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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

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 Last Song

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Akira Yukito

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PostSubject: Last Song    Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:19 am

[*Is kinda scared for posting this* DON'T KILL ME, ARU!! *RUNS AND HIDES*]

I felt numb. Paralyzed. I couldn't move or even blink as the words repeated over and over again in my mind. It took me awhile to realize that Kaien had little time left.

"You only have two weeks..." said the doctor as he removed his glasses, his eyes budding with mocha-amber ones. Kaien sat across the table, a look of confusion on his face changed into a sureally calm expression. It was clear that he has accepted his untimely fate.

How can you be so calm when you're going to die and leave me and Natsuki alone?

I don't understand him at all. Everything was going perfectly fine, the trauma and