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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

Ikebukuro: To some, it is just another big city in Japan, but there are others who have been priviledged to see what really goes on. Gang violence isn't what we're talking about. You'll soon see what I mean. Welcome to Ikebukuro...
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 Akihiko's OC List

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PostSubject: Akihiko's OC List    Akihiko's OC List  I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2012 6:39 pm

Akihiko's OC List  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRTxakHWpYkxXO2WOD16hYzVyQj_4Ea79ESpXFsRJozG48rrkbkDA4RLzczbg

Michio Shirogane


"My full birth name is Michio Shirogane."

Michio's name was based off of his upbringing and somehow is similar to the way that he has lived his life. The only reason he has not yet faked his age, and changed his name was because he loved the meaning of his name and it reminded him of his mother. His first name Michio means 'the road of life' while his surname meaning is unclear.


"Age has been a hindrance that man created. I am only sixteen years old and I am persecuted for being older or acting mature."

Ever since he was younger, Michio was thought of as a unique child. He was cast off a long time ago however due to his mother's death and being disowned. However, his father would often brag of his accomplishments and make an air of shallowness over him. He eventually became more independent and refused any help starting at the age of nine. His characteristics matured and he became a "well endowed, natural young gentleman" exceeding most people's expectations. Other think that he just needs to loosen up and stop being such a stiff.


"Despite having a circular face, and the fact that I am not built all out with muscles, I assure you that I am infact a male."

Michio is obviously a young man, unless you'd like to check to clarify.


"To support myself and the children at the orphanage that I live at, I decided to take on the job as a carrier while continuing my education."

When Michio moved to Ikebukuro it didn't take him very long to find a job. However despite this, the job as a Carrier isn't as easy as it seems. Many of his clients were ones from colored gangs or underground people, and many of the packages either ended up dead or were too 'heavy' to carry. Usually Michio doesn't complain about his job, nor does he get aggravated by it. Lately, he has had to use his 'street smarts' to differ from maddening situations. He hopes that his job is that worth it, if not he'd get sucked into the madness.

However, he is also a student! By day, he is a student and yet at night he becomes a carrier.

Gang (optional):

"I'm not very interested in things such as underground buisness. To be honest, I'm not interested in colored gangs either. Somehow they always seem to find me, especially on my bad days. So why am I involved in it?"

Michio was born from two former gang members who had to move a lot to escape their past. They were influential in his despise against the color gangs, and his neutral personality against them. He isn't for their abolishment and yet at the same time he would prefer if they weren't around. This all comes from his loss of his mother who had been beaten to death and left in Michio's room for him to find later on that day. The death was mourned very briefly, but afterwards Michio was disconnected from his father and received a monthly allowance of four thousand yen.

Physical Appearance:

"Okay, in little to no words, I look like..."

Michio is actually a very well-rounded young man who has a great institution in his body. He isn't the dream hunk that everyone would want which surprises him since he thought Kyoko would like him better if he was. Michio actually has a pretty nice build, you can see where he works out because he aches whenever he walks home. His skin is toned from working in the sun, and from working out he fills out his shirts more. His chest is solid, and he has baby fat which makes him easier to hug. On his chest, he has a scar over his heart in the shape of an upside down 9. The secret behind this scar is never disclosed, and he'd rather not talk about it. Ever. He has an innie belly button, and he stands at about 5'11 with 120 pounds on him.

Michio's hair reaches to his chin and he often trims it but decided to let it grow long. ( Basically because of Kyoko. ) His eyes are lavender, but he covers up one of them because of an accident that happened a few years ago. He has average sized hands, and size 11 feet. His face is heart-shaped but it is slowly maturing. His eyes are quite circular but are often narrowed in a cold expression.

Eye color:

"My eyes are lavender."

Hair color/style:

Michio's hair falls to his chin and he has stopped trimming it; he no longer combs it either and it usually is either messy or falls naturally into place. His hair is a dark brown, and often covers his eyes when he is upset.


"I am 5'11"


"I don't like wearing stuffy clothes; they're annoying and quite strange. I prefer to wear looser things that make my body feel pleasant. Also, looser clothes help in an escape."

Michio likes to wear mostly dark colors, and if he does wear light colors it's for a special occasion. He almost NEVER wears shorts, because showing his legs often makes him self-conscious.

What brings them to Ikebukuro?

"I will never accept that my mother is gone, for she lives inside of my heart forever. However, maybe that is just my childish persona refusing to grow up and accept reality. Whichever it may be, I will never accept the fact that she has left me within my heart, I will always love her. My father may have abandoned his attempt for a new life, but I see a brighter future in the days to come."

Michio had moved to Ikebukuro after the death of his mother. He and his father grew distant, and he proposed the idea that maybe if they kept their distance from each other at some time the relationship could heal. Not able to come to a true agreement, the two resigned to staying away from one another. With that, Michio packed his bags and turned away from the only family that he had left. His uncles, aunts, and cousins disowned him once he was conceived since he was born out of a 'unloving' relationship. Even though that was true, he didn't mind living on his own and even finding his own job.

Michio took up the job as a carrier; and often stays out of the way of color gangs. Once or twice, he comes in contact with them but he ends up walking away instead of responding to taunts or teases.


Michio upon coming to Ikebukuro purchased a Yamaha motorcycle, and painted it the complete color black. He decided that he would use it for his carrier job so that he wouldn't have to walk back and forth. He keeps the keys for it tucked in his pocket, and is usually seen working on it in different areas.


  • Keys to Yamaha
  • Cellphone
  • Wallet
  • Picture of his girlfriend Kyoko Wakahisa
  • A flickblade (<3) as a sign of protection
  • A Swiss Army Knife for tailoring purposes


  • Patient
  • Able to carry multiple things at once
  • Good at reasoning
  • Parkour
  • Speaking


  • Calming someone down
  • Showing signs of anger
  • Showing his affection thoroughly
  • Stuttering habits
  • Growling habits


  • Sweets
  • Classical Music
  • Sunsets
  • Walks on the beach
  • Dogs


  • Wounds
  • Aggravating People
  • Barbaric Situations
  • Having to become 'dark'
  • His father


  • Special ( different personality, wild, eccentric, exciting )
  • Able to show their feelings
  • Cute ( in his eyes )
  • Understanding to his strange nature
  • Able to just stay and hug with him


  • Incredibly big boobs
  • Idiotic
  • Not true to themselves
  • Abusive to him
  • Berates him when he tries to show affection

Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Birthdate: January 24th

  • Kyoko Wakahisa - "K-Kyoko-chan. Sh-She's my precious treasure, she's the one I love and I'm sure she loves me back. Everytime we kiss, my heart is on fire. I have to keep self control, I am a gentleman after all. - Kyoko is Michio's most beloved girlfriend whom he puts above almost everything else including his own safety. He fell in love with her after she accidentally hit him in the face with a door upon opening it. After that, the two of them began to talk more and evenxd dtually date. He loves her for her bi-polar attitude and the way that she makes everything brighter around him. However despite being his most precious love he feels that Kyoko is hiding a darker truth that will make their relationship that much stronger. Michio is a peaceful person, but even though this is true he would never let harm come to Kyoko. This holds a deeper meaning than she or anyone else would understand. Kyoko is the only thing that is holding Michio together from falling into his silence as when he was younger. He'
  • Amaterasu Watanabe - "Kyoko thinks that you are safe, and to be honest since I was cut as do I. I hold nothing against you, but I stand by what I said if you leave her side I will not hesitate to destroy you." - Amaterasu is Kyoko's guardian and somewhat the antagonist to their relationship. However, he doesn't particularly mind her even when she did hate him. In all honesty, he was intrigued with her nature because it reminded him of his father's. However, after the blood merging Amaterasu seemed more like a friend to him than an enemy and he didn't mind letting her be close to Kyoko or even their relationship.
  • Norowashiiko Wakahisa - "I will not allow Kyoko to be saddened by my displeasure of you. But I want you to understand, I have no intention of harming you nor leaving her side. However, if you make any move to harm her or myself I will take the necessary actions to protect both. Now that you have been given this fair warning, please prepare yourself." - Norowashiiko is Kyoko's twin brother, and possibly the only person that he would ever come to hate. Michio won't allow Kyoko to know of his displeasure of her brother, however it isn't able to be seen. He dreads the day that Norowashiiko is released, and awaits this while physically training himself. With every thought, he actually feels sorry for him. He loved his sister, and Michio took him away from him. No matter that, Michio loved Kyoko and vice versa. Not even Norowashiiko would take that away from him.
  • Fukui Shirogane - "My most beloved mother, the cursed hands of fate took you from me.

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

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PostSubject: Re: Akihiko's OC List    Akihiko's OC List  I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 05, 2012 6:57 pm

Geez that description was long. owe' But uh, he certainly is an interesting guy. I don't see any problems with him and I think he'd make a nice addition to the forum. I say he's accepted. -w-b


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PostSubject: Re: Akihiko's OC List    Akihiko's OC List  I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 20, 2012 7:23 pm

Akihiko's OC List  Ren_haine_by_mili_zutsu-d38zgpq
Ryo Tsukuyomi

Role-play Sample
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PostSubject: Re: Akihiko's OC List    Akihiko's OC List  I_icon_minitime

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Akihiko's OC List
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