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 Learning Life Lessons With Dei-chan

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PostSubject: Learning Life Lessons With Dei-chan   Learning Life Lessons With Dei-chan I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 03, 2012 4:56 am

(^-^*)/コンチャ! Before Note: I guess this danky little thread is just a place for me to share some of the many lessons I've learned through life, other people, and self discovery. Feel free to comment or anything like that, this is purely for the betterment of others. On with the thread now!~ ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノイッテキマ-ス!!


While scrolling through my tumblr a few minutes ago, I found something that was extremely valuable and applicable to not just me, but a lot of people in the world.

And then I realized how much time people spend on other people who aren't even worth their time anyway.

The tricky thing about this is that mots of the time we don't realize this until it's too late, well, one day if you're feeling bad or blue, you have to question yourself and your actions.

Well a little while back I asked myself why I was feeling so sad. I told myself I was sad because I didn't seem to be making any progress on being friends with a certain person. I asked myself why, and then I began to evaluate all the aspects of this person.

In the end, I asked myself:

"This person has made a tumblr post picking fun at you and hurting your feelings, detouring you away from tumblr for a while. They have accused a friend of yours of doing something very hard to believe, and have tried to yell at her for a misunderstanding. She talks badly about your friend to your face and behind your back, is a major factor to why your friend isn't progressing in her relationship. She's yelled at you on several occasions, and most of the time when you talk to her you end up feeling worse than when you began. Most of the time when you talk to her it's because there's a problem, she's been rude to you behind your back and to your face, and when she's not yelling at you she's passive to you. She ridicules and criticizes you until you feel like the biggest loser in the world. Why are you trying to be friends with this person?"

And then I blinked and said:

"That's a good question."

My friends told me that's the kind of person you just dump without a second thought. They aren't worth your time, so don't give it to them.

I realized I was trying to play the let's make everybody happy so much that I forgot about my own happiness.

Remember that you can't make other's happy unless your happy. Don't converse with people who aren't worth your time, because it's ridiculous. There's no reason you should be letting people like them affect your mood. You are amazing, and all I can say is when you encounter a hater:

Learning Life Lessons With Dei-chan Haters_4cd7f3_955715


Learning Life Lessons With Dei-chan 20557457

Don't let anyone give you crap

Learning Life Lessons With Dei-chan Tumblr_lo3c3p72lY1qg28dg

Oooh, you just scare them with those fabulous fingers of yours

Learning Life Lessons With Dei-chan Tumblr_lgzt5662Sm1qab0pr

When they come up all on you like

Learning Life Lessons With Dei-chan Tumblr_m1gdqxtPAq1qgirr7o1_500

You know what you do you do FIVE FINGAZ TO THE FACE

Learning Life Lessons With Dei-chan Tumblr_lveun95gSM1qjxm01o1_500

And then keep on looking fabulous even when their mad like

Learning Life Lessons With Dei-chan Tumblr_m69ubzsfD31r1mwvk

Okay, I'm having way too much fun. Dei needs to calm herself.

But anyway, I hope this serves of use to someone!~ <3

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Learning Life Lessons With Dei-chan
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