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 Arranged Marriage (A Shizya FanFiction)

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Alois Usagi

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PostSubject: Arranged Marriage (A Shizya FanFiction)   Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:35 pm

I also posted this on FF but since it seemed to be a lot of people's favorites I thought I'd post it here. Also for anyone who dosent know FF and still wants to read this.

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Alois Usagi

Age : 20
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PostSubject: CHAPTER 1   Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:36 pm

"You have to be joking about this right?" Shizuo asked his mother as she stared at him with a nervous gin spreading across her face.

"Sweetheart this will be good for you and the family! We arranged this because Izaya's family had agreed to pay us top dollar once you marry their son. You know money is tight right now and we really need the money." Shizuo's mother said

"It had to be him? You couldn't find anyone else for me to marry it just had to be that bastard?" Shizuo screamed.

"Shizuo watch your language! And your father and I have met this boy and thing he would be really good for you. He seems so be very interested in you and says he would love to marry you. The wedding won't even be a big one, just a quickly little one with me, your father, Kasuka, Izaya's parents, and Izaya's sisters. Afterwards you two are going on a two week long honeymoon to this really nice deserted island; it's already been settled so there's no getting out of it now."

"I refuse! I will not marry that flea, I hate him." Shizuo yelled again; the woman ran her hand threw her brown hair and looked at her eldest son angrily.

"Look we need this money so you are going to marry him and deal with it. The wedding is a week from now so you have that long to spend time with Izaya-kun. I don't want to see you throwing anything at him nor chasing him do you understand? That's what gotten us into this mess in the first place; now I want you to go to your room and call that nice boy and set up a date with him for tomorrow." She said fiercely. Shizuo stormed up the stairs to his room and slammed the door as hard as he could, nearly shattering the wood to pieces.

"This isn't fair….this isn't fucking fair!" Shizuo screamed into his pillow; he had just graduated High school this was supposed to be a happy day. Today was supposed to be the day he would be rid of the teenager he hated so much, now he finds out he has to spend the rest of his life with him?

"This isn't fair….this just isn't far….." Shizuo found himself getting so mad that tears started leaking from his eyes. He knew he still would have to call Izaya to set up a date with him; if he didn't his mother would and she would probably pick some weird girly spot for a date. After he had calmed down a little he picked up his cell phone and dialed the freaks number. It hardly even rang before he heard the brunet answer the phone excitedly.

"Ah Shizu-chan, I've been waiting all day for you to call me. I'm guessing you want to go out on a date with me tomorrow?" Izaya asked in his usual creepy cheerful tone.

"My mother is making me so don't think this changes how I feel about you flea; the sight of you still sickens me to the bone." Shizuo said annoyed.

"Hahahahah I love how you're so shy about your feelings Shizu-chan, so are you going to ask me on a date or what?" Izaya asked happily.

"Are you serious? I have to ask you?" Shizuo asked annoyed.

"I'm waiting…." Shizuo groaned and took a deep breath, trying not to crush the poor phone in his hand.

"Will you go on a date with me tomorrow flea?" Shizuo asked threw his teeth; he flinched when he heard Izaya start laughing.

"Aww you want to go on a date with me Shizu-chan? What did you have in mind?" Izaya asked curiously; Shizuo rolled over onto his back and stared up at the ceiling.

"I don't know flea, do I really have a choice?"

"Mmm nope! I want to have a picnic with you tomorrow; it's supposed to be a really beautiful day tomorrow. I can make the food and everything, all you need to do it pick me up and look sexy as usual." Izaya said happily.

"Ugh, fine flea whatever you say." Shizuo said rolling his eyes.

"Yay I can't wait Shizu-chan...You know if you want I could sneak into your room now and we can have a little 'fun'" Izaya said seductively into the phone.

"Don't push your luck flea." Shizuo said annoyed.

"Haha don't worry Shizu-chan we'll be doing plenty of that on our honeymoon." Izaya said before hanging up the phone. Shizuo threw his cell phone back on the nightstand and stared up at his white ceiling, remembering how he got into this mess.

"Excuse me Mrs. Heiwajima I'm sorry to disturb you but I'd like to inform you that your son Shizuo Heiwajima has destroyed government property on numerous occasions. We were advised that you were aware of this so if you'd like to keep you and your husband out of jail I suggest you pay for the damages immediately." A government official had said

"Oh…and how much would that be?" Shizuo's mother asked nervously; she almost fainted when she heard the amount.

"We can't nearly afford a quarter of what you're asking to pay us!" She cried, she flinched when she was handed the bill.

"You have three months to pay or you will be thrown in jail." The government official said before leaving.

After that had happened Shizuo's mother had called up her good friend ; she knew that she had a son who was the same age as Shizuo. So they agreed if Shizuo married Izaya then Izaya's parents would pay for the damages he had caused. Izaya's parents were one of the wealthiest in Tokyo so the bill the Heiwajimas had to pay was pocket money to them.

"Dammit…dammit this isn't fair…It just isn't fair." Shizuo said turning over onto his stomach and screaming into his pillow again.

Alois Usagi~Age 15~Student at Raira Acedemy
Yukio Bara~Age 19~College student/Writer/intern at Raira General Hospital
Simon Brezhnev~Adult~Works at Russian Sushi with Dennis
Akira Envy~15~Student as Raira Acedemy/stock boy at large manga shop
Nire Inazuma~19~College student/works at Russian Sushi
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Alois Usagi

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PostSubject: CHAPTER 2   Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:37 pm

"Trust me Nii-san; I'm as un-happy as you about this." Kasuka said as he watched his older brother get ready for his date.

