Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play
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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

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 Dei-chan's Psychedelic Song Drabbles

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PostSubject: Dei-chan's Psychedelic Song Drabbles   Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:02 pm

So the thing is, here are my Psychedelic song drabbles. Currently, I'm basing these all off of Panic! At the Disco top tracks, so when I'm done with this youtube playlist there should be 57 of these drabbles. I may add more with other songs, I have a few in mind that I would like to write drabbles for.

The songs go in order of the playlist, so I'll link the playlist instead of each individual song. I'll still have the song before each drabble, however.

So without further ado, here we go!~

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc6vs-l5dkc&feature=BFa&list=AL94UKMTqg-9D1RG0TJYdhAzqCzH-VwKG6&lf=list_related


[song: I Write Sins, Not Tragedies]

It was a false sense of security.

In much ways, they were ignorant of what other people thought of their relationship.

After all, what did it matter, as long as they loved each other, what did it matter what the others thought of it?

Yes, Psyche thought this way, and thought nothing of thinking this way.

“R-Roppi-san, I hear that Psyche-san and D-Delic-nii are engaged!” Tsuki told Roppi one day, when they were “alone.“

Psyche just happened to be passing by, in the hallway, and he overheard the two’s conversation.

‘They’re talking about me and Deli-kun, how cuuuute!~’ He thought, dropping by the door to snoop, errr, ‘listen in’ on their conversation.

“Yeah, what of it?” Came Roppi’s usual somber and irritated voice.

Psyche rolled his eyes at this, he wasn’t to surprised. Roppi never had anything good to say anyway.

“Aren’t you happy for them R-Roppi-san?”

Roppi chuckled darkly at his lover’s usual innocence and optimism. He was so cute, but so ignorant…

“Yeah, I guess it is nice Tsuki, but what a shame it is as well.” The crimson-eyed ravenette said a little to cheerfully, baiting his innocent lover.


Hook, line, and sinker.

“Yeah, what a shame the groom’s husband is a whore.”

That last word…..echoing through his mind…

And with that said, Roppi pushed the door open, brushing past Psyche, leaving Tuski alone, shocked himself.

Psyche stood there a moment, before he looked blankly past the fleeting Roppi.

‘I say, haven’t you people ever heard of, closing the goddamn door…’


[song: Nine in the Afternoon]

Psyche chuckled, his nimble fingers stumbling across the doorframe as he watched his crush from afar.

The whole place felt of nostalgia. Good memories swirling together in a lukewarm mess of everything.

Then again, maybe he was just drunk.

Oh! There he was, he mustn’t let him see him.

After all, he was trying to surprise him of course!

The ravenette hicced before tripping.

But nothing was there…

For a moment, everything flew past in slow motion, and he tried to grab the door frame to prevent himself from falling against the floor.

But even in slow motion, everything seemed to go by too fast…

“Psyche…?” A familiar voice called out, in hesitance.

“Stop spinning.” He hicced.

It sounded silly, but hey! He was spinning, at least to him…

It seemed like it was an hour before the whirlpool of pink and white slowed, and he could make out his crush, there before him.

“Deli-chan!~” He giggled.

He faltered a bit, loosing his balance several times as he tried to get up, before a hand settled him to his feet.

“hmmm….” Psyche hummed, eyes closed as he fell forward.


He fell into softness.

The lulling fragrance of expensive cologne and cigarettes…

The familiar warmth of an ivory jacket…

Those arms, those strong arms wrapping around him…

It was enticing.

“You’re drunk.”

“You’re sexy.~”

A chuckle was given, before Delic hoisted Psyche upright by his shoulders, so he was facing him.

“Do you know what time it is?”

“Nine in the afternoon, of course!~” The ravenette replied bubbly.

Yep, drunk.


[song: Mona Lisa]

It felt as if he was drunk.

No, scratch that, hung over.

That feeling of terrible sickness, when all of the consequences of the, “night before” come crashing down on you, and you wish that you had never done the previous action in the first place.

But oddly enough, Psyche hadn’t had a drink in ages.

He moved about the crowd in a surreal blur, not really conscious of his actions. It was more as if his feet were moving about their own accord, and he was just aimlessly following their request.

He could feel those hands weighing down on his soldiers, that lovely presence behind him…

“Mona Lisa” The words brushed past his ears in a nostalgic rush.

But when he looked behind him, no one was there….

He looked up again.

Mona Lisa…..

There was the painting against the wall, standing by it’s lonesome with the exception of a few stray mourners.

Slowly, he went for it, not sure as to why, but compelled by a driving force to go and seek it.

The time it took him to get there was blurred, as if he were fast forwarded over to the creation.

He gazed upon the art. It was as all the other copies of the Mona Lisa looked, nothing to special about it in that department. After a few more minutes of staring, Psyche’s gaze slowly pulled from that of the work, to over by a crowd of mourners standing around the coffin.

It was an open casket, and the body in it he knew too well.

Soft, skin, once so peach in color, now had a grayish white about it.

Those eyes, those beautiful deep magenta eyes, were gone. Lifeless cold white flaps of skin covered them.

That soft, dirty blonde hair, it looked so dull atop his head now.

“Delic…” Psyche rasped, mostly to himself.

His lover, so vibrant, reduced to an idle corpse laying stiffly upon an unforgiving coffin.


The ravenette blinked, looking around.

He could of sworn, someone said something to him….

He shook the thought away. It was probably just him. Ever since his eyes first lay upon his lovers face, the life fleeting from as quick as pulling a plug from a drain, he had been hearing his voice, in his head, ringing over and over again.

The hot pink male turned back to the painting, unsure of his next action.

With all lack of speed, he raised a shaky hand towards the Mona Lisa copy, and knocked upon it’s mock-aged surface.

What…was he holding?

A crumpled piece if paper was in his hands, but he didn’t know quite how.

Had it fallen from behind the painting? That was the only logical answer, he was now alone over by the work, he doubted someone would have come over and put the paper in his hands without him being conscious of it.

Shaky, nimble fingers, wrapped around the ill-treated note, attempting to unravel it.

With all the speed of a tortoise, burning pink eyes were met with big black ink letters.

Without thought, or warning, Psyche started for the coffin of his deceased lover.

His steps seemed to echo ominously, and the pitying expressions the various mourners gave him fell on blind sight.

With a shaky intake of breath, he took one last look at his unmoving lover, before he stood proud in front of the coffin.

He was crying…..

He held up the unraveled paper before all the audience, gaping at what the note so proudly stated.

‘Roppi did it.’ Was what it read…

And he was grinning like a madman…

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PostSubject: Re: Dei-chan's Psychedelic Song Drabbles   Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:11 am

Post these on Fanfiction.... for real Dei, they are so GOOD.

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Dei-chan's Psychedelic Song Drabbles
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