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 VenDash's Character: Awaiting Approval.

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PostSubject: VenDash's Character: Awaiting Approval.   Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:46 am

Name: Makoto Kusari.
Online Alias: Zeph-kun.
Age: 18.
Gender: Male.
Occupation: Raira Academy senior.
Gang (optional): None at present.
Physical Appearance: Eye color: Rather tall, and lanky weighing in at 150 lbs. He has amber gold eyes that seem to give the sense that he's adventurous and outgoing. He doesn't have much muscle on him, so he instead relies on how lithe he is to move around quickly. Has a clear complexion and a bit of fullness to his cheek. His hair is a light brown, and it goes down to the middle of his neck in the back, and just above his eyes in the front.

He wears a sky blue vest over a white long sleeve button up shirt with a dark blue plaid collar. He also wears a loose fitting black tie that dangles around his neck, as well as black slack pants. He has varying watches (one for each day of the week, as to why he has so many, he can't really say; he just likes them), and a black leather belt as well. Wears black rectangle frame glasses.

Personality: Very laid back and casual in everything he does. He tends not to take things very seriously, and can get bored easily. He tries to find excitement in life, and is trying to encourage others to be as optimistic as possible. He can be quite the social butterfly when he feels like it. Underneath his carefree exterior, though, he's a fragile, scared boy. He's afraid of being alone; afraid of having no purpose in life and being absolutely worthless. He puts as much effort into contributing to society as he can, though he never tells anyone about the fears he has, not even his own parents.

What brings them to Ikebukuro?: Makoto was born and raised in Ikebukuro, though he's always sort of just... blended in with the crowd. He has no real friends, no one he's opened up to over his 18 years of existence. For him, it was always a neverending routine that seemed to have no end in sight. His parents were always working, but they were paid well enough that they could support Makoto financially even when they were away. Eventually, when he became more and more aware of how exciting the world could be when you go around looking for it; the main thing that got his attention was the spike in gang activity upon his arrival to Raira Academy. As his own personal way of showing that he was done with the routine that was his life up to that point by taking out the batteries of all his watches, stopping them from moving indefinitely. Time no longer dictated or controlled what he did; he was free to do what he felt like.

From this point forward, he became much more outgoing in class, and started making some actual friends. With his newfound confidence, though, there was a price. He felt like he needed to do as much as he can to make a mark on the world, and constantly pushed himself as far as he could to please as many people as possible before himself. His parents were still working constantly, so he was unable to find emotional support. He has periods of severe depression as a result of this. His awareness of the gangs has given him interest in how they work and their true goals, which has led him to do some investigating into them.

Other: None of his watches work, so they're purely cosmetic.
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PostSubject: Re: VenDash's Character: Awaiting Approval.   Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:10 pm

Very nice character! Accepted!!

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VenDash's Character: Awaiting Approval.
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