"I'll bet you everything I have that I'm the most un-happiest person alive right now." Shizuo said as he straightened his black dress shirt.

"I'm not crazy about the idea of Izaya-kun being my brother-in-law; especially because his sisters are obsessed with me." Kasuka said rolling his eyes.

"Well isn't most of the population obsessed with you? That's what you get for being famous." Shizuo said trying to decide on what cologne to use.

"You know I wish I could help you out with those payments but it was way too high for my blood."

"It's ok you don't need to spend your movie star money on my mistakes. I don't need my younger brother getting me out of the shit I get into." Shizuo said fiercely.

"I know…so after you two are married are you going to go live with Izaya and his family or are you going to get your own home?" Kasuka asked curiously.

"Probably our own home, I'll be damned if I'm going to live in the same house as his crazy sister."

"So what kind of date do you two have planned for today?"

"Damn flea wants to have a picnic in the park with me; ugh it makes me sick that bastard. I just wish I knew what he was up to with this "picnic"."

"Hm…maybe he's not planning anything, it's not like he could do anything in a widely public place."

"It doesn't matter he can always find a way to make my life a living hell….god I wish I knew what that prick was planning .Well starting now my life is going to suck." Shizuo said before walking out of the room leaving his indifferent brother to stare after him.

"You look so handsome sweetheart; have fun on your date!" Shizuo's mother said as she waved goodbye to her eldest don as he started down the road.

"Stay calm, just stay calm until this is over. You can't afford to destroy anymore government property, just relax and bear threw it/" Shizuo thought as he approached the brunet's house; he didn't even have to knock on the door before Mairu and Kururi swung the front door open to greet the blonde.

"Finally you're here Shizu-chan; you're here to take Iza-nii on a date today right? Where are you taking him; somewhere romantic I bet." Mairu said grabbing her soon to be brother-in-laws wrist and pulling him into the house.

"We saw Iza-nii packing a backpack with food and a blanket; are you guys going on a picnic today? That's so cute and romantic; are you guys going to kiss a lot?" Mairu said tugging at the blonde's arms.

"Hey you two, stop hounding my fiancé." Izaya said as he walked down the stairs and moved towards the three. Shizuo almost choked on the air he was breathing when he heard Izaya call him his "fiancé".

"Let's just get this over with." Shizuo said shoving his hands into his jeans and glaring at the smaller male; Izaya just smiled and wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck.

"Aw I missed you to Shizu-chan." Izaya said giving Shizuo a quick kiss on the lips; he let go of the larger male and grabbed the black bag he had packed their picnic in.

"Ready to go?" Izaya asked cheerfully.

"It's not like I have a choice." Shizuo said swinging open the door; he flinched when Izaya suddenly shot in front of him.

"Aw you're so sweet Shizu-chan, opening the door for you're soon to be bride." Izaya called over his shoulder as he walked out into the sunny day; Shizuo cursed under his breath and slammed the door behind him.

"Come here baby." Izaya said holding his hand out towards the blonde; Shizuo just glared at the outstretched limb then back up at the brunet.

"Fuck off, just because I'm on a date with you doesn't mean I'm going to be nice about it. This is your fault if in the mess anyway."

"How the hell is it my fault?" Izaya asked curiously.

"You piss me off, that's why." Izaya just rolled his eyes and grabbed the blonde's hand, quickly intertwining their fingers together. Shizuo cursed under his breath again continued to walk towards the park with his soon to be bride.

"Ah there's a good spot!" Izaya said pointing to one of the blossoms trees; Shizuo groaned as he was pulled into the shade of the beautiful tree. Izaya took out the red and white checkered blanket and laid it down under the cherry blossom tree. The two sat down across from each other and Izaya started taking out the food he had packed for them.

"First I have some fatty tuna I made myself and for desert I have something special I made just for you." Izaya said opening the box of tuna he had; he scooted closer to his lover and held a piece of the sushi up to his mouth.

"What do you think you're doing flea?" Shizuo said pushing the smaller hand away.

"I want to feed you Shizu-chan; let me pamper you today." Izaya said holding the sushi back up to his lovers mouth.

"I don't want you to…." Shizuo was interrupted by a piece of fatty tuna being shoved in your mouth; he tried to spit it out but Izaya quickly put a hand you to his mouth to keep him from doing so.

"How is it?" Izaya asked as he picked up another piece of the sushi; Shizuo just grunted and opened his mouth for another piece. Izaya giggled and placed another piece of the sushi into the larger male's mouth.

"I'm glad you like it Shizu-chan, it's my favorite as well. You're just going to love what I have for desert." Izaya said happily as he continued feeding his soon to be husband. After Izaya finished feeding the blonde he put the empty container back in his bag and smiled at the blonde.

"So…what's for desert?" Shizuo asked curiously; he gasped when he was suddenly pushed down onto his back. Izaya moved between his legs and moved down until he was hovering over the large body. Before Shizuo could push him off Izaya wrapped his arms tightly around his neck and smashed their lips together. The blonde flinched when he felt Izaya stop hovering and collapse his entire body on top of his own.

Izaya reached down and Shizuo's hands, moving them up onto his waist before wrapping his own arms back around his neck. The staid like that for god knows how long, Izaya felt shivers shoot up his spine every time he felt Shizuo move his hands up and down his sides. The brunet moved his lips away from the blonde's soft ones and smiled at the trail of saliva connecting their lips.

"Mmm you taste really good Shizu-chan, and you're a really good kisser as well." Izaya said moving off of the warm body and snuggling into the blonde's side. Shizuo looked down to see Izaya grab his arm and pull it around his shoulder.

