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 The Beauty Of a Sakura Tree(SakuxTsu/TsuxPsyche/SakuxShitsuo)

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PostSubject: The Beauty Of a Sakura Tree(SakuxTsu/TsuxPsyche/SakuxShitsuo)   Tue Jun 26, 2012 3:45 pm

So I've been writing this fan fiction for the last few months. And got about 6 chapters in. I'm gonna post the first chapter here and then you guys can read the rest on fan fiction.

Summary:Sakuraya and Tsugaru were childhood friends, who spent every summer together. After a 5 yr absence, Tsugaru comes back to Ikebukuro to see Sakuraya. Their reunion is a blessing until some unexpected changes happens and new people walk into their lives.

Read Full Story Here: The Beauty Of a Sakura Tree

Chapter 1

"Tsugaru! Tsugaru! Over here!" 6 year old, Sakuraya, called over his friend of the same age.

Tsugaru tried running over to Sakuraya as stumbling over his oversized yukata several times on the way. Tsugaru, wearing a white yukata with a blue haori, was a brown haired boy with a skinny short frame. Sakuraya, wearing his a white yukata with a pink haori, had almost pitch black hair, he was just as skinny as Tsugaru, but slightly taller. Tsugaru finally got to Sakuraya.

"How about here?" Sakuraya asked excitedly.

"It's perfect!" Tsugaru exclaimed.

Sakuraya pulled out seeds from inside his haori as Tsugaru took a stick and starting creating a hole for them. Then Sakuraya placed them in the dirt, and they both buried it.

"When it gets big, we can sit by it every summer that you come out here, Tsugaru," Sakuraya said smiling at Tsugaru.

"Yeah, it'll be our special spot!" Tsugaru laughed. Sakuraya joined him in laughing. Then they both laid down on the ground looking up towards the sky.

17 years later.

Sakuraya handed a tray with several tea cups to his employee at Sip and Relax.

"Tell them, we close in 10 minutes," Sakuraya ordered the employee.

The employee quickly headed off to the customers as Sakuraya went back to the teapots to fill up more cups to be handed out. Sakuraya was now 23 years old and 5'7. This little tea cafe he owned himself for the last year. He, also, had created his own special tea that had gotten the cafe so popular. He was grabbing tea for the last few customers that had just walked in. He got the tea out and politely told the customers, they had 5 minutes before the cafe closed. He was almost about to close up the cafe, when a 6'1 blonde haired man with a blue haori approached the counter.

"So this is your cafe?" the man said.

Sakuraya froze up in shock. The man looked incredibly familar but the blonde hair threw him off.


Tsugaru gave a smile and Sakuraya, feeling his inner teen, almost jumped entirely over the counter to hug him. He grabbed Tsugaru tightly almost making Tsugaru tumble forward.

"It's been almost 5 years since you been here." Sakuraya said letting go of Tsugaru.

"I deeply apologize for that. It wasn't quite expecting to inherit my aunt's garden shop until their son became of age." Tsugaru said.

"Well, let me close up shop really quick and we can catch up." Sakuraya quickly rushed to switch the open sign and lock the door. And then rushed all the employees out with both Sakuraya and Tsugaru following them out. Sakuraya locked the door and turned to Tsugaru.

"Usual place?" Sakuraya smiled.

"Of course," Tsugaru said with a smirk.

They headed from the Sunshine City to the outskirts of town where more trees and wildlife were. They came to an familiar field. A sakura tree sat in the middle of it. Sakuraya and Tsugaru sat down under it. Tsugaru sighed.

"It's grown so much. I almost forgot how beautiful it was." Tsugaru said as he brushed his hand against the bark of the tree.

"I don't think I could ever forget. Even if they got rid of it. I'd still try to come to this spot just for the memories of it." Sakuraya said.

Out here Sakuraya felt the breeze beautifully and could hear all the birds chirping. It was so much better than Ikebukuro. The sakura tree that him and Tsugaru had planted had grown with beauty. They were always in awe each summer on how much bigger it had gotten.

Sakuraya and Tsugaru conversed in conversation on what had happened with themselves in the last 5 years. It felt like how all their summers used to be. They talked until the sun was setting. They laughed at a story Tsugaru told Sakuraya and then came to a silence and stared at each other. Tsugaru leaned in and hugged Sakuraya.

"I missed this," Tsugaru sighed. Sakuraya gave a light laugh and hugged Tsugaru back.

"So did I."

Sakuraya Orihara - 23 - Owner of a small tea shop called Sip and Relax
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The Beauty Of a Sakura Tree(SakuxTsu/TsuxPsyche/SakuxShitsuo)
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