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 Powerplaying/Godmoding and what costitutes this

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PostSubject: Powerplaying/Godmoding and what costitutes this   Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:55 pm

So, it has come to my attention that not everyone knows what counts as powerplaying. In this thread you will find anything and everything related to powerplaying and how to avoid it, sure it might make your post a little shorter, but in every case a shorter post with no powerplaying is better than a massive post with powerplaying.

1) Controlling the other persons character
While this seems obvious it isn't always. Making another person character walk around, talk with actual dialogue or mention that your character hears the other talking or laughing when the other person has not specifically said they were it is powerplaying.

Some examples
Quote :
Keirnan walked into the building and sat comfortably on one of the stools in the bar before ordering a drink

Quote :
Harvey watched Keirnan walk to a table with his rum and coke in hand murmuring under his breath aout something

See what was wrong there? Poster2 made Poster1's character do something that Poster1 did not say himself, including deciding what drink was ordered even though Poster1 did not specify. If it is someone elses character you can not decide what they order/where they walk/how they are feeling/whether they say anything. Here's an example of what it should have looked like/what would be okay:

Quote :
Keirnan walked into the building and sat comfortably on one of the stools in the bar before ordering a drink.

Quote :
Harvey watched as Keirnan entered the old building, eyes following him to the bar. He could not quite make out what the man had ordered over the din in the building but it didn't matter much. He got up and walked over, sitting beside the other.
"Hey, long time no see"

Poster 2 is no longer powerplaying, remember, it is alright for your character to notice someone elses, you just can't make their character notice you!
2)Changing the setting of the RP
If the first person has already said they are in a building, do not start describing the forest they are in! The person who starts the RP get's to decide what is in the area, though if they don't mention if there are trees then you can feel free to add them.

Same goes for other things though, if the first person says they are on a gun range you can not then put them in a video game or out in a field. Pay attention to what the other person says in their posts, do not skim them. It helps avoid making this critical mistake and if you alter the settings we will delete your post.


Autohitting is where you describe a blow hitting the other persons character. Autododging is where you evade everything that comes your characters way. Neither is alright.

Example of Autohitting:
Quote :
Clara slapped Zack hard across the face

What they should have done:
Quote :
Clara moved her hand towards Zack's cheek, intending to slap him

Example of autododging:
Quote :
Damien dodged the the upper cut and the low kick before backflipping under the side swing and landing feet away, he then dodged the arrows fired at him as he ran for it

What they should have done:
Quote :
Damien ducked to avoid the upper cut but his feet were swept out from under him with the low kick, though it meant the swing of the others sword missed again. He rolled to get away from the other and jumped up, running for his life

Remember, not everything has to hit, but your character can not dodge every attack either. You also have to leave it up to the person that you're attacking whether or not they get hit by the attack.

4)Player Knowledge becoming Character Knowledge
If you look at a characters application and see that they always keep their right eye under a patch because their eye is missing but they have not specifically told your character that the eye is missing your character can NOT know that.

There are going to be things that you know about the other persons character whether it be from previous interactions with different characters or you read their application, or they wrote it out to tell you and not your character. Your character can not and will not 'Just know' these things if they have not been told specifically by the other person.

5)Manipulating others into being forced down a certain course of action
This includes chasing someone down an alley with no exits, your character holding a knife to their characters throat if they don't sign over the family business, killing their character(Also counts as autohitting), or controlling the other persons OC to make the RP go how you want it.

Roleplaying is all about adapting to what the other person says and does, not about it going in the way only one person sees fit. Do not 'block' others creativity by forcing them into certain actions. You can PM them and say 'Hey, I have an idea, can we do this?' but you can not force them down this action either. They have a right to choose and if they choose not to you have to suck it up and deal with it.

More will be added as we go, but for now, avoid doing the things listed and we should have no difficulties!

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Powerplaying/Godmoding and what costitutes this
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