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 Sakuraya's Character - Waiting for Approval

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PostSubject: Sakuraya's Character - Waiting for Approval   Sakuraya's Character - Waiting for Approval I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 26, 2011 8:49 pm

Name: Tenahi (Unknown Last Name)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Occupation: Bunny Waitress at the Paradise Casino

Gang (optional): Yellow Scarves

Physical Appearance: She acts as a tomboy since she never had siblings when growing up, or step-siblings were just ignorant to her, but tries her best to bring out her feminine side by watching other girls and their actions. She is basically tall and skinny and even though she may look weak, she knows mixed martial arts for offense and as well as defense. However if things don't work out as the way they planned, she always carried a small dagger on her thigh.

Eye color: Brown

Hair color/style: Long brown hair as usual, however, the tips are highlighted with a bleach blonde color.

Height: 5'6"

Clothes: She changes her outfits depending on the weather and her mood. Usually she is always wearing her favorite yellow leather jacket with a black tank top underneath, and her bottoms it depends. In the cool such as Fall or Winter, her jeans are black with cuts going down from top to bottom, row by row. In the heat or warmth, her shorts are dark grey and she wears see-through material leggings with her dagger on the side of her thigh. She likes to keep in her feminine self by either wearing yellow high heels or her yellow flats. In case she's on the run, she has her yellow sneakers.

What brings them to Ikebukuro?: She went from orphanage to orphanage and step-family to step-family by the time she turned 18. All of them abused her and called her names, saying it was her fault for her parent's deaths. By 18, she left her last family and walked over to a city known as Ikebukuro. She loved the city lights and adored the plazas there. She heard those passing by saying, "It's a nice city, you will love it here!" After all, it was the city to have a new life. After renting an apartment, she looked into town for a job and found the Paradise Casino just not too far and offered to work as a bunny waitress.

Other: She is skinny due to the fact that she hates fast foods in over populated areas. She usually eats just a little bit of snacks or she makes something on her own at her apartment.

She grew up in the farmlands of Japan. However, ever since the poverty and her homeland was over-populated by the poor, her parents worked overnight and had done after shifts, just for her sake. They were broke from even giving her the proper nutrients from the markets. They gave her everything they had grown and they soon became exhausted. By the time she turned 3, they left her in the middle of a dirt road and as they walked away feeling regrets, they both collapsed and died out of starvation.

She hates her job at the casino, wearing bunny ears and an outfit that was really uncomfortable really pissed her off and every man kept coming onto her as if they owned her. Since her first step-father taught her martial arts, she is doing pretty well on her own and could take care of herself.

She found the yellow scarves in a small group in an alleyway as she was walking home from buying groceries. They thought she was also a yellow scarf due to the fact that she likes to wear yellow, but yellow is her favorite color. She told them she wasn't and as they apologized for the inconvenience, they suggested that she should join in with them and she agreed. The Yellow Scarves were like a loving family to her, they were there when she needed them. All of her brothers and sisters, yet, they weren't really her brothers and sisters.

She sometimes blame herself for the death of her parents, watching them die right before her eyes as they left her that day on the side of the road. She thought she was only a burden to them and because of that they died. But she never knew that she was the most precious thing they had and they loved her very much. She was too young to understand that before, so for family, she looked towards the Yellow Scarves. If she could have had a wish, she would want to have a family to love and cherish, a family to call her a loving daughter, she wanted to have a last name, but all she had was her name and a new life.
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Sakuraya's Character - Waiting for Approval Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sakuraya's Character - Waiting for Approval   Sakuraya's Character - Waiting for Approval I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 26, 2011 8:52 pm

I like the character! Tenahi's got a nice story line! Accepted!

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Sakuraya's Character - Waiting for Approval
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