"I love you." Izaya said looking up at the blonde with those innocent looking eyes. Shizuo felt his cheeks go red again as Izaya moved his arm up and slid it around his waist.

"I guess this isn't…the worst date I've ever been on."Shizuo said looking away from the brunet; Izaya smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"That's good to hear." Izaya sighed as he starred up at the clear sky; the wind started blowing not to long after, making petals from the blossom tree to fall down on them. The brunet giggled when he saw petals dotting the other males bleach blonde hair.

"What so funny flea?" Shizuo asked looking down at the smaller male; Izaya just giggled again and shook his head.

"You just look really cute right now Shizu-chan." Izaya laughed taking one of the petals out of the blonde's hair.

"You're annoying." Shizuo said glaring at the smaller male.

"I love you to." Izaya said nudging his velvet lips against Shizuo's.

Alois Usagi~Age 15~Student at Raira Acedemy
Yukio Bara~Age 19~College student/Writer/intern at Raira General Hospital
Simon Brezhnev~Adult~Works at Russian Sushi with Dennis
Akira Envy~15~Student as Raira Acedemy/stock boy at large manga shop
Nire Inazuma~19~College student/works at Russian Sushi
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Alois Usagi

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PostSubject: CHAPTER 3   Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:38 pm

Shizuo groaned at the sound of his cell phone ringing; he turned over in his bed to see it was a little past 7am. He grabbed the ringing object and flipped it open; ready to scream his head off at the person who was calling him so early.

"Happy Valentine's Day Shizu-chan! Get up and put something cute on, my mother wants me to take my sisters to the Valentine's Day carnival today and I know you'd love to come along." Izaya said cheerfully.

"Damn flea it's Saturday and I want to sleep in today; I'm not going to some girly carnival with you and your obsessive sisters." Shizuo said annoyed.

"Ohhhhh yes you are baby; It'll be our second date and I want it to be special. Especially since its Valentine's Day; it's the most romantic holiday in the world! I wanted to get married to you today but I thought that was a little too soon right?" Izaya laughed.

"I said NO!" Shizuo screamed into the phone; he flinched when he heard Izaya start whimpering.

"B-but I wanted t-to spend the m-most romantic holiday I-in the world w-with you." Izaya sobbed into the phone.

"Come on, stop fuckin crying." Shizuo said annoyed; that only made Izaya cry louder. Shizuo only caved in when girls cry, Izaya was pretty close to being a girl so…..

"Ok fine, I'll go with you! Just stop crying ok?" Shizuo said pushing the blankets off of his body and moving towards is closet.

"Great! Pick me up in three hours, I love you Shizu-chan." Izaya laughed before hanging up the phone; Shizuo growled and threw his cell phone back on the bed.

"If he wanted me to pick him up in three hours why'd he call me so damn early?" Shizuo growled under his breath as moved back into his bed and quickly fell asleep.

(4 hours later…)

"Nii-san…hey Nii-san wake up." Kasuka said shaking his older brother's arm; trying to wake him from his deep slumber. Shizuo slowly opened his eyes and sat up in his bed; it took him a while to get his vision back.

"Hn…what time is it, I have to pick up the flea at ten." Shizuo said sliding out of the bed and walking to his closet.

"Uh…it's actually eleven o'clock right now." Kasuka said as he walked out of the room; Shizuo gasped and looked over at his alarm clock that confirmed that It was 11am.

"Dammit." Shizuo quickly got into his clothes and shot down the stairs and to the front door.

"Oh wait sweetheart, take this." Shizuo turned around to see his mother holding out some money towards him.

"Buy something nice for Izaya-kun." She said placing the money in his hand.

"Its ok mom, you don't have to give me any money I have my own." Shizuo said trying to hand the money back to her.

"No you keep that money, go buy Izaya-kun some flowers or something romantic like that." She said smiling sweetly at her eldest son; Shizuo nodded and shot out the door. He shoved his hands in his pockets and moved quickly down the streets to Izaya's house; he stopped in front of one of the flower shops and looked around at the flowers that were displayed there.

"What would the flea like?" Shizuo thought trying to find some flowers Izaya would like.

"Roses for your lover?" Shizuo looked up to see a woman holding a bouquet of different color roses towards him. He took the roses from her and handed her the money his mother had given him.

"Thank you." Shizuo said before rushing off to his bride's house; he felt himself become out of breath as he walked up to the front door of Izaya's house. Of course Mairu and Kururi answered the door before he could even knock.

"You're late Shizu-chan." Mairu said stepping aside to let the blonde in; Shizuo just rolled his eyes and glared at the twins.

"I overslept; being an hour late isn't such a big deal. I even made up for it by getting the flea some flowers." Shizuo said holding up the different color roses.

"Iza-nii…cry." (You made Iza-nii cry!) Kururi said angrily; Shizuo ran his fingers threw his bleach blonde hair and sighed.

"Where is he?" Shizuo asked annoyed; the twins pointed to the staircase.

"Up the stairs and it's the last door on the right." Mairu said; Shizuo nodded and slowly started up the stairs. He hesitated at Izaya's door before finally knocking on it; when there was no answer he decided to just go in.

"Sorry I'm late, I overslept." Shizuo said walking into the large room; he sighed when he saw Izaya laying face down on his king sized bed.

"Come on flea, I even go you flowers." Shizuo said sitting on the edge of the bed and moving a hand threw the raven's black hair.

"You stood me up." Izaya cried into his pillow.

"No I didn't I was just an hour late; I'm here now though." Shizuo said trying to cheer up the distressed brunet. Izaya sat up and smiled at the larger male; then down at the flowers Shizuo bought for him.

