Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play
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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

Ikebukuro: To some, it is just another big city in Japan, but there are others who have been priviledged to see what really goes on. Gang violence isn't what we're talking about. You'll soon see what I mean. Welcome to Ikebukuro...
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 Hatsukoi ga Shuuryou Shitaoki

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PostSubject: Hatsukoi ga Shuuryou Shitaoki   Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:44 pm


Damiano’s heels clicked as he walked down the darkened corridor making sure to keep his eyes forward. He was calm and was entirely at peace with himself as usual but something deep inside of him was wrong. His muscles were tensed flexed almost to which he seemed more built than usual. The hallway was dim and the only light that broke through the windows was the fading orange sun over the horizons and the sky-scraper like buildings that began to light up slowly as the darkness began to rise. Gazing out of the window, he could see the moon take its place looming over the city almost like a watching eagle ready to pounce on its pray. The soft rays of moonlight broke through the stainless glass windows and ran over his figure as he passed by. Yet, he was not here to observe its beauty and marvel at what this world’s beauty could hold but for a deeper purpose. He pulled his trench coat straight on him and tried to loosen his muscles but only felt the anxiousness tighten them even more. Finally, coming to a pair of double wide-oak doors, he looked upwards at them indulging himself in its tapestry.

A dove flying with a chain tied around its foot, and a crown sitting on its head while a rose was between its lips. It was a beautiful painting that was covered in gold and was cold to the touch. He placed his finger tips against it and felt an enormous wave of pain run over his body piercing him everywhere. The doors slammed open and a dust cloud formed wrapping around his form causing him to close his eyes and take in a deep breath. The smell of vanilla and lavender filled his nostrils creating warmth throughout his body that was soon replaced with malice as the metallic taste of blood filled the back of his throat. Slowly his eyes adjusted, and he gazed upon a round table where only one seat was left open while others were filled with robe-clad figures. He, however, wore his robe except with his hood pulled down so that he would be able to see with his own eyes. Some of them he could place names with considering their seating arrangement and the past encounters, and others he was not quite familiar with. Even so, no words of greeting or expressions of friendship were passed between them.

The doors slammed shut behind Damiano, with a close that would make most flinch yet he stood still. His eyes were slightly narrowed and he stood with his body straight and his mouth in a skewed frown. One of the men sitting in the chairs were on a high-throne that was decorated with jewels; emeralds and rubies along with sapphires. The man reached upwards, and Damiano could see his shaking bony fingers that were curling around the edges of the hood. He pulled it down swiftly revealing an elderly man’s face that was chiseled to the point where he could be passed off for younger. His pale wrinkled skin matched the wise look in his eyes, and the soft smile that was on his lips. His hair almost a pure white with a few strands of blond here and there, and his eyes a dark-brown that would match with the black robe that he was wearing. He lowered his hands to rest on arm rests of his chair, curling his fingers around them before taking in a deep and shaky breath.

“You summoned me, Grandfather,”

The man chuckled softly before nodding his head slowly holding out a shaky bony hand towards Damiano in which the younger man stepped forward. Step after step, he drew closer and closer to the man until he was standing in front of the round table staring directly at his hand. The man nodded and dropped his hand before giving the young man a peaceful smile. “Damiano, we have received word that you were conducting experiments, I have chosen not to believe it unless it comes from your mouth, is what we have heard true, my son?” Damiano glanced around the table noticing that not one of the hooded men had moved or even made a sound. Their eyes were pointed directly at the other across from the table from them, even though the old man was staring directly at him. “Yes, that is true what they say, Grandfather.” The man’s smile turned quite weary and his eyes filled with compassion before the compassion melted into understanding. He lowered his hands to touch his knees before squatting a bit then rising allowing himself to step down from his throne, his robe billowing out around his feet almost like a shadow.

