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 Sitewide scam alert

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PostSubject: Sitewide scam alert   Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:56 pm

After a lot of discussion, the staff believes that the incident with ED and Fate (as tragic as it was) is a hoax. We have evidence proving our statement and we have come to the conclusion that the accident never happened, and that ED and Fate were never real people to begin with.

To begin, Aruna, Fate, and ED all shared the same IP address regardless of living in separate locations in Australia.

Secondly, they were never all on at the same time. When staff sent a PM requesting that they would do that, they never did. The closest it ever got was one logging off and the other logging in right after.

Thirdly, we have searched the internet for any sign of a car crash in Australia. There have been none in the past month that involved the death of three people. The closest thing was the death of two, and they were in their 30s. Obviously not members of our site.

Fourthly, we even tried to search for Fate and ED by their actual names. They do not exist. Once again, the closest we got was a woman that shared ED's name who had passed several decades ago.

Fifthly, the conversation Alois had with the new member L.T. That in itself is a giant red flag to us and an obvious piece of evidence to support our claim.

For those who aren't aware, LT said he had dreams of a car accident, described his "brother" in the dream to look exactly like Fate, shared birthday's with ED, shared similar likes and dislikes as Fate and ED, and so much more information that no one would have.

The coincidences and lack of true legal evidence points to the concept that ED and Fate a) did not die or b) were never real people at all.

As a result, we are banning those accounts until Aruna can give us solid proof that the event happened. Until then, we simply cannot believe it.

The reason we're telling the site this is in an attempt for peace of mind. Several of our members have been extremely hurt by what had happened and if this is proven to be a hoax, we want to expose it to somehow soothe the members who were harmed.

We do not want this sort of thing to happen again. It has happened to several staff members in the past. We know it's easily possible to create characters and to kill them off.

In conclusion, we don't want to upset any members, but we felt that this announcement was necessary. We want what's best for everyone, and something like this (if it is a scam) is not accceptable.

The accounts banned until further notice are: FatalitySeven, ED, Kureno, L.KadNen, allentheawesome, L.F and undyingTactic

We will lift the ban on all these accounts if Kureno can provide solid proof to her claim that they existed or for that matter died.

If anyone has evidence to support either side of this we urge you to contact an administrator immediately, prefferably Seliphra as she is currently the least busy admin however you may send it to any of the administration staff

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Sitewide scam alert
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