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 Venting Rule - Adjustments!

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PostSubject: Venting Rule - Adjustments!   Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:37 pm

So the no venting rule has been around for a while and we think it's time to relax it a little!

There are still going to be limits and regulations to keep it from feeling like a single constant vent but it WILL be altered slightly to allow for a bit more freedom!

So, you may be wondering, what do the new regulations entail? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind

  • You must ask permission from every person in the chatbox.
    There is no exception to this. If you vent without asking and EVERY person says yes, it is alright you will be kicked from the chatbox when a staff member notices that you are starting to vent without permission. If you continue to vent after rejoining the chat you will be banned for a period of three days.

    To people being asked, you are perfectly within your right to say no to someone asking to vent. If you really do not want to hear the topic you can say no and they may not say 'well two out of three said yes'. If EVERYONE does not agree then it will be considered 'venting without permission'.

    If there is no one in the chatbox at the time consider yourself not having permission to vent because the next person to log in is probably going to see it and may not want to. If there is no one online make a thread, remember staff members can and will delete vent threads upon request by the poster.

  • You must give a brief desciption of what the vent is about prior to the vent(this can be done when asking permission) and should look like this or similar:

    Person A: Hey, does anyone mind if I vent? It's about my grades....


    Person A: I kinda need to vent about my co-workers if that's okay with everyone?

  • Do not vent about red topic items unless it is an absolute emergency (I.E. You are about to try killing yourself. In this situation you do not need permission and all rules around venting are going to be forgotten, in a situation like this we want to do what we can to help!)

  • Do not vent about orange topics unless the people listed for that topic are not in the chatbox OR you are the only name on that topic

  • Try not to inturrupt an RP just so you can vent. It's really not fair for people who want to have a fun CB rp have to hold because someone feels like venting in the CB instead of the vent corner. As the chatbox was meant for roleplay and friendly socialization THIS is what is going to take priority over venting.

  • Limit yourself to ONE vent a week in the CB(Of course the vent thread is unlimited) and try not to vent if someone else just did, it gets very difficult for people to stay in the CB when everyone who comes in vents one after another.

  • If you only log in once a week do not vent every time you log on, that is NOT what the chatbox is for! If we only ever see you venting when you are online we will revoke your permission for venting in the CB regardless.

  • Keep this in your mind: ALL VENTS WILL BE SAVED BEFORE THE CHAT IS CLEARED AND ALL STAFF MEMBERS WILL SEE IT. (that is for you too staff, if we see the chat was cleared without any real reason we will be asking you what happened!)

  • Do not vent about other members. Period. This will be considered harrasment and you will be sanctioned.

  • Vent's can not be 'saved' and are not cumulative. If you don't vent in the CB for two months, great! That does not entitle you to vent once a day for eight days afterwards though.

  • Try not to repeat vents. We know that it doesn't always reduce stress after one vent or enough stress, but repetitively venting about the same thing over and over does not win you any sympathy, it just irritates other members. If you've already vented about one coworker or one particular customer at work or one teacher in specific try not to vent about it again and say exactly the same things.

  • Try not to generalize if you're venting about someone who has a learning disability or mental illness. While we understand these can be very frustrating to deal with some of the members(including members of the staff who will remain unamed) have got some of these disabilities and some of those have been vented about in a very generalized manner.

    It is extremely insulting to be told 'I read somewhere that everyone with this disorder is self-centered, attention needy and rude and always super immature' when you have the disorder. Not everyone with the same disorder or disability will act the same way, mental illness is very difficult for most people to understand but it's not a good idea to breed stigma.

That's about it. We know this seems really very strict, but to keep it from getting out of control again we have no choice. If members do not abuse the relaxing of the rule it will likely be relaxed further as time goes on. If members abuse it or ignore the regulations put in place it will become against the rules entirely again.

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Venting Rule - Adjustments!
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