"You got me roses…ok I can forgive you!" Izaya said excitedly taking the flowers from the blonde and turning them to get a better look.

"Uh…yea I thought you were supposed to give stuff like that on Valentine's Day...I didn't know what kind you'd like so I just got these…"

"I love them, they're beautiful….thanks Shizu-chan." Izaya said leaning forward and kissing Shizuo sweetly on the cheek. The blonde blushed and watched as Izaya reached into his nightstand drawer and pull out a heart shaped box.

"Your mother said you like sweet things, so I got you a box of chocolates." Izaya said handing him the heart shaped box; Shizuo opened it and shoved one of the pieces into his mouth.

"Thanks flea, you got me something good for once." Shizuo said taking another piece into his mouth; Izaya giggled and slid off of the bed.

"Stay here, I'm going to go put these in a vase." Izaya called over his shoulder as he walked out of the room. Shizuo lay back on Izaya's bed and continued eating the delicious chocolate that was given to him by his lover.

"Thanks so much for these flowers Shizu-chan; I didn't think you'd get me anything." Izaya said placing the vase on his dresser; he crawled onto the bed and sat down in the blonde's lap.

"I knew you would cry if I didn't get you something." Shizuo said rolling his eyes; Izaya giggled and looked at the almost empty heart shaped box.

"You really liked those eh?" Izaya asked as Shizuo picked up the last piece of chocolate; Shizuo looked at the chocolate then up at the brunet.

"Open your mouth." Izaya looked at him confused but obeyed; he flinched when Shizuo pushed the piece of chocolate into his mouth.

"Mmm thank you baby." Izaya said licking his lips.

"I was full anyway…and stop calling me your "baby"." Shizuo said annoyed; Izaya giggled and kissed him again.

"Ready to go to the carnival?" Izaya asked moving off the bed and walking over to the bedroom door; Shizuo nodded and slid off the bed.

"I want to go on every ride there Iza-nii!" Mairu said excitedly as the four of them walked out the front door and started walking down the street.

"Hey when we get there you guys can do whatever you want; Shizu-chan and I are going to go on the rides just for couples." Izaya said happily; Shizuo groaned as Izaya grabbed his hand and intertwined their fingers.

"You're free to hang out tomorrow right Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked as he watched his sisters run ahead of them excitedly.


"My parents haven't really gotten to meet you yet so they want you to come over for dinner tomorrow." Izaya said sounding a little nervous.

"Fine, I haven't really met them either."

"…Well that's actually a good thing…my parents are kind of…well…they suck." Izaya said as a grin spread across his face.

"You don't like them?"

"Not really, they're always busy with work and they're never home. It's really annoying because the always buy me whatever I ask for so I won't get mad that they're never home." Izaya said angrily.

"Oh…sorry about that." Shizuo said not really knowing what else to say about that.

"It's ok…at least I got you right?" Izaya said wrapping his arms around Shizuo's waist and hugging him tightly.

"Yea, whatever flea."

Once the four got to the carnival Shizuo and Izaya watched as the twins ran off to one of the rides; Izaya started laughing and moved his hand back into Shizuo's.

"Sooo Shizu-chan what would you like to do first?" Izaya asked smiling up at the larger male; he shrugged and started looking around the place. It was a beautiful day as usual and there were paper hearts and pink and red balloons everywhere.

"I don't know…what do you want to do?" Shizuo asked, a little afraid of what the answer would be. He gasped when Izaya suddenly started pulling him towards some unknown ride.

"Let's go on this." Izaya said pointing to a sign that said "Tunnel of Love" In big red letters; before Shizuo could say anything he was pulled into one of the boats and the ride had started.

"Thanks for agreeing to this." Izaya said snuggling up to his lover; Shizuo rolled his eyes as the tunnel they were in got darker and darker. The two looked up to see white, red, and pink lights' illuminating the darkness; even though the tiny lights were turned on it was still pretty dark.

"What are we supposed to…?" Shizuo was stopped by Izaya's lips against his own; he blushed at the feel of Izaya's tongue work its way into his mouth. Izaya smiled when he felt Shizuo wrap his arms around his waist and pull him up against his body. The two male's tongues wrestled for dominance, Shizuo's won easily as he shoved it down the brunet's throat. The blonde felt heat shoot straight to a very beloved place on his body as he heard a moan escape from the other male. He gasped when the sweet lips that he was kissing were suddenly pulled away; he opened his eyes to see the two had come out of the tunnel.

"That was fun right Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked as the blonde got out of the boat and followed behind him; the brunet reached back and intertwined his hand with Shizuo's again.

"Stay there, I'll be right back." Shizuo watched in confusion as the brunet suddenly let go of his hand to run off somewhere. Izaya came back a few minutes later holding two sticks of cotton candy.

"One for you and one for me." Izaya said handing the blonde one of the pink cotton candy's; the two sat on one of the benches there and started eating the fluffy substance.

"Mmm I love these things." Izaya said ripping off a piece and sticking it in his mouth; Shizuo nodded his cheeks full of cotton candy.

"Let's go on a few more rides then go to this really special spot I found for us to watch the Valentine's Day fireworks. " Izaya said as he finished off the sugar and threw out the empty stick.

"Alright, where do you want to go next?" Shizuo asked as he threw away his empty cotton candy stick; Izaya though for a moment before pulling Shizuo towards a small building that said "House of Mirrors".

"This looks interesting." Izaya said pulling his soon to be husband into the building.

