Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play
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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

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 We Need New Moderators!

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PostSubject: We Need New Moderators!   Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:58 am

It's almost the school season again, and people are getting jobs, studying, and over all having less time to be on the site. That also includes our staff members; namely, our moderators.

Our group of mods has diminished to three, which means we need six new moderators to help with the site. We need people with the determination and diligence to log on often, do their job, and help the admins keep control over the site to make sure no one is breaking the rules.

Before you think "Hey, I wanna do this job!", you need to know the perks of being a mod, and what we expect of you!

One big perk of being a mod means you're going to be a big part of staff decisions. Although we like the general opinion of all members, the staff cannot always make the best choice if everyone has a say. The Mods are important because they have access to both member and staff opinions and can help find a solution.

Mods also have the ability to clear the CB and can go through and lock, move, and delete threads. This is very important part of being a moderator! It's a big responsibility.

However, we have expectations of you. Listed below are the expectations. Please read through these carefully and make sure you're up for the job at hand!

1. Read through topics to find dead/completed roleplays.
If 'Guest' is one of the roleplayers that means the persons account was deleted because they did not log in. All RP's where 'Guest' is the initial poster/one of the main posters you are expected to lock and move into the graveyard.

2.Read through topics to make sure rules are not being broken.
We will probably be deciding how to break up moderators over certain rp sections so that you all have the same workload. Some area's are busier than others, yes, but we will try to make it even so one moderator doesn't have 30 roleplays to check through where another has only 3.

READ THROUGH THEM. If you notice ANY rule violations make sure you inform an admin AND send a warning via pm that that rule has been violated, state the rule AND what they did wrong. Remember to be tactful and polite, but stern. If this is not the first time you have warned the person then the administration team will discuss potential sanctions against the account.

3. Enforce the Rules in the Chatbox while you are online/in the Chatbox
If you are in the chatbox and a rule is being broken(Say someone is roleplaying as a canon that has a player or they start venting) be sure to tell them they can not do that! They may not know they are breaking a rule by doing it. If they refuse to stop kick them from the chatbox with /kick username and if they still refuse to stop then use /ban username. In ALL THREE CASES inform an admin(any one of us four, we will listen and inform the other three) of what happened, provide screencaps/witnessess if you had to ban them and tell us what you did. We will decide how long their ban will last.

4.Understand ALL of the rules!
This is very important! There have been a few times where I've noticed the odd slip, say an unapproved OC talking for a line and walking off. This is NOT ALLOWED. Sure, there are many OC's who have amily but they are not allowed to actually say anything. A text message or voicemail no one else see's or a one sided telephone call are acceptable but someones brother may not speak to another OC, walk up, etc. WITH NO APPROVAL.

If there are any rules you do not understand completely, would like more clarification on or are unsure of FEEL FREE to ask an admin! We will happily explain a rule to you so that you can do your duties as a moderator!

You, as moderatos, are allowed to accept OC applications but you can't just accept them. You need to find all the illogical things someone has in their OC and ask 'Why is this like this?'. For instance: Are they japanese yet have blonde hair and blue eyes?(something impossible). Do they carry concealed weapons like guns?(Guns are illegal in japan if you're not a cop/military!). Does their OC have contradictions in personality? While we are aware that some people are like this a person who is shy is not likely to stand up to bullies or be a lingerie model are they? We would vastly preffer no contadictions.

If another moderator has already asked questions and you have not been asked SPECIFICALLY by that user to look at it too then do NOT add anything more to it! Same applies to if an Admin has looked at it(We will from time to time) and asked questions. By adding more (unless specifically asked!) it appears that you are stepping over the person who initially posted and it is kinda rude. If they've already pointed out flaws then let them handle that OC. If you notice too many fllaws though and they accepted then you can say 'Hang on... what about this?'

The admins have enough to do with enforcing rules, assigning and choosing canons, updating the site, keeping it running etc. If an admin is in the chatbox with you then yes, they will probably enforce the rules before you do, but you can(And should!) step in and back them up! If we're not online though you are expected to enforce the rules in our place, we have stuff to do and we can't always get it done because we're stuck doing moderator's duties!

Now that you've read through what we expect of you, and you feel that you're up to the task at hand, you can apply! Simply go and fill out the [Only admins are allowed to see this link] and send it to an Admin. Once we make our decision, we will make an announcement!

Eli Amberden - 20 - Full Time College Student
Xylander Carnak - 22 - Bounty Hunter, Assassin, Prankster Extraordinaire
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We Need New Moderators!
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