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 Venting - An Easy Guide to Understanding and Spotting A Vent

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PostSubject: Venting - An Easy Guide to Understanding and Spotting A Vent   Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:37 pm


Venting is when you become a Ryugamine air conditioner and release air into a room-

WHOOPS that’s not right.

Hello everyone, welcome to a tutorial on what venting is.

Sometimes we all need to express our disappointment, worries, anxiety, stress, and all of those other feelings we have so that we can continue to carry on without holding the weight of the world on our shoulders. It’s an important part of being, well, human!

However, at times, there are others who are going through situations themselves and are not quite ready to be hearing about other people’s problems because that only adds to their stress. To keep our chatbox at its prime, we decided to move venting to a nice location far enough away that if you feel you need to vent, then you have somewhere to go and people who are willing to help can go and give you advice and support.

This keeps us all happy and keeps the chatbox ready for those insane roleplays that I know you crazy kids are thinking up. (Keep it clean kids, Durarara is shown on Cartoon Network).


Good question.

When you are in the chatbox and someone comes running in stating an issue whether it’s a lost pet, bombing a test they studied to take for weeks, family died. That’s borderline venting, if not venting. If you state a problem, that’s one thing, but you should take the full issue to the venting area.

We don’t expect you all to be happy all the time, but things like that inspire others to talk with you about it. We have a lot of caring people here and we would love to talk about everyone’s problems, but that bogs down the chatbox and some people can’t stand it when they are having a long day.

Therefore, if you think it is borderline or iffy, take it to the venting area.

I’ll give an example:

Tsugaru: So I pretty much have no friends here at school. I’ve been walking to classes and the others are all jerks who need to die.
Psyche: What?!
Tsugaru: They are! You should have seen them. And don’t get me started on my teachers. God, I have a headache from this whole week.

Can you see what’s happening here? Tsugaru is venting. You can see that Tsugaru is frustrated and is starting to drag out the problem. Psyche may or may not want to hear about it. Psyche may have excellent advice, but if someone comes in and wants to rp, don’t you think it may seem a bit callous and rude towards Tsugaru’s problems? That’s one thing we want to avoid. We don’t want to seem mean to others. We care, but we like to roleplay and chat about the good things in the chatbox.

Here’s another example:

Tsugaru: Okay, so I was taking my cat, Moose, to the vet for a check up, but he disappeared and I don’t know where he is. I have had him since I was a little kid. I don’t know what I’m going to do without him.
Hibi-chan has logged on
Psyche: Does he have a collar?!
Hibi-chan: …just keep checking with the humane shelter, he’ll turn up.
Tsugaru: He hates people though! He likes to bite! What if they euthanize him?!
Psyche: You don’t understand, Hibi!

I’m going to stop that right there because holy crap, that is REALLY obvious as a vent and as you can see, it’s going too far! Hibi-chan will be less likely to want to talk to Tsugaru and Psyche when the two are practically ganging up. Hibi-chan doesn’t know the problem as well and when offering advice, the other two lashed out. Tsugaru needed to take it to the venting area. While Psyche wasn’t breaking any rules, Psyche needed to tell Tsugaru politely to take it to the venting area. Encouraging the behavior was unacceptable.

By the way, Moose is an angel that has never bitten a person in his life. Thank you. ^w^

Overall, those problems you have suffered need to stay, if you are going to mention them, to ONE statement. Don’t go “Well, my grandpa died.” Or “I bombed my chem test, but I’m okay.” If you’re having a bad day and you want to say it, say “I’m having a bad day.” And if someone wants to talk take it to a pm or to the venting area. Hell POST THE LINK TO THE VENT IF YOU WANT TO HAVE ATTENTION CALLED TO YOUR PROBLEM! We won’t mind links. Links to vents are okay, we just ask you only link it once and pm if you want to involve more people.

Other things that are okay to say rather than stating your problem in the chat:
“I had a tough day, but I’m still alive.”
“Can we please avoid asking me that for right now until I feel better?”
“I would not like to discuss it please.”
“Can I pm you my problem? I am having a tough time.”
Or link to the venting area!

If you see someone is venting, don’t encourage it. Tell them to take it to the venting area as kindly as you can. “Please, I can’t handle seeing your troubles, can you take it to the venting area?” “I don’t know what I can do to help, but post it in the venting area.” Etc.

Life is hard, sometimes there are jerks out there in fur trimmed coats and guys throwing vending machines that-

Life is hard, sometimes it feels impossible. We’re all here for one another and we all care, so let’s keep one another in good spirits and when one of us is feeling down, let’s be there by taking those problems and our ideas for making them feel better and sticking them in the venting area.

You don’t have to vent.

However, if you need to; we’re all here for you.

We’re all waiting in the venting area for you.

Tsugaru - 21 - Psychiatrist
Viveka "Avid" Ayama - 20 - Musician/Assassin?
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Venting - An Easy Guide to Understanding and Spotting A Vent
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