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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

Ikebukuro: To some, it is just another big city in Japan, but there are others who have been priviledged to see what really goes on. Gang violence isn't what we're talking about. You'll soon see what I mean. Welcome to Ikebukuro...
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 Hibi's Drabbles and Fandom Related Stuff!

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PostSubject: Hibi's Drabbles and Fandom Related Stuff!    Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:23 am

Hibi's Music Drabbles

Basically, I listen to a song and get inspiration. Then I write a fic based on the song for whatever comes to mind. But when the song ends I have to tie up the fic there. So they'll be short but here nonetheless!

“Please Hold On” by Chicago
Pairing: DeliHibi

It wasn’t always perfect.

In fact, if someone looked at Delic and Hibiya’s relationship they would say it was doomed to fail from the start.

The lies, the treachery, the borderline abusive behavior that both partners were guilty of. Delic was a man who had a dark past, and Hibiya was not always the most understanding. But that understanding worked both ways. And it didn’t excuse the lies.

“Do you love me?” The question rang in both parties’ minds often. Neither was incredibly open about it...

“Don’t you dare walk out that door, Delic!” the shout was authoritative despite the mist of tears that it was delivered through. “Don’t you dare leave me! Not again!”

“But Hibi-chan..,” the chuckle that followed was forlorn. “Don’t you think we’re kidding ourselves? This fantasy... It’s never going to work. Wouldn’t it be better to just leave it behind us and move on?”

“You don’t want to believe it will work! You have never given it the opportunity to implant itself in your mind. If you don’t want it to work than it never will!” The prince’s words struck something inside of him, and he tried to dismiss it. He didn’t have time for this.

“Do you want it to work, Hibi-chan? Really? Because–”

“You would have to hold on and find out. If you leave, you will never know.”

"Trade Mistakes" by Panic! At the Disco
Pairing: DeliHibi

Delic had made plenty of mistakes in his lifetime. He would be the first to admit it, and it was generally why he never let people close enough in to see the real Delic that lay buried deep. To become well acquainted with the disgusting human being that he chose to hide away. Who would want to be part of that? And who could accept what lay there?

Which is why every moment he spent with the prince was dangerous.

Hibiya, who he wanted nothing more to reach out and touch. To pull close and never let go.

But the prince was pure and innocent. He was a dove where Delic was a greasy black crow. His wings had been stained black by his own deeds and they could never match up to the splendor of the prince.

He radiated light where Delic could only wallow in darkness, as if the light would harm him.

And Delic wished, sometimes, he could rid himself of those mistakes so he could feel worthy of the one who seemed to capture his heart.

"Tango Ballad" from Threepenny Opera
Pairings: DelicRoppi, w/ mention of DeliHibi

It had been a union sparked by lust. Two people trying to convince each other that they were in love when all they’d ever known was the flesh. When the only thing either could remember was being in someone else’s bed, giving them whatever fantasy they wanted to live that day, expected to play to their every whim and pleasure while paying little attention to their own.

And that was their downfall, wasn’t it?

“How’s your little bitch?” Crimson eyes could on portray malice now as he snarled at the blonde.

“Roppi, I’m warning you. Don’t talk about him like that.” Those magenta eyes were every bit as serious about the threat as the words could make it sound. The utter lack of... anything, shocked the raven. He remembered a time when those eyes had only looked at him like there was nothing better.

But then that little prince had showed up from Europe and fucked that up.

“Its hard to have any respect for something that stole what was yours.”

And it was a good thing that Roppi had spent so much time around Delic, or the punch that aimed his way would have hit him instead of the corner of the wall he had been standing in front of.

"Nothing To Remember" by Neko Case
Pairing: DelicRoppi

Roppi had become one of many. He didn’t matter, he didn’t need a name. There was only a fake guise that he went by for his customers and that had been it.

But then the blonde had come and seen right through that. He had worked his way in with promises of a relationship with no strings attached. A relationship where neither had to worry about infidelity because it was what was to be expected.

The expectations. The little things. They had come.

A name could be attached. And with a name, being treated like a person.. Feelings followed. And for the first time it was something that could be looked at as more than a business relationship.
But now there was nothing to remember. It had been just the same.

And it had left Roppi alone. With nothing left.

Hibiya Orihara - 20 - 'Prince' Of Ikebukuro
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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: Hibi's Drabbles and Fandom Related Stuff!    Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:06 pm

“Bulletproof” by La Roux

Pairing: DelicRoppi
Things had gone awry, that much could be certain. But then, perhaps it was their own fault for having tried to become something they both knew they weren’t.

But Roppi was finished. He could never let the other man back into his heart. As friend, or companion, even if he was Tsuki’s brother and he wanted nothing more than to please the blonde.

They were done.

Where Delic Heiwajima was concerned Roppi had to put those walls up.

