Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play
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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

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 "It's Only Just A Crush" - CH 1: From Strangers to Best Friends

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PostSubject: "It's Only Just A Crush" - CH 1: From Strangers to Best Friends   Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:51 pm

Pairing: PsychexDelic
Genre: General/Hurt/Comfort/Romance/Drama
Rating: M for sexual content and possible triggers
Status: Ongoing

"They took a step back, thought about it, what should they do? 'Cause there's always repercussions when you're dating in school, But their lips met, and reservations started to pass. Whether this was just an evening or a thing that would last."

The day they first met was like every other spring day. The little brunet boy was playing kickball outside with the rest of his class. He was always picked last, because he couldn't kick, and he couldn't catch. He was laughed at for falling on his face and for his lack of coordination and athletic skills.

He didn't mind too much that he was the last in line to be put on a team. He ignored the groans and complaints he heard aimed at him. Momma always said that they were just jealous of his positivity.

He was always placed in the right outfield. Most of the kids were right handed - or in this case, right footed, and the ball would fly toward the left. It was rare that it ever came to him. When it did, his team would yell at him for not being fast enough, or strong enough, or smart enough to play.

But he ignored it, apologized, and swore he'd try better next time. Although he never really could. Empty promises the other kids learned to ignore.

So that day when the new kid tried to play, he was picked last alongside with the little raven. None of the other kids knew how well he could play. No one wanted to risk choosing the newbie and losing.

So when the little blonde with the strange magenta eyes stepped up to the plate, pointed out into the field and declared in a brave voice "This ball is gonna fly!", most kids just laughed and yelled back at him.

"Prove it!"

With a determined gleam in his eyes, and a confident smirk on his face, he beckoned the pitcher to throw him the ball.

And when his foot connected with the red rubber, the kids cried out with awe. They watched it fly through the air, soaring directly into right field.

The little brunet never saw it coming. His only warning was a "HEADS UP!" from the kicker. He followed the blonde's command, and met the ball face first.

The rest of the class laughed, mocking him for catching the ball with his face rather than his hands. Technically the new kid was struck out. But that didn't stop him from rushing over to help the kid who had taken him out of the game.

"Are you ok?" he asked frantically as he helped the boy sit up. The raven nodded, holding his face in his hands. Tears stung his eyes and his face felt bruised. But he still wore a big smile despite his crooked teeth and bloody nose.

"I caught it!" He exclaimed happily, "I finally caught it!"

The blonde kid grinned, plopping his hand heavily on the raven's head and ruffled his dusty, grass littered hair. "Yeah, you did it! Good job!"

That was the moment Psyche made his first friend in a boy named Delic.

From that moment on they were fast friends indeed. Attached at the hip and thicker than thieves, Psyche and Delic never strayed from the others' side. Middle school was no match for the pink eyed duo.

If the kids picked on Psyche, Delic was there to put them in their place with a well-aimed knuckle sandwich.

If Delic ever was threatened…

…well that never actually happened. Delic quickly rose up the popularity scale, his tiny best friend riding on his coat tails.

Psyche never could do much for the blonde teen that quickly grew to be taller, broader, and over all larger than the scrawny raven. But Psyche was ready to jump into any fight if Delic ever was in danger.

However, high school was a different story. It was a new territory, and they were at the bottom of the food chain again. To top it off, Delic and Psyche were put into separate classes. His body guard was gone. He was capsized at sea and was surrounded by sharks.

The popular kids bullied Psyche harder than before. And it only got worse when they deemed Psyche as "queer". After all, it wasn't "normal" for a boy to sit in another boy's lap, even if it was the lap of his best friend. Holding hands was a big "no-no". And don't even think about running and jumping onto your best friend's back and bite his ear when said best friend was being particularly teasing towards you.

Those actions that Psyche and Delic had seen as "not all that weird" was synonymous to Leprosy.

He tried to ignore the way students glared at him, talked behind his back, and kicked him while he was down - both figuratively and metaphorically.

He would hide the bruises the best he could. He didn't want to let Delic down. However, from the way he limped after their midterms were over, Delic knew that Psyche was being hurt again.

The blonde tracked down Psyche's assailants and proceeded to give them a taste of their own bitter medicine. He was put in detention for a month for beating up five upperclassmen. Psyche visited him every day and helped him, hiding from the teachers as they passed to check on Delic to make sure he was doing his work.

One night during detention, Psyche gained the courage to ask Delic on his opinion about his "queer" reputation.

He sat on one of the desks, kicking his feet as Delic washed down the chalk boards and beat the erasers. The raven stared at the floor, trying to figure out how to word his question. He was scared for some reason. He knew Delic wouldn't toss him aside…yet…

"Alright, what is it?" Delic chuckled, dropping the eraser onto the teacher's desk as he glanced over his shoulder towards the silent raven. "Normally you cant stop talking but you've been quiet this entire time!" He clapped his hands, shaking off the dust that coated his palms as he walked over to bend down in front of Psyche.

The brunet squeaked, his cheeks turning pink. "Ahh..I..I'm…just thinking."

"'Bout what?"

"S-stuff!" Psyche replied, locking his eyes on the matching pair that looked up at him with concern.

"If those kids are picking on you again-"

"No, it's not that! It's just…" he trailed off, his confidence failing the teenager once again. "…I think they might be right…about some things."

Delic quirked a brow, head tilting slightly as he maintained a steady gaze upon Psyche. "Some things?"

Psyche nodded quickly, his face burning brighter. The response caused Delic to sigh as he stood up only to sit back down in the desk beside the nervous raven. "Listen. Whatever "things" you think they're right about, don't listen to them. Because there isn't anything wrong with you, got it?"

The raven nodded again, twiddling his thumbs in small circles, "It's just…that whole..."queer" thing…"

"Who cares? They should get their noses out of your business." Delic grumbled before sighing with exasperation. "If you like dick, why should that bother them?"The blond shrugged, rolling his eyes as if this conversation was entirely unnecessary and that Psyche really was just being silly.

"D-DELIC! N-not so loud!" Psyche cried as he leaned over to cover the blond's mouth with his hands, looking around frantically to make sure no one heard. Delic lifted Psyche's hand off his mouth easily, his strength once again no match for the weak brunet.

"It's no big secret that you've got... ah, how do I say this... a hankering for some meat, if you know what I mean."

Psyche squeaked.

"So instead of trying to hide it, just embrace it. Like I said, who really gives a damn? Those airheads that pick on you? Who cares what they think?" Delic rested his finger under Psyche's chin, lifting it so that the skiddish, magenta eyed boy would look him in the face. "Who cares?"

"D-Do you care?" Psyche replied back, shivering slightly while his ears turned pink. Delic shook his head, moving his hand to comfortingly ruffle Psyche's black mop of hair.

"I don't care at all."

Psyche smiled up at him, relieved that his best friend wasn't ashamed of having a gay friend.

But it wasn't until a year later that the raven learned just how ok Delic was with it.

Want more? Continue here: It's Only Just A Crush - CH 2: Leaving The Friendzone

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"It's Only Just A Crush" - CH 1: From Strangers to Best Friends
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