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 Questions About the New Rule???

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PostSubject: Questions About the New Rule???   Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:32 pm

So yeah, the new rule and everything. I know we aren't aloud to vent in the cb, that 's clear, but we aren't even aloud to hint that we are sad? It's confusing me and I would like some clarification. Also, if people aren't comfortable posting in the vent thread are they just allowed to pm someone and discuss it that way?

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PostSubject: Re: Questions About the New Rule???   Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:16 pm

You are allowed to say your sad however being repeatedly vague about it or discussing actual happenings even with no detail I.E. saying 'I fought with so-and-so and now I'm depressed' is not allowed.

People are allowed to say 'I'm not feeling well today' or 'I'm a little upset today can I PM someone?', those are perfectly acceptable and the actual idea behind the rule. We don't intend for people to bottle emotions up either.

If someone isn't comfortable with using the vent thread then they are absolutely allowed to PM another member. Our goal wasn't for people to say 'Oh, no venting, that's stupid I'll just bottle it up then', it was 'Oh, not in here, okay, well is someone alright if I PM them?' since we know that there will most likely be someone who is willing to listen.

In summary saying 'Oh I'm so depressed today!' and 'Oh, I can't stand life anymore!' and '*cries in a corner quietly'(In the non-joking manner) or saying 'Oh I fought with this person and got depressed, but what else is new?' Is considered bringing in unnecissary drama, but saying 'I'm upset today, can I please PM someone?' is perfectly acceptable. If people don't feel they can do this then we simply ask them not enter the chatbox that day at all.

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Questions About the New Rule???
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