"How are you supposed to get around in this place?" Shizuo asked annoyed as he kept bumping into mirrors; Izaya giggled and lead him into a spot where they were surrounded in a circle by mirrors. Izaya wrapped his arms around the blonde neck and started kissing up his neck to the edge of his chin.

"This is fun don't you think Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked smiling up at the blonde with sparkling red eyes; Shizuo blushed and wrapped his arms around the thin frame.

"It's not the worst time I ever had…" Izaya smiled and kissed him sweetly on the lips; Shizuo flinched when Izaya suddenly slid out of his arms.

"Wow we've been wandering around in here for a while, we better get out of here or we'll miss the fireworks." Izaya said grabbing Shizuo's hand and leading him through a maze of mirrors; Shizuo sighed in relief when they were finally out of the building. They were in there for a while considering how dark it had gotten; the two quickly headed to a crowd of couples waiting for the fireworks.

"Let's go on this first." Izaya said pointing to the fairs wheel; Shizuo looked at him confused as the two got into one of the carts.

"Uh…I thought you wanted to see the fireworks?" Shizuo asked

"I do! We can see them a lot better from up here don't you think?" Izaya said excitedly; Shizuo sunk down in his seat as he felt the cart go higher and higher….

"Look!" Izaya said pointing to the pink and red fireworks exploding in the sky in front of them; Shizuo just nodded still feeling a little tensed up. Izaya smile quickly faded when he saw how tense Shizuo was.

"What's wrong Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked moving closer to the blonde.

"I just…don't like being up so high." Shizuo said looking out the window of the cart to see how high they really were.

"Aw are you afraid of heights Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked curiously.

"….maybe…" Shizuo mumbled under his breath; Izaya smiled and put an arm around his shoulder.

"You could have told me before we got on; just try to relax and enjoy the fireworks." Izaya said kissing the blonde sweetly on the cheek.

"You pulled me on here so quickly I didn't have time to tell you." Shizuo growled as he watched the display in front of him. Izaya laid his head on Shizuo's chest and snuggled up closely to him.

"Thanks for taking me here Shizu-chan; I had a really good time." Izaya said; Shizuo looked down at the smiling brunet and wrapped an arm around him tightly.

"Don't mention it flea….I had a good time to."

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Yukio Bara~Age 19~College student/Writer/intern at Raira General Hospital
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Nire Inazuma~19~College student/works at Russian Sushi
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Alois Usagi

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PostSubject: CHAPTER 4   Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:40 pm

"Good morning baby!" Izaya said leaning over the sleeping blonde; Shizuo's eyes shot open at the familiar sounding voice and looked up at the smiling brunet.

"What the fuck are you doing in my room?" Shizuo screamed as he jumped out of his bed; Izaya just giggled and starred at the half naked blonde who was now only wearing boxers.

"How cute Shizu-chan, I hope you sleep like that when we're married~" Izaya said grinning at the blonde's red boxers; Shizuo gasped and quickly wrapped his blankets around his waist.

"How the hell did you get in here?" Shizuo asked angrily

"Your mom let me in; I can see you like to sleep in on Sunday's to, considering it's already noon." Shizuo looked over at the clock and sighed.

"I'm twenty years old I can sleep in as much as I want; now get the hell out of my room!" Shizuo screamed; Izaya stuck his bottom lip out in a pout and moved forward towards the larger male.

"But I don't want to get out of Shizu-chan's room; I love him~" Izaya said pouncing onto the blonde, making him fall backwards onto the bed.

"Get off me flea!" Shizuo yelled trying to push the smaller male off of his body; Izaya quickly wrapped his legs around the blonde's waist and grinned.

"Come on Shizu-chan, we'll be doing this all the time on our honeymoon!" Izaya said smashing their lips together; Shizuo's eyes widened and he quickly shoved the brunet right onto the floor.

"What the hell do you want anyway?" Shizuo asked getting into his clothes; Izaya grinned and moved back over to his soon to be husband.

"We have a packed day today; first we need to go take a look at the apartment we're going to be living in after our honeymoon. Then we have to go back to my parent's house to have dinner with them." Izaya said smiling at the blonde; Shizuo sighed and walked out of the room with the smaller male following close behind.

"What kind of apartment did you pick?" Shizuo asked as the two walked out of the house and towards the large apartment building.

"The best of course; since I'm an information broker now I don't really need to leave my home. It's a really huge apartment with a desk area right in front of a huge window. It's a two story apartment with a half circle couch; large kitchen; three bedrooms; and one bathroom." Izaya said happily.

"Great." Shizuo said sounding not really that interested.

"It was really nice of Tom-san to give you a job as a debt collector; it was also nice of him not to make you work until after honeymoon."

"Considering all the jobs he knows I went through I'm surprised he even offered; and I'm not really a debt collector, more like a body guard I guess." Shizuo said shrugging.

"Well having the "strongest man in Ikebukuro" as your body guard is a good opportunity, even if it means putting up with your temper." Shizuo glared at the brunet as they finally reached the apartment building.

"It's perfect isn't it Shizu-chan?" Izaya said going right to the chair at his desk and started spinning in it; Shizuo shrugged and took a look around.

"It's not half bad." Shizuo said approving the apartment; Izaya smiled and lead him down the hallway.

"This is the bathroom, this larger room will be our room, and this room over here will be our nursery." Izaya said nodding to the rooms.

"…nursery?" Shizuo asked confused.

"I do expect kids Shizu-chan; Shinra told me he has this new experiment that could make me able to carry children. Isn't that great; don't worry I won't ask for them right away considering we're both only twenty." Izaya said excitedly

"Remind me to kill him the next time I see him." Shizuo said annoyed as he was lead down the hallway back to the living room.

