Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play
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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

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 Tsugaru Fiction

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PostSubject: Tsugaru Fiction   Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:04 pm

Eh, I was drabbling. I felt bored so I figured, what the heck, I'll post it up here.
It's Psyche's and then Delic's point of view, if you can't figure it out.


PsycheDelic NightLife


We tell ourselves that the romance is over. We come together for the music alone. The melodies that combine to drive our emotions wild keep us connected. We plug ourselves in to feel that simple thrill. We rise with the crescendo; we fall under the bass melody.
With the sun, the flashing pinks and magenta dies, raising back up as a pale blue that sweeps me under its soft waves and gentle caress. I go with it, improvisation under the daylight.
Brother tells me it’s foolish. He’s ‘royalty’ after all, he understands how these things are for us peasants. I will be a slave for our melody though. I’ll fall under the spell that the melody has placed upon me.
I will watch the reds and pinks streak across that powder blue sky. I will watch as that calm peace that the sun has created falls, only to be picked back up by the flashing lights.
The romance goes from night to night, the twisting bodies, the dupstep moving our feet upon the flashing ground. Pass the drinks along, the bartenders love our personas.
Step left, I feel your arm curving around my waist.
Step right, my leg has wrapped around your waist.
Move back, we’re falling again, my host.
We’ve turned devilish, the horns hidden by our headphones. We’re needy. We lust for a good beat to move in time with. We stroke the synthesizers as the party goes on all night. Our heads move as the waves of life roll over us. Should we stop now? Should we try to live as these strangers in the crowd do? Should I give you up completely to brother? Should you give me up to yours?
I don’t wanna stop. I don’t wanna stop.
We’ve fallen to deeply now. The flashing smiles, the small buzz, the laughter and fun; it’s all gone to my mind. Before we stop, just play another song with me.
The movements have swelled, the heat of the building rising out of control. The drinks have turned free. The volume is deafening. Our bodies have found one another again. We’re tangled together in the center of the crowd, but we’re not worried about others.
It slows now, the seductive purr that reminds of both of our past coming through the speakers. Lust and the alcohol tint our inhibitions. Lured together, we’ve become focused on one another. Those eyes darken as your head tilts down, expert lips finding mine in the flashing lights.
Our romance is over, isn’t it?
Why is letting go impossible for us?
My hand moves up to tangle in the bright sun-colored hair that lights up my nights, our tongues doing the tango to the darkwave music playing now. We’re out of time now. We’re three/four time in a four/four time song.
Two pairs of magenta eyes shut before we’re completely gone.
We’re the beautiful Psychedelic Dream.
We’re the fantasy the people lose themselves in. We’ve become the good guy/bad guy disc jockeys of our night-owned land. Our spell sweeps the world into the abyss of our emotions. The tears shed at the ballads, the sweat that drops from our dancers’ backs; we cause that. There is no mercy, no respite from our dominion.
We are the gods of the club, my Delic.
Perhaps that is why…
Perhaps that is the reason that, no matter the time, no matter who we fall for, we always return to one another. It’s like that old stuffed creature that we hold so dear. We are one another’s faded photo of a happy time, a loved one we never see under the sunlight. We will never fight. We will never lose one another.
The music brings us back to each other.
But like the music, we have our end. We let our final notes be a farewell. Separating the dream as the sky lightens. As we make our way home, walk through the doorway, giving a small wave as we grab a quick snack; those last threads of the melody still connect us. The lasting spell falling from our shoulders as I mount the stairs, open the door to see the rising blue sun that now lights up my world.
“Psyche,” the new song starts. It’s mellow, nothing like those strong seductive chords that play to tempt my very sanity. This new song does not hold any threat. It simply loves.
“Good morning Tsu-chan,” I reply, sitting down on the bed. The gentle arms reel me in, the light euphoric, atmosphere taking me under its wings. It melts away what tainted sound may remain.
It feels so free, so liberating…
“Did you have a good time at work,” that voice asks.
“Hmm?” I’m still lost in the feeling of it all. The waves of the oceans of sound having carried me so far, I’m not sure where land has gone.
“Did you enjoy work?”
My arms wrap around the bright sunlight caressed man in our bed, nodding. “It was very busy.”
Another flash of a smile to add to the countless smiles of the night, but this one… it’s far more innocent, unknowing of the romance of the night. “I’m glad you had fun.”
“Does Tsu-chan have to work today?”
“I took today off remember?” Tsugaru’s arms pull me down, letting us drop until the cushioned bed meets us. “We’ll sleep for a few hours and then maybe we can do something you would like to do?”
I look blearily over my shoulder at him, yawning loudly. “Would Tsu sing for me?”
The blond looked at me a moment before leaning in, giving a simple kiss before the new song fully developed from him, lulling me into a peaceful oblivion.


“You smell like alcohol and sex.”
Delic looked over at the prince and laughed, throwing his jacket onto a hanger to be dry cleaned at another time. “Do I? Why in the world would I smell like that?”
“I don’t know, you tell me.” The prince sat up, crossing his arms with a frown fully developing on his face.
“Hmm.” The host pulled at his tie, not bothering to remove it before his hands were on the buttons of his shirt. The pin-striped shirt went to the floor, followed by his pants. His ‘hmm’ continuing as he sauntered towards the bed.
“I asked you a question,” the prince stated, sounding like he was going to be angry soon.
“Yes, you did,” the host agreed, “and all questions deserve an answer.” His hand flicked the switch to the turn table, hand deftly moving the needle onto the record. Only a boxers and tie keeping him dressed.
“Theatrical as always.” The prince shook his head, “I’m going back to be-“ His words were stolen from him as the blond climbed from the foot of the bed, capturing his lips into a passionate kiss.
The movements are nothing like that from the club for him and his prince. There is no wariness in their touch. There’s a fierce battle for dominance. It could go on for hours.
Hibiya was not so patient it would appear. A hand went to his tie, pulling him down. Their bodies pressed together, they rolled. Hibiya sat upon him and wrapped the black tie around his hand, looking down at him, eyes and face stoic.
“You were drinking and dancing on the job again, ne?”
“I might have had a cocktail or two, as per my client’s request.”
“You know what I’m going to do to you for doing that, don’t you?”
There would be no sleeping as he had to placate his easily jealous prince. “I will have to show how loyal I am again?”
Hibiya smirked a bit, “I may lighten your punishment if you do so.”
“Mmm, but maybe I like a little whip-play in the morning, your highness,” Delic purred, watching the prince’s face turn scarlet in his embarrassment.
It was an old melody, but one that hung with him through the grueling nights at work. One that gave his flashing night life career a contrasting bass; that’s what Hibiya was, his eye in the storm.


Blah~ Blah~ Blah~ Blah~ This is me being a derp~ Blahhhahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhh~ I apologize if this makes no sense. I need sleep.
Drop me comments for the heck of it.

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PostSubject: Re: Tsugaru Fiction   Sun Apr 08, 2012 7:45 pm

Me gusta mucho =w=
My inner shitty beta saw a few spelling errors, but that's ok cause it was a drabble and i hope you actually got some sleep or else i'm going to beat you >|

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PostSubject: Re: Tsugaru Fiction   Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:54 am

....*reads again* You... posted this on FF.net too right? *kinda wants more on that Hibi/Delic one....*

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PostSubject: Re: Tsugaru Fiction   

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Tsugaru Fiction
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