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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

Ikebukuro: To some, it is just another big city in Japan, but there are others who have been priviledged to see what really goes on. Gang violence isn't what we're talking about. You'll soon see what I mean. Welcome to Ikebukuro...
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PostSubject: Katojiku's Characters   Katojiku's Characters I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2012 9:42 pm

Full Name: Akaru Himatoya

Nickname(s): Akuma

Birthdate: June 4

Age: 17

Physical appearance: Akaru has brown hair that hangs slightly over his different colored eyes; one is a pale blue while the other is bright green. He has a smooth face, and his eyes have a piercing look that makes him seem wiser than he actually is. Akaru has a slim figure that stands at 5’9 in height and weighs at around 150 pounds. He likes to wear dark clothing, and it’s not because he’s morbid or anything; he just feels that the colors suit him.

Personality: Akaru isn’t much of the talkative type and hates large crowds, yet he isn’t much of the shy type. He’s a very good listener and doesn’t judge someone until he hears their own explanation. A little naïve at times, Akaru can be quick to forgive as he believes that most, if not all, people have good intentions. He likes to help people and give them good advice, and if he can’t help, he’ll find a way to make them a little bit happier. Akaru doesn’t care much for finding a significant other and doesn’t like the idea of long-term commitment. He doesn’t wear his heart so readily on his sleeve, and tends to wear a mask of airy cheerfulness when his feelings are wounded. If he’s ever bored, he’d pull out his PSP and play it no matter where he is or who he’s with and won’t stop until he finds something interesting that has happened. He’s really good at multitasking and can listen to someone intently even as he’s gaming. He also likes to study and is an awfully bright student, but people tend to judge him when he plays his PSP during school hours.

Background: Akaru grew up in a small town and lived a relatively peaceful childhood with his mother, father, and his younger brother Koukei. In elementary school, he’d constantly been called a demon or “Akuma” by his classmates because his eyes weren’t each the same color. He used to be hurt by it and spent most of his elementary school days sulking either at home or in school. Over the years, though, his nickname turned into more of a term of endearment as his classmates got used to the look of his eyes.

Akaru inherited his compassion from his mother who taught him how to be considerate and kind to others. His mother had hoped Akaru would be a good role model for his younger brother, but Koukei paid little to no attention to Akaru and used to rebel strongly against their parents. Akaru tried his best to get along with his brother but was never able to hold a decent conversation with him until Koukei eventually matured from his early rebellious stage (there will be more about Koukei when I fill out his application since this is supposed to be all about Akaru).

When Akaru was just about to graduate middle school, he received an offer to attend Raira that he gladly accepted along with a few of his friends. He’d heard from his friends who had lived in Ikebukuro about all of the strange occurrences that happened there and had always dreamt of living in the legendary city one day. Needless to say, he never once regretted his decision to move to Ikebukuro. Koukei moved into his apartment a year later when he was also accepted into Raira.

Akaru is in his second year at Raira where his friends from middle school still call him Akuma (and now many others, including Koukei, have begun to use that nickname as well). He has a closer relationship with Koukei who now closely follows Akaru around Ikebukuro, seemingly never leaving his side unless, of course, if they’re in class or if either of them need to be alone.

Close relationships: Mother and father, Koukei Himatoya (younger brother), Ren Iwamoto (best friend; I will elaborate on him in his application as well)

Current occupation (if applicable): Student

Gang (if applicable): None

Strengths: Gaming, studying, multitasking

-Cats – He thinks they’re adorable and would constantly bring strays into the apartment for his brother to eventually kick out after a few days.
-Bugs – He absolutely hates those little creatures. He doesn’t like the fact that they have more than two pairs of legs.
-Blood – He grows nauseous at the sight of blood. He can’t even look at his own and always has to get Koukei to patch up his injuries for him.
-His naïveté – It frequently gets him into trouble, but he gets into less trouble nowadays since his brother is better at reading people than he is.
-Any comments about his eyes – He's already self-conscious about his eyes and would rather like it if people wouldn't comment on them.

Fears/Insecurities: He’s afraid of death and of what may be lurking afterwards. He’s also very protective about his eyes.

Likes: Cats, his PSP, Ikebukuro in general

Dislikes: Bugs, blood, thoughts of death, comments about his eyes

Driving force: He wants to document what he sees in Ikebukuro, so he wishes to buy an expensive camera and take up photography as a possible career choice.

Hobbies: Gaming, studying, hanging out with friends, wandering Ikebukuro

Describe your character in three words: Gamer, naïve, considerate

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be? His PSP and bug repellent

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change? He’d want to make his eyes the same color so he wouldn’t be judged because of them.

Your character opens their fridge; what do they see? A few cans of cat food, leftover take-out, ingredients for whenever he feels the need to cook, and a couple cartons of orange juice.

Sample Roleplay:
When Akaru first set foot in Ikebukuro, he knew he had made the right choice of moving here. The large buildings and busy streets were so different compared to the sights he was used to back at home. Of course, he’d been to places like these with his family when he was younger, but it was never for a long period of time like this.

“Yo, Akuma!” a voice called from behind as he was walking on the sidewalk on his way to school

“Hn?” Akaru blinked and turned, only to be tackled to the concrete by his best friend. “Oh. It’s just you, Ren…”

Ren sat back on his feet and pouted. “That’s all I get for a greeting? I’m awfully hurt, y’know…”

“Oh, don’t pull that face. I was only joking,” Akaru laughed, getting himself to his feet and brushing himself off. “So what do you think we should do after school today? Actually study for once?”

“Pfft, studying? Really, Akaru?” Ren scoffed, bouncing to his feet once more. “Some things never change, huh? Actually, I was thinking of hitting up the arcade. How ‘bout it?” He nudged Akaru’s side, wearing a mischievous grin on his face.

“Then, can we study afterwards?” Akaru deadpanned.

Ren threw his arms up in frustration. “You’re always studying! What’s so fun about that?!”

“Well, at least I’m not the one who has horrible grades…” Akaru sighed. “You should at least put a little more effort into your studies…”

“I could always cram before the exams. It’s no big deal.” Ren linked his hands behind his head, proceeding to walk to school.

“You’re hopeless…” Akaru replied, sighing once more before catching up with his friend.

Other: (I’ll try to draw and scan a picture of him when I get the chance)
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PostSubject: Re: Katojiku's Characters   Katojiku's Characters I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2012 11:23 pm

He sounds pretty epic and realistic! My only concern is to keep in mind that family may only make minor appearances (one or two posts at a time every five-six pages and only a little interaction). Aside from that: ACCEPTED~!

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PostSubject: Re: Katojiku's Characters   Katojiku's Characters I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 19, 2012 1:35 pm

Seliphra wrote:
He sounds pretty epic and realistic! My only concern is to keep in mind that family may only make minor appearances (one or two posts at a time every five-six pages and only a little interaction). Aside from that: ACCEPTED~!
Thank you. I will keep that in mind.
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PostSubject: Re: Katojiku's Characters   Katojiku's Characters I_icon_minitime

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Katojiku's Characters
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