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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

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 And Your New Moderators Are..

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PostSubject: And Your New Moderators Are..    Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:00 pm

After much deliberation and reviewing of the applications we have come to our decision for our new moderators!

Your new staff members are…





Congratulations to all those chosen! You will be upgraded to moderator status within the next few days and then we will fill you all in on your assignments and duties!

It was a very tough decision for the admin and we had an overwhelming number of applications for the position of moderator. We looked over each application with care, used our own knowledge of each member applying, and asked for the advice and recommendation of each moderator. All of this was weighed in consideration when we made our choices.

Ultimately, we came to choices we did based on skills we saw in each member that we felt we could use. Whether it being approachable, having a good eye for what makes up an original character, a willingness to do whatever, or even to man a forum that no one else had interest in they all had something we felt we needed as a moderator.

Thank you all for applying. To those who did not get chosen, don't be discouraged! We value each and every one of you as a member and are always open to advice and suggestions. Thank you for your time and devotion to the site! It was a really, really tough decision we didn't like making.

Hibiya Orihara - 20 - 'Prince' Of Ikebukuro
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And Your New Moderators Are..
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