whole heatedly that the world I create around them should be treated as real as the world we are in right now. When making a relationship with a character, it shouldn't be treated as fake. Because to those characters, that you have sweated, bled, and got migraines over, and built the world around... to -them- those relationships are real. You build a world around these characters, they gain a form of 'life', they gain a form of 'life, they gain emotion, and through emotion they know things such as love, pain, happiness, sadness... They are a -person-.

Yes, I know they are fictional and there for not 'real', But to put it blunt, a character is a part of -you-. Not a big part, but I believe that if you take time to create a character from bottom to top you should give that character the right to -live-. In their -life-, in -their- existence that's all they have, without the right to live they are nothing more then words on a forum, words on paper. There is no passion, no caring, no love, the feeling is empty and to roleplay a character like that and be -satisfied- you are not a true roleplayer, you are a hollow insecure person who -thinks- that they're a roleplayer. Creating a character is no different then an author creating a character in a book. When an author creates a character they don't just half-ass it they put their passion and love into it to create a strong character that everyone can enjoy reading about, that everyone would remember. That is how we are with our characters, we make them and they are our -pride-, our -joy-. They are our creation, our emotions, They are our baby.

They shouldn't be something that is easily replaced, something that you can just throw away and happily make a new one. For people who do that I believe you are horrible, selfish, hollow, undeniably cruel people. Those were people you just killed, I do hope you feel happy for doing such a thing. I sure as hell frown down upon you for doing such a cruel thing. You are inconsiderate, and you in all honesty should be ashamed. If the world had more roleplayers and people like the ones I described above in previous paragraphs this world would be an amazing place, roleplaying would be ten times more fun then it is today, but its people like I just described this paragraph that ruin it for all of us. So, in closing, to me? Mai Yamasaki, Aizawa Mokuba, Reiko Mizuho are my characters, my children, people I put my blood sweat and tears into making. I feel their emotion, I feel their love, their pain, their feelings in a total, I care about them and love them as if they are real. Do they effect my everyday life? No they do not, and even if they did I do not think that I would care, I would love them all the same.

Thanks for listening.

*nods* Thanks for listening to this rather long (and kinda crude >.>) rant. None of it is owned by me >.>.
Megami-san is from another site that I've been to before (which sadly is going to die). The people there are rather stern sometimes but they are good people who loves to RP more than anything else (no matter how freakishly long it is) and they are very dedicated to what they do ^^.

Again, I'm sorry if this offended you or anything but if you don't have something nice to say- don't say it at all.

Nora Fushou, 16- Raira Student/Mori's Caretaker/Ultimate Part-Timer

Tom Tanaka- Debt Collector

Rei Henteko aka Fujoshi Henteko, 17- Raira student/Full-time Fujoshi/Otaku store employee

Unknown Earth, 18ish- Occupation Unknown
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All Roleplayers Should See my Rant- By Megami Toshuro
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