Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play
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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

Ikebukuro: To some, it is just another big city in Japan, but there are others who have been priviledged to see what really goes on. Gang violence isn't what we're talking about. You'll soon see what I mean. Welcome to Ikebukuro...
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 2bunny88's OC (Needs approval)

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PostSubject: 2bunny88's OC (Needs approval)   Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:16 pm

Name: Alice Solivitor (her last name is a mash up of the Latin words for lonely traveler).

Age: Over several centuries old. Looks 15-16, or so.

Gender: Female

Race: Shinigami/British(?).

Online Name: Cruentluna (mash up of bloody moon in Spanish).

Occupation: Raira student (is barely passing her classes since she was hardly educated as a child, but educated enough during her shinigami years. She also falls asleep in many of her classes), shinigami, and a worker at a bookstore with a good manga supply. Is a hard worker when she feels like it.

Gang (optional): None. She finds gangs quite stupid, and believes that all gang members eventually turn on each other.

Physical Appearance: Skinny, but with muscle, and as pale as the moon. Not noticeably curvy, but they're definitely there. Rounded features, often reminding people of the moon (big, round eyes, round-ish chin). She has a thin, black flame tattoo on her face, going up her right eye. It starts next to her mouth, goes over her eyelid, and ends next to her eyebrow.
Eye color: Pale yellow (were originally red. Changed after she became a shinigami)
Hair color/style: Thick, white hair that almost reaches her waist put down. Usually pulls it up into two ponytails. Her bangs are a bit choppy, forming a bit of an arrow pointing at the bridge of her nose (like Madam Red!! ).

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 118 lbs

Clothes: At school she wears the standard girls' uniform. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays she wears a pin-striped shirt (button down), blue jeans, and black combat boots. If it's cold weather, she will wear a red hoodie. On Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays she wears a blue pin-striped (button down) shirt, black jeans, and red combat boots. If cold, she will wear a blue hoodie. At work she wears a green apron over her clothing. Occasionally, she will cosplay at work to promote a new manga or book.

Personality: Very indifferent and cold. She generally does not like people, and will not refrain from saying hurtful/offensive things to them. She is a bit reckless (being immortal and all can do that to you), and will not hesitate to take a dangerous course of action for her or an unfortunate victi—person, provided that it serves her purpose. She also won’t refrain from using brute force to get a person to do what she wants; she believes that her way is the only right way.
She does not like the idea or violence, betrayal, or hypocrisy, yet does all of these things anyway. She sees no point in refraining from doing so if numerous other people do this.
She is not trusting at all, and will accuse anyone who does her a good deed to have a motive for doing so. She rarely tries to help anyone, even if they’re in danger. She also blames humans/human nature for most of the things that are wrong with her life, even if it really is her fault.

Her other personality: A person who calls herself Joanne Folle d'autres. She emerged when Alice couldn't take any of the treatment toward her anymore. Is, just like her namesake, a crazed girl who will kill/maim anyone who has treated her badly, or gets in her way. Often laughs manically. When in this state, Alice's eyes turn black with red specks, her hair is tinged with black, and has incredible strength and speed. She normally doesn’t become dominant, unless Alice is going through some really tough times, has fallen unconscious while fighting, or is emotionally unstable. Alice basically has to control her emotions and mind to keep Joanne in her head only. Joanne regularly talks to Alice, kind of like a voice in a person’s head.

Sexuality: Bi-sexual, but is not looking for anyone at the moment. Nor does she plan to. However, she does appreciate the occasional eye candy.

What brings them to Ikebukuro? She was banished (meaning that she isn’t allowed to live at the OotR HQ, or interact with other shinigami, but still has to take the occasional orders) for killing a trio of shinigami. She feels no remorse or panic at being banished, and is just trying to live a life in Ikebukuro, and maybe see if the humans are different from the ones she had to deal with.