"Aw now be nice to him it's not his fault I want kids; anyway isn't he taking you out drinking for you bachelor party? I know Celty and I are going to have fun with my bachelorette party. " Izaya said excitedly as the two walked out of the apartment building and started heading to Izaya's house.

"Yea I know; he's my only friend and Kasuka is too young to drink so it's just going to be us."

"No going to strip clubs…not that I would think Shinra would drag you to one of those considering that he would never cheat on his Celty." Izaya said rolling his eyes and laughing a little.

"Nope none of that, just getting drunk off our asses." Shizuo said grinning at the thought.

"Can you believe only two more days until our wedding? I can't wait to show you everything I picked out for it; I got you a tuxedo and myself a black wedding dress. I putting clip on hair extensions in my hair so I look more feminine."

"A dress, are you serious?" Shizuo asked shocked.

"Of course I'm serious; I thought I'd wear one and put some extensions in so I'd look like a girl and not like myself. I thought you would be more comfortable if I didn't look like myself since I know how the sight of me makes you sick." Shizuo's eyes widened at the comment; he looked over at the brunet who's smiled had disappeared along with his cheerful mood.

"You can wear the dress just don't put in the hair extensions; you'd look ridiculous. A veil would be ok though." Shizuo said shrugging like it was no big deal; Izaya's smile quickly came back.

"Alright, I can borrow my mother's…oh and I'll also borrow her garter." Izaya said ginning at the blonde who's cheeks had now gone red.

"Yay Shizu-chan is here!" Mairu said excitedly as the two walked into the large house; Shizuo flinched when he felt the twins clamp onto his legs. He growled at having to walk to the living room couch with the two on his legs.

"Sorry about them Shizu-chan." Izaya giggled as he sat down next to the pissed off blonde.

"Ah you must be Shizuo Heiwajima correct? Nice to meet you, I'm Izaya-kun's mother." Shizuo looked up to see a tall woman with jet black hair and red eyes standing in front of him. He shook her hand politely and sighed in relief when the twins finally un-clamped from his legs.

"Dinner will be ready shortly, so please make yourself right at home." The woman said before leaving the room.

"I don't see why you don't like them, your mother seems nice." Shizuo said looking over at the brunet; there was something different about the way Izaya looked… he looked really…tensed?

"I don't hate her, I love my mother….my father is a different story." Izaya said threw his teeth; the three Orihara children all looked very tensed at the mention of their father.

"…What do you mean? Is he a mean to you guys or does he beat you?"

"….Father is never mean to us, he loves us…we can't really talk about him though…" Mairu said grabbing her sister's hand and rushing out of the room before she let something slip out. Shizuo looked back at the smaller male suspiciously.

"Your hiding something from me aren't you?" Shizuo asked suspiciously; Izaya grounded his teeth and shook his head furiously.

"I'm not hiding anything from you Shizu-chan…let's watch some TV eh?" Izaya said quickly turning on the flat screen TV and trying to change the subject. After he found a show he liked he pulled Shizuo's arm around his shoulder and snuggled into his side. Shizuo lost his suspicions after a while and relaxed into the couch with the smaller male.

"Dinner's ready!" The two heard Izaya's mother call; Izaya and Shizuo got up from the couch and went into the large dining room. Izaya pulled the blonde over to a seat between him and his sister Kururi.

"Is daddy coming to dinner today or is he working late again?" Mairu asked as she sat down next to her sister.

"I'm not sure; I think he'll be coming." Izaya's mother said plainly as she set down the plates of food in front of her children and Shizuo.

"Thank you Mrs. Orihara." Shizuo said politely; she may be Izaya's mother but if he wasn't polite to her his mother would probably kill him. She smiled at the blonde and nodded; the five sat in silence as they ate until they heard the front door open and shut.

"Daddy's home!" Mairu said excitedly; Shizuo watched as the twins jumped out of their seats to great their father. He looked over at Izaya who had his fist clenched, his teeth grinding together, and his bangs falling In front of his eyes to cover the acidy look in them.

"You're Shizuo Heiwajima yes? It's a pleasure to finally meet you." Shizuo looked up next to him to see a large, tall man standing there; the looks in his eyes was just pure….evil looking…eviler then Izaya! Shizuo swallowed hard and shook the man's hand politely.

"Strong grip, I like that." The man said approvingly as he went to go sit down next to his wife.

"So tell me Shizuo, I hear you're the strongest man in Ikebukuro is that correct?" Izaya's father asked at he started eating the food that was placed in front of him.

"Well…I guess that's true." Shizuo said blushing a little at the unusual question.

"It's interesting on how you can rip out such large metal objects out of solid concrete; is that unusual strength something that runs in your family or is it an experimental accident of some sort?"

"Actually it doesn't run in my family…my friend Shinra says I have an extra amount of adrenaline then most humans so that's where I get it from. I was just born with it." Shizuo said basically; Shizuo felt a little uneasy at how Izaya's father was looking at him…it was like he was the lion and Shizuo was his prey.

"That's enough father!" Izaya said slamming his fists on the table and glaring at his father; the two stared daggers at each other as everyone else stayed silent. Shizuo gasped when he was suddenly grabbed roughly by the smaller male and pulled out of the room. The blonde was lead up the stairs and into Izaya's room; he flinched when Izaya suddenly slammed the door shut.

"I hate him I hate him so damn much." Izaya said pacing back and worth looking as angry as a person could possibly get.

"What's wrong? He was just asking me some questions; it's not such a big deal." Shizuo said shrugging it off.