Because it was too easy to be hurt by the blonde. Too easy to remember all of those confusing and conflicting feelings that had welled up in his heart. The... dare he say, warm? Feelings that he had once been filled with when he looked into those magenta eyes.

But it was dead. And it was impossible for him to look on him with anything positive in his heart.

He’d built himself a thick skin, and no one was going to pierce it.

“It’s All The Same” from Man of La Mancha
Pairing: Roppi, Hinted TsukiRoppi

People hadn’t mattered. It didn’t matter who or when, what they wanted. That was what he was here for, was it not? Just someone to fulfill their fantasies, give them a night where they could pretend they were just as love as the sickening couples that walked the streets arm in arm.

No one had showed him anything different.

They all just wanted sex, wanted to possess the physical part of relationship with no work. They were not interested in sharing their feelings. Anyone who had tried to convince him otherwise had simply been lying. A clever ploy to get something out of him at a discounted rate.

All they needed was money. Roppi needed no promises, no confessions of love. And he did not like anyone who came to him or what they wanted him to do.

But then he had come.

Tsukishima, those spectacles and interest in him. The fear of what people normally wanted...

And maybe, just maybe.. it wasn’t everyone.

“Ladies’ Choice” from Hairspray
Pairing: DelicHibi

He had always been their choice. With a careless wave and a winning smile he had hearts melting and the women falling at his feet. Being Tokyo’s number one host came with it perks, and there was always someone in line to see him.

Until one day when he had set his eyes on a golden-eyed raven who had absolutely no interest in what everyone else positively ate up.

The chase thrilled him, yes, and he accepted that challenge. He may have been the Ladies’ choice, but he had his eyes set on someone else now.

And Hibiya wouldn’t even know what hit him before they were done.

“Lost” by Michael Buble
Pairing: TsukiRoppi

Now that the blood had been cleaned up, the metallic smell chased away by any number of remedies that covered the room in a cloying, thick scent that could hardly be identified as one thing or another.

Tsuki hadn’t even seen it coming. Roppi had always seemed... well, happy wasn’t the word. But not to the point of trying to end his own life. He had surrendered to his past demons and let them get the best of him.

“Roppi-san..,” he murmured under his breath, trying to find the strength to say the words that rattled in his mind. They couldn’t seem to find a way to come out without it being a stuttering mess, even when the raven lay sedated in the hospital bed.

“Please don’t try again, Roppi-san. I.. I am here for you! And I know that’s not much... but I hope it will help Roppi-san not feel so lonely... so lost...” he was finding more strength to the words. He needed to convey his message. “Please. I.. I.. just know I am here, Roppi-san. You’re not alone...”

“Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5
Pairing: Tsugaru/Psyche

Tsugaru had always wondered how Psyche could do it. When music came on the radio he liked, he could simply get up and dance. It didn’t matter where they were or who might be watching (and sometimes who might be watching was as much a motivation as anything).

He had never been able to come out of his shell enough to even consider the possibility of dancing. And it caused him to shrink back whenever the thought that he might be expected to dance at anything, even in the club when he came to visit Psyche.

“Come on, Tsu-chan! I’ll teach you!” Psyche paused in his dance long enough to take Tsugaru’s hand in his own, pulling him out onto an open space on the floor. And, while Tsugaru could have fought him easily, he allowed himself to be pulled out.

And Psyche showed him how. With no words or directions, but simply by holding his hands in his own and never letting go. Keeping their eyes locked together so that the whole world faded away and they could simply be caught up in the music.

“Without Love” from Hairspray
Pairing: DeliHibi

Delic had never believed in love. No one could possibly surrender themselves completely and entirely to another human and expect to come out alive. He had made himself content with being a host, where as long as he could keep the sweet talking up and make the girls swoon no one dared to look further.

“If you think some cheesy line is going to make me any more inclined to do anything with you than you are mistaken, cur!”

The insult had stung surprisingly as he watched the prince retreat, cape billowing dramatically behind him. He had no interest in the fake ideas of love Delic could implant. He required more.

And Delic found himself drawn to this. He needed to pursue this challenge. Perhaps... could this be..?

No, it could never be love.

“What Do You Want of Me” from Man of La Mancha
Pairing: TsukiRoppi


“What do you want of me?!” The cry was desperate, and sounded as if the person giving it could have been falling apart at the seams. “What could you possibly ever want with me?!”

The question rang in the air and was met with silence. Roppi pulled the fur-trimmed coat around himself more. He could stand the affectionate glance... the confessions of wanting to be with him... the way that the blonde looked at him like he mattered.

No one should want him. No one.

So why was he still standing there, looking at him with such sadness?

Hibiya Orihara - 20 - 'Prince' Of Ikebukuro
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Hibi's Drabbles and Fandom Related Stuff!
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