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 The Last Promise Kept (TsuPsy)

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PostSubject: The Last Promise Kept (TsuPsy)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:51 pm

Title: The Last Promise Kept

Pairing: TsuPsy

Summary: He promised that he would see him again, even after this battle, and he intended to keep that promise one way or another.

Warning(s): Character death, Samurai!Tsugaru, angst

“Be honest. I won’t be seeing you again will I, Tsugaru?”

The blonde stopped the fluid motion of dragging his cloth across his katana to look at his ravenette lover. It was late, and he was surprised that he was still up.

He also used his full name, which was a rarity for the other. The entirety of it was off-putting.

“Ah, Psyche-chan, I didn’t know you were awake.” Tsugaru still kept up a gentle smile, setting his blade aside and patting his lap for the other to sit in.

Psyche sighed lightly, emerging from the darkness of the door frame with a somewhat brisk pace of walking. He was dressed still in his white sleeping robe with pink trim, and as he walked to the other, the bottom parts of the hem split apart and flowed freely behind him, giving way to see just a bit of creamy peach flesh.

Even as he walked Tsugaru’s eyes stayed firmly upon him, admiring the slight curves and slightly rubenesque figure of his lover.

The usually vibrantly cheerful of the two sat in their kimono clad lover’s lap lightly, and light indigo eyes could see that his expression was not one of happiness.

The fuchsia eyed male’s mouth was set in a firm crease. His eyes were dull, nearly the color of wine, and sunken with forlornness.

“…Am I going to see you again?” The raven pressed slightly, raising his earlier question again, but this time with a bit of hesitance.

This caused the soft blonde to swallow somewhat hesitantly. Never had he told a lie that wouldn’t protect the other, but this was a delicate matter. Especially considering that he hadn’t even known the other had found out the stakes of what he was going to get into the next day.

Keeping his composure still calm but gentle, Tsugaru let a smaller, but still somewhat falsely reassuring smile grace his lips.

“Of course you’ll see me again.” He pressed, which wasn’t entirely untrue. If he died, he would still see him, just not with his soul attached.

“You wouldn’t lie to me now would you?” Psyche asked with some bitterness underlaced with his breathe, though his face disproved his tone. He was vulnerable, his eyes searching for something in the other’s desperately.

Tsugaru frowned a bit, his mask faltering for a moment. The distressed raven saw this, and gasped lightly before swallowing the hard lump in his throat and tilting his head down.

“I….I overheard gensui….You never told me that you were going to…” The melancholic ravenette couldn’t even form a coherent sentence.

The samurai let out a small noise of guilt, bowing his head down as well, but much lower than Psyche’s was.

“G-…..Gomenasai Psyche-san, I didn’t mean to deceive you, only protect you. Still, there is a chance when I go in battle tomorrow, that I will return to you. Please do not give up ho-”

“When their triple your ranks and have been trained from the womb?!” The estranged man’s once dull wine colored eyes now burned with a fire the color of fuchsia. “DON’T LIE TO ME! You said you’d never…”

Psyche swallowed and his anger fell, tears pricking the corners of his eyes as he struggled to keep control of himself.

“…Never lie.” Tsugaru finished the sentence for the other, tone devoid of emotion and his face hidden by his flaxen hair.

Psyche inhaled deeply, small little whimpers emitting from his mouth as he tried to hold back his sobs. He gripped the edges of his night robe tightly as he said but one thing more.

“You better come back. You better promise you will. I can’t live without you.” The night tressled youth’s voice cracked as some of his sobs escaped.

The electric pink spectacle then stood up brusquely, quickly hurrying himself out of the room to exert his emotions, leaving the kimono-clad other alone, his face still faced toward the ground.

“I….I promise.” He said, his oath kept unheard to anyone but himself, as a single tear slowly crawled down his soft cheeks.

Psyche sighed, leaning his head against the smooth cold rock of the gravestone in front of him.

It was beautiful out- the sun was shining high in the sky and perhaps better yet-the cherry blossoms were in bloom and falling freely with the light breeze out.

Pulling his head back, the male took the time to read the engraving on the headstone.

‘Heiwajima Shitsuo’ was what it read.

A bitter sort of smile made it’s way onto his peach perfect lips.

“I’m sorry, are you a friend?”

The sudden voice caused Psyche to jump suddenly and spin around.

He found that the voice belonged to someone that reminded him much of himself if he had turned out more like Tsugaru. This man was beautiful, elegant curves and a kimono of soft pink and white graced his form. His eyes were the color of cherry blossoms, and his hair was short cut and black much like his own, except more wavy than his own straight one.

“Oh, umm…” Psyche had let himself get a bit distracted by the other’s beauty. “lover of a friend.” He explained, his cheeks dusted with a little color of rose.

The other unnamed raven simply smiled gently, kneeling down politely next to the other and taking what looked to be a lunch box out of his fabric sleeve.

“Ah, my name is Sakuraya. This is my husband’s grave.” The cherry blossom wearing male bowed to the other.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” The more vibrant of the two pink clad males bowed lightly to the other as well, an apologetic look on his face.

“Oh no, it’s quite alright. One of his last wishes was that I be at peace should he ever leave this world, and I intend to fulfill that.” Sakuraya explained.

Psyche smiled softly at that, turning and looking curiously at the lunch box the man had brought. Offerings perhaps?

“Oh, this. Shitsuo-kun always wanted to have his meals with me. Old traditions die hard I suppose.” The soft pink clad youth chuckled softly.

The fuchsia raven tassled man smiled even brighter at that.

Then a sharp gust of wind came past, flowing with it a surge of pink blossoms that doused the two.

Sakuraya gasped as he was hit with them, brushing them off his kimono and shoulders, a few still cutely hanging in his hair.

Psyche spit some out that had flown into his mouth, dusting himself off in a less graceful manner than the other had cared to take. As he was shaking a few out of his hair, however, he noticed one fall into his lap, and this blossom petal was much different than the others.

He blinked wildly at it, slowly, almost with damning hesitance, took it between his thumb and forefinger. His deep pink eyes blinked, even more vibrant with curiosity as he stared disbelieving at the strange little blossom.

“Would you look at that…” Sakuraya pressed a sleeve up to his mouth, tilting his head slightly sideways.

The blossom was entirely blue.

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The Last Promise Kept (TsuPsy)
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