"You don't get it; you don't get what he was trying to do." Izaya said angrily; he gasped when Shizuo grabbed him by the shoulders and made him face him.

"I knew you were hiding something; now spill it flea." Shizuo said angrily; Izaya sighed and sat him down on the bed.

"There's a reason why my parents picked you specifically for me to marry…my dad isn't the greatest guy in the world…I can't really explain it but the fact of the matter is a lot of lowlife criminals owe him millions of dollars. These people a crafty, cold hearted criminals and it takes a lot of money to hire people to beat the money out of them. You on the other hand can take on army's of those lowlifes and my father knows that…he thought that if I married you then you would be part of the family and he wouldn't have to pay anyone to beat up those lowlifes because he thinks you'll do it for him." Izaya spat out letting tears roll down his cheeks.

"Are you serious? I'm not doing that for that bastard!" Shizuo said angrily.

"You have to…he's capable of things Shizu-chan….I'm afraid he'll….he'll get someone to…." Izaya couldn't finish his sentence; feeling himself ready to go into a crying fit.

"He'll get someone to what? I'd like to see him try to do anything to me."

"He'll get someone to kill you Shizu-chan….he's done it before."

"I'm not worried about that I've been shot before, remember?"

"You don't get it….dammit I hate him so much for this." Izaya said sitting on the edge of his bed and burring his face in his hands. Shizuo sighed and wrapped an arm around the thin frame; bringing Izaya close to him.

"Try not to worry about it too much; I know you've seen worse things with you being an informant. We're getting married in a couple days, you should be happy." Shizuo said trying to comfort the smaller male.

"Ugh the flea owes me big time for being so nice to him." Shizuo thought.

"I was happy….but you don't love me and you don't want to marry me; I wanted you to propose to me and actually say you love me before we ever get married. Obviously that's impossible and now we're just going to get married by force even though every time you see me you feel sick to your stomach." Izaya sobbed into his hands; Shizuo felt a knot of guilt in his stomach at the brunets comment. He bent his head down and kissed the brunet on the cheek.

"Please stop crying; stop worrying about that shit. We're going on our honeymoon for two weeks so there's nothing really to worry about when we get there; we'll be away from your father and this place so we can just relax and not think about any of that complicated stuff ok?" Shizuo cooed; e flinched when he felt Izaya wrap his arms around him and hug him tightly.

"…Ok Shizu-chan." Izaya mumbled; Shizuo patted the brunets head and stood up from the bed.

"I think I should go home now; I'll see you tomorrow Izaya." Shizuo said before leaving the room; Izaya grinned at the sound of his real name.

"Thank you for having me here for dinner but I really need to get home now. It was nice meeting you all." Shizuo said to the family who was still eating before heading towards the front door; he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He spun around to see Izaya's father standing there with that wicked smile again.

"I'm guessing my son told you about my intentions correct; well we might as well clear the air about it right?" The man said smugly.

"You're a fucking monster you know that?" Shizuo spat out at the man.

"No need for the foul language Mr. Heiwajima. Now I won't ask anything of you until you come back from your honeymoon; I expect you to obey like a good boy."

"Let me make this perfectly clear you bucket of slime, I'm not doing anything for you not even if you pay me all the money in the world. After I'm married to Izaya I never want to say your damn face again, understand?"

"Hahahahah alright…but it would be a shame if something were to happen to Izaya…or yourself." Shizuo eyes widened.

"You bastard! You would hurt your only son!" Shizuo screamed.

"Hey what do you take me for? I love my son but vacations to tropical islands and private jet rides to everywhere I go don't pay for themselves."

"You lowlife bastard, you stay the hell away from Izaya and me." Shizuo growled.

"Look Shizuo, I need you to "ruff up" these guys a little just so they get the point that when I want my money I want it immediately. You can be my secret weapon." He grinned when Shizuo suddenly grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"Now that's the temper that got me interested in your strength in the first place; you just go and enjoy your honeymoon with my son. We'll continue this conversation soon enough." The tall man said opening the door for the blonde; Shizuo let go of the man and shot out of the house, making sure not to do something he would regret later.

"I never thought I'd say this but I actually hate that guy more than the flea." Shizuo growled

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PostSubject: CHAPTER 5   Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:41 pm

"Sweetheart you look so handsome!" Shizuo's mother gushed as she tied the bow tie that Shizuo was wearing. The blonde just rolled his eyes at how embarrassing his mother was sounding right now.

"Well take a good look because after the wedding I'm never wearing a tuxedo again." Shizuo said glaring at his reflection in the mirror.

"That's why I'm taking a lot of pictures….I can't believe my baby's getting married!" The short woman said rubbing her watery eyes.

"Come on mom I'm not a baby, I'm twenty years old!" Shizuo said annoyed.

"I don't care how old you get you're still my baby; it seems like just yesterday I was changing your diapers."

"Ugh mom please stop, you're embarrassing me." Shizuo whined, running his fingers threw his bleach blonde hair.

"I'm your mother it's my job to embarrass you." The brunet said kissing her son on the cheek; she stood back to admire how her son looked.

"Wow Shizu-chan, you clean up nicely." Izaya said walking into the blonde's room carrying a black dress bag. Shizuo rolled his eyes at the brunet only to get a scolding look from his mother.

"Hello Izaya-kun." Shizuo's mother said cheerfully.

"Hello, I brought my mother's wedding to try on and I wanted to get your guys opinion on it." Izaya said holding up the black dress bag.

"Oh how sweet; but you don't have the hips for a dress. Come with me and I'll put a corset on you." Shizuo's mother said waving Izaya over to the door.

