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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

Ikebukuro: To some, it is just another big city in Japan, but there are others who have been priviledged to see what really goes on. Gang violence isn't what we're talking about. You'll soon see what I mean. Welcome to Ikebukuro...
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 Mittyke's Character Needs Approval

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PostSubject: Mittyke's Character Needs Approval   Mittyke's Character Needs Approval I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 21, 2013 10:46 am

Full Name: Morigami Momo
Nickname(s): Mo-chan
Birthdate: May, 13th
Age: 15

Physical appearance: Momo is 157 cm (sorry, I am not familiar with feet, because that measurement is not used in my country. I hope cm is fine.) high. she weights 51 kgs. She has shoulder length straight black hair. She has big black eyes. Her face is round. Her nose is small, and childish-looking. One of her canine teeth is very pointy.
She wears her hair in two ponytails, low on her head, behind her shoulders. Her front hair is arranged behind her ears on the right side. On the left side, a plane white hair clip keeps her hair out of her face.
She usually wears white, green and blue clothes. She loves wearing skirts. She always wears different lenght striped socks. There is always a heart somewhere on her clothing.

Personality: Momo seems to be very childish. She loves to be noticed, and she does anything to make people recognise her. She gets easily hurt. She can't hide emoitions like sadness, anger, happiness or fear, but she's a master of hiding jealousy, hatred, love and care. She can be rather bossy, when she is in a bad mood. She can't tell jokes apart from serious thought, but she can sense if people are lying to her easily. She usually says what she thinks. She has a rather short temper, but she never hurts anyone physically. If she gets angry, she shouts first, than cries, but never hits or kicks anyone.
Momo is a leader, and would never follow anyone, expect her closest friends even if her life is at stake. She always has to be the one walking in the front. She hates girls who copy celebrities. She think everyone should have their own styles, expect if they are copying her.
It's hard to tell if she cares for someone. If a person she likes, or is a close friend with is being hurt by someone else, she won't interfere. She doesn't want people to find out that she cares about others. If she is very close to someone, the only way she shows this is while still acting like a leader she is willing to follow that person.

Background: Momo was born is a rich family in a willage by the ocean. Her ancestors were merchants. She was the only child of the family. Her father was always away in different countries. Her mother felt bad for Momo, because of her father. She felt like Momo had only a half life, she was afrid that Momo was lonely without her father. That's why she spent most of her time with her daughter. Of course, Momo didn't miss her father. Why would have she missed him? She never knew him. She couldn't miss someone she didn't know. To her, fathers were unnecessary. But she didn't tell her mother that.
When she was in first year of elementary school, she still cared about the opinion of crowds and individuals.She befriended a boy, who was bullied by the upperclassmen. Her classmates were on the side of the upperclassmen, because they were afraid of them. They laughed at Momo for being friends with that 'loser'. Momo thought they meant that being friends with anyone, or taking anyone's side was wrong. The next time she saw the boy surrounded by the upperclassmen, she turned away. She never talked to the boy again, and never made new friends.
Later on she realised, that she shouldn't care what people think of her. She only wanted them to think something of her. To notice her. She was happy if people hated her, she was happy if people loved her, but she hated it, when people had no opinions of her at all. Even though she lived by her own rules, she still felt like showing affection towards people was wrong. And hating others was wrong too. She thought people should be treated the same way. No one should be treated better or worse.
Any time her mother asked her about ehere she wanted to go to high school she always said Tokyo. She didn't care if it was far away. She wanted to move to Tokyo, and go to school there. Why? She didn't know herself. Maybe because of the huge crowds there. She knew only two things about Tokyo. It was the capital city of Japan, and many people lived there. Momo loved crowds. Maybe that was what she liked in Tokyo. In the end, her mother allowed her to move to Tokyo. But she couldn't follow her daughter there, because she had a horrible enemy in Tokyo. She didn't know where exactly he lived, but she was afraid of meeting him. She knew that Tokyo was huge, and the chances were low, but she was scared of him. She knew that he didn't know her daughter, so she wasn't worried about that.
Momo ended up in Ikebukuro. She is a student, who doesn't care about smaller rules, but she makes sure she doesn't do anything that would get her expelled from school. Her grades are very good. She does act rebelloius but she studies a lot at home, and she writes down everything she hears in class properly. After school she can be found at home studying, or on the streets trying to be even more noticable.

Close relationships: None. She is new in Ikebukuro, so she doesn't know anyone yet.

Current occupation (if applicable): Student
Gang (if applicable): None.
-Good at studying
-Good at drawing
-Good at playing a flute
-Physically weak
-Can't use weapons
Fears/Insecurities: She is afraid of getting too close to people, and is afraid of being average. She is also scared of gangs in Ikebukuro.
Likes: Heart patterns, crowds, cats, arts, literature and math
Dislikes: Blood, rules, celebrities, football
Driving force: Getting to know more about herself.
Hobbies: Playing a flute, drawing, dancing and taking walks.

Describe your character in three words:
Annoying, childish, weak.

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?:
A CD player, and a CD.

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?:
She would stop having feelings.

Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?:
Leftovers, rice, fis, milk, cat food, strawberries, hotdogs, mozarella cheese and ice-cream.

Sample Roleplay: Momo is walking home from school. She is singing something about the ocean aloud. She hops into the air a few times. She had a great day. She smiles and waves at the people on the streets.  She is wearing a school uniform. It is very tidy, expect her socks. Their lenght is different. She vears a neklace with a small green heart on it. When she arrives home, she does her homework, humming an american song. when she is ready with studying, she packs her bag for next day, and leaves her apartment. She walks to the park, climbs into the fountain, and climbs up to the part of it where the water comes from. She starts playing something on het flute. She starts dancing too. When she reaches the end of the song, she bows, then jumps down and walks home.

Other: She has a black cat named Kyoko. She usually calls her Kyo-chan. She sometimes talks about Kyoko as if she's a human, and as if she told Momo many interesting things about Ikebukuro,  sushi, arts or anything else.
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Mittyke's Character Needs Approval
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