Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play
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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

Ikebukuro: To some, it is just another big city in Japan, but there are others who have been priviledged to see what really goes on. Gang violence isn't what we're talking about. You'll soon see what I mean. Welcome to Ikebukuro...
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 Hello there everyone~!

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PostSubject: Hello there everyone~!   Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:03 pm

I suppose I should do an introduction like everyone else, that seems to be the latest trend.

My name is Juliet, though lately most people call me "Juu," and here you can call me either of those, or "Roppi" as I have been most commonly called on this site. I'm 17, soon to be 18 in February, and a Senior in high school soon moving on to college. I live in California and attend Anime Expo, where in the past I have cosplayed Misa Amane, Erika Karisawa, and Hachimenroppi.

I'm very outgoing and friendly, I don't really bite~! I'm an ENFP and an Aquarius born in the year of the Dog, and those have usually been accurate to me — so if you'd like to know my exact personality type, you may go there (it's certainly easier than long paragraphs here that are tl;dr).

My favorite foods are hash browns, grilled onions, chocolate, and pretty much anything sweet – ugh, my vice. My favorite shows are House, Modern Family, and Community, and I am really excited for the Avengers movie (no one understands OTL) and, of course, hopefully a second season of DRRR!! *crosses fingers* I guess while I talk about favorites, my favorite DRRR!! characters are Shizuo, Izaya, Celty, Shinra, Namie, Kida, oh god I love almost all of them! (except Seiji >:T)

On this site, I play Hachimenroppi Orihara and am considering creating an OC. I'm really excited to play with you all! My roleplaying experience stems about five or six years; I was roleplaying before I even knew what roleplaying was! But I have actually not roleplayed formally in quite a while. Over time, my writing has drastically improved, I have plain old perseverance and determination to thank for that. I write lots of DRRR!! fanfiction, and this is not likely to change. I also write on my own time and plan to become a writer or editor.

I know this was a tad long, but if you read, digital cookies to you! I look forward to roleplaying with everyone~!

Hachimenroppi Orihara - 25 - Publishing Editor
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PostSubject: Re: Hello there everyone~!   Sat May 12, 2012 10:30 am

Hash browns are awesome. <3 And Anime Expos must be so much fun! Sweet foods are so lovely. (: I really want to go watch Avengers too! DRRR!! fanfiction? It would be fun to read some! I love writing also. I read it all, though, and it wasn't boring to read or something like that at all! Thank you for the digital cookie! Here's one for you (:Smile

Hello to you!

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...Is there a forum for that?
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Hello there everyone~!
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