"Corset?" Shizuo asked confused: Izaya just giggled and followed the blonde's mother out of the room. Shizuo sighed and sat on the edge of his bed; waiting patiently for his bride to come back. It didn't take too long for Izaya to come back; Shizuo literally felt like his jaw had dropped to the floor when he saw what Izaya was wearing.

The brunet had on an ankle length black strapless dress that looked as smooth as silk; the belt around the dress was made up of fake red roses and on the bottom part of the dress was little pearls dyed red to match the dress. Izaya also had on a veil that was made of red roses and the net that went in front of his face was also black, which matched the dress perfectly. And of course Izaya had to put on knee high boots to make himself tall enough so Shizuo didn't have to bend down too far to kiss him.

"It's a pretty simple dress; do you like it Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked spinning around to show off how he looked from both sides. Shizuo looked at the brunet then at his mother who had that 'compliment him or your dead' look on.

"You look incredible…but why do you have hips like a girl?" Shizuo asked nodding to the way Izaya's hips curved like a woman's.

"Your mother put a corset on me; it's tight as hell but it helps me fill out the dress better." Izaya said turning around to show the red laces that laced up the dress; they ran from the top of the dress down to Izaya's lower back.

"Izaya-kun you look beautiful; we'll just need to get you a bouquet of roses to match and you'll look perfect. I'm so surprised that you're skinner then your mother when she was your age; considering how tight I had to tie the laces in the back to keep the dress from slipping off you." Izaya just smiled and blushed.

"I actually have my wedding bouquet with me, along with a sample of what are wedding cake will be and our wedding rings."

"Oh really? Alright why don't you two change back into your regular clothes and we can check out all of the wedding stuff." Shizuo's mother said as she walked out of the room; closing the door behind her.

"Your mother's really nice Shizu-chan." Izaya said as he took off his veil and placed it carefully on the blonde's dresser.

"Ugh, she so embarrassing sometimes." Shizuo said shaking his head as he took off his bowtie; Izaya smiled and turned his back on the blonde.

"Could you unlace me Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked smiling at the blonde; Shizuo blushed and carefully started unlacing the dress. After the dress was unlaced Izaya pulled it off, revealing the pink corset he was wearing.

"Unlace this to Shizu-chan." Shizuo sighed and quickly unlaced the corset; he looked the naked brunet up and down seeing the only article of clothing he was wearing was a pair of black panties.

"Stop staring at me like that Shizu-chan." Izaya said blushing as he got into his red t-shirt and dark jeans. He carefully put his wedding dress and its accessories back in its bag as Shizuo got back into his regular clothes.

"You really thought I looked incredible Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked happily as he slung the back over his arm.

"…Sure….hey isn't it bad luck for me to see you in your wedding dress?" Shizuo asked as he hung up his tuxedo.

"That's not the superstition in my family; you just can see my garter and we can't see each other all day tomorrow until the wedding. I just really wanted to show you how I looked in my wedding dress…and you look pretty cute in your tuxedo to." Izaya giggled as the two walked down the stairs and into the kitchen; Izaya had brought a small cake that was supposed to be the same as their wedding cake. Shizuo's mother had cut three pieces and set them out for herself, Izaya, and Shizuo.

"What kind of cake are we having Izaya?" Shizuo's mother asked as she handed the two males their pieces of cake.

"Devil's food cake, it's my favorite." Izaya said cheerfully as he took a bite of the cake.

"That doesn't surprise me." Shizuo mumbled, getting another angry look from his mother. After they had eaten Izaya searched through the bag he had brought and held up a bouquet of different colored roses.

"These are so beautiful Izaya-kun." Shizuo's mother said taking the flowers from the male and holding them up to admire them.

"They're the same type of roses Shizu-chan got me for Valentine's Day." Izaya said winking at the blonde, who was now blushing again.

"Aww how romantic!" Shizuo rolled his eyes at how his mother was gushing over flowers; Izaya reached in his pocket and pulled out two small velvet covered boxes.

"These are our wedding rings." Izaya said opening the boxes to show the two; Shizuo's ring was a plain gold ring with the Celtic knot engraved in it that symbolized eternity. Izaya's ring was the same but had small diamonds studded into it.

"They're beautiful; and the symbol is just perfect for you two." Shizuo's mother said admiring the golden rings.

"…I like them." Shizuo said titling up the brunet's hand to take a look at his ring.

"Thanks Shizu-chan, I hoped you'd like them. Anyway I have to get home now; I have to go take care of a few things before tomorrow." Izaya said putting all his wedding stuff back in its bag; Shizuo walked Izaya to the front door and opened it for the brunet.

"I'll see you tomorrow Shizu-chan." Izaya said kissing Shizuo sweetly on the cheek; Shizuo blushed as he watched the brunet carry his wedding stuff back to his black sports car.

"I can't believe I'm going to be married to that flea." Shizuo thought as he shut the front door.

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PostSubject: Re: Arranged Marriage (A Shizya FanFiction)   Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:44 pm

Alright I posted the first 5 chapters, I didnt think it would be a good idea to post all 36 chapters so If you want more please check out this link to the fan fiction. Also if you read the rest or just read these first 5 parts I'd love to know if you liked it!!!!


Alois Usagi~Age 15~Student at Raira Acedemy
Yukio Bara~Age 19~College student/Writer/intern at Raira General Hospital
Simon Brezhnev~Adult~Works at Russian Sushi with Dennis
Akira Envy~15~Student as Raira Acedemy/stock boy at large manga shop
Nire Inazuma~19~College student/works at Russian Sushi
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Arranged Marriage (A Shizya FanFiction)
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