Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play
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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

Ikebukuro: To some, it is just another big city in Japan, but there are others who have been priviledged to see what really goes on. Gang violence isn't what we're talking about. You'll soon see what I mean. Welcome to Ikebukuro...
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 Masaomi's AnimeExpo Quest~

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Kida, Masaomi

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PostSubject: Masaomi's AnimeExpo Quest~   Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:04 am

Me (Lithuania) and my friend's friend (Prussia)

A wild Hibi has appeared in a Psy cosplay! *le gasp*

Pandora Dandies~! I swear, I am not trying to look Mexican when I'm Gilbert! XD

*is the Kida with the yellow scarf* I can finally do the normal Kida instead of the middle school one!! ;w;

50 points if you can spot the Mexican Shizuo and Izaya~!

Disapproving Shingen disapproves

Juuuust for the Mexican Shizuo

Find Hibi and Mexican Izaya~

The IzayaxKida picture

Alternate rabu~ *still wishes that I went as Virus that day* ;w;

Then Vi(moi) and Psy(Hibi) =w=

Because these alts need more love!!!

I'll post more pictures when I find them~! :3 *has to get a lot more from the DRRR gathering!* I had so much fun at the con, especially day 3 and 4 (think that I had too much fun Day 3 at the DRRR gathering though.) It was fun getting to see everybody there and to meet all the new friends that I met this year! THE NEW OTAKU YEAR HAS BEGUN FOR ME!!!! >:3
...And yeah, now that the con is over, the great AX depression has sunk in and yeaaaaaaaah....



Masaomi Kida- 16- Raira Academy Student and Leader/Founder of Yellow Scarves
Nezumisu "Meese" Koihara- 14- Middle School Student (3rd year) and part time waiter at Shitsuji Chateau
Toshio Kawashizu- 10- Homeless
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Masaomi's AnimeExpo Quest~
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