Background: She was originally human. She was found abandoned at an orphanage in Great Britain on Christmas Eve during the 14th century. Since she had red eyes and a strange tattoo as a child, all the other children, townspeople, and even the caretakers regarded her as a child branded by Satan, or by a witch (remember, this was during the 14th century), and was often bullied .When she turned 15, she completely snapped, and Joanne Folle d’autres emerged (it wasn’t immediate. She started losing her grip on reality, and sometimes did things that she couldn’t remember. She started to hear a voice in her head telling her to kill the bullies). She ended up murdering everyone save one person at the orphanage. The survivor was one of the only ones to treat Alice decently, however, she ran to the church and told everyone that Alice had been possessed by a demon, murdering everyone at the orphanage. The church disregarded that, and instead, called her a witch and murderer, burning her at the stake. When Alice awoke, she was dead. There was someone next to her, and asked her if she repented for her sins. When Alice said yes, the shinigami that was in charge made her spirit into a shinigami, giving it a physical body (her 15-year-old self). Alice then became a member of the Order of the Repentful, helping the dead cross into heaven, and sometimes even recruiting new shinigami.
However, not all of the shinigami were friendly, and a certain trio of shinigami always taunted her and how she lost many friends because they had repented enough to go to heaven. They started to resort to physical violence when she snapped. As a result, she killed them in rage, and the COUNCIL OF SHINIGAMI banished her for everyone else’s safety.
She was cast to the other side of the globe with enough money to last a month. She landed on the roof of a building in Ikebukuro, and looked for job and apartment openings. Luckily, she found a bookstore looking to hire next to the building she was on, and a close apartment building not too far from the store. She immediately applied for a job and apartment. She gets quite a hefty salary due to the storeowner’s sympathy for her. She also got a pretty cheap, nice-looking apartment due to the apartment owner‘s sympathy. However, the owner had her go to high school to rent the apartment.

Weapons: Martial arts, bloodred knives that she keeps hidden (no one knows how much she owns), two red edged katanas that she can pull out of her tattoo, and her puppy dog eyes.

Strengths: Baking, not eating for a long period of time, not sleeping, agility, using the sympathy of others, strength (stronger than the average adult male), calm under stress, and learning fast (she is almost at high school level now).

Weaknesses: Trusting, cooking, recklessness, hypocrisy, laziness, taking action, inability to say no, falling for reverse psychology, winning arguments, thinking before speaking, and seeing/admitting her faults.

Likes: Chocolate, swimming, baking, eating, music, sleeping, the internet, purple, libraries, silence, books, manga/anime, tidiness (although her closet is a mess), wandering around Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, and warm places.

Dislikes: Humans, pineapple, having to not eat or sleep, betrayal, violence, hypocrites, people who can’t/won’t admit/recognize their faults, abrupt loud noises, and snow.

Other: She is attempting to learn the piano. Occasionally acts crazed when under too much stress. During her stay at the OotR HQ, she learned almost all of the world’s languages. She had a lot of time to practice this, and many chances since she had to go undercover when there would be massive slaughters over a lengthy period of time.
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PostSubject: Re: 2bunny88's OC (Needs approval)   Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:09 pm

This is very descriptive, but there are several things that I just can't accept in this character.
Where are her weaknesses? Why was she banished instead of being stripped of being a shinigami (seeing as she wasn't born one, but created as one) and killed? If the shinigami repent their sins and help people cross into the heaven or whatever, wouldn't she see the good in people, needing to for them to cross?

I don't see why she'd be reckless either. Sure, she's immortal, but that doesn't mean she isn't affected by pain. How come she doesn't know much in school? She'd be alive to see things through out the years and learn. Exactly how much stress is too much? If she does things she hates, wouldn't she hate herself, putting herself under more pressure for that split personality?

There are many many things that I cannot see with this character. Please, edit a lot, or rather most everything before I can look again. This character is basically god, and we cannot have that.

Also, even if things are not character knowledge, it must be player knowledge. Explain her eyes and tattoo, even if she doesn't know about it.

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2bunny88's OC (Needs approval)
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