“I know that you have a valid reason for this, my son, you wouldn’t go against the Council in such a foolish attempt.” The man’s voice was filled with hope and sprinkled with urgency as he locked eyes with Damiano not willing to tear his eyes away from the younger male’s. Damiano however did not fall underneath his gaze, and kept his eyes focused entirely on him. Soon, the two stood only a few feet away from each other and Damiano could feel the gazes of the followers shift onto him. The air tensed somewhat, but inside of Damiano’s muscles he could feel them slightly loosen until he felt at peace. “You would not follow in your father’s footsteps, Damiano, you are better than him, my son.” The older man took a few steps forward and placed a comforting hand on Damiano’s shoulder. Despite the warmth in his fingertips, the touch felt cold and foreboding to Damiano. He lifted his eyes as dark-grey met dark brown and the two clashed as the other searched for what to say in the other’s eyes. “Grandfather, as your grandson, I would never go against what you have created for me, I believe that you know this as well as I.”

As those words left his mouth, Damiano lowered his head to stare downwards at his boots shutting his eyes waiting for his words. But a deep chuckle came into his ears, and another hand was placed on his shoulder causing him to lift his head. The older man had a smile on his face that was filled with knowing and understanding, and he clenched Damiano’s shoulders tightly. “I understand, my son, all that I wish is that you never lose yourself in whatever quest you are embarking on. Remember, you are better than he is, my son, you are a true man of your word.” Damiano paused at this before gazing into the man’s eyes watching as the mutual feelings pooled into their stomachs. The man stepped back from him however and nodded his head before looking towards the door. “Now, I believe that you should be getting to your lab, your experiment will be waking up soon.” Damiano felt alarm ring in his stomach before noticing the warm smile on the man’s face and the doors swinging open once again. He took one step backwards from him then another before turning and walking away trying to keep his footsteps as calm as his heart-beat, even as the doors slid shut behind him.

Traveling down the long corridor, he could see that the light from the moon was getting dimmer and dimmer as he walked past. Eventually reaching another corridor that only had one door at the end, he walked down it. Each of his footsteps matched his heartbeat but in his ears he could hear something else. He could hear a soft bubbling and the soft singing voice of a little girl. Grasping the brass handle, he took in a deep breath before turning it hearing the soft klick as it opened. There before him was a room filled with different examining tables, with vials and beakers along with various tools and equipment sitting upon them. Yet, in the center of the room was a tube almost like a container that was big enough to carry about three people. Around it were computers, laptops, and monitoring equipment that were hooked up to it flickering their screens bright. Yet as he got closer, he could see a little girl sitting with her knees to her chest staring upwards at the container. Her hand pressed against it, and her eyes were focused upon it as her mouth was slightly ajar singing softly.

When you awaken…

Let’s be friends again…

For a few moments he sat there and watched her before looking into the test tube-container seeing a boy floating inside of the watery contents. His eyes were shut, and his hands were spread out around him as his body levitated through the water as he floated. His torso was bare, but he wore a pair of jeans on that covered his lower half and his feet were bare. Yet on his chest was a tattoo of a clock, the hands pointing directly towards the twelve -- the tattoo seemed to be embedded into his skin almost like a birth mark. As the girl sung, the mark pulsated responding to her voice and the boy only floated through the water. Damiano slid the door shut slowly catching the girl’s attention and she quickly withdrew her hand but kept near the container. “He hasn’t woken up yet, I doubt that he ever will,” Damiano stated in a matter-of-fact tone. But the girl didn’t say a word and kept her eyes solely on the boy that floated throughout the watery contents almost like he was sleeping. “He is only sleeping, I know that he’ll awaken soon all he needs is time,” she whispered and placed her cheek against the outer-glass gazing up at him with hopeful eyes.

Damiano frowned lightly and looked downwards at one of the monitors that showed a beating heart. “…Then we should give him another test just to make sure all of his functions are running correctly,” he admitted and looked upwards into his closed eyes.
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Hatsukoi ga Shuuryou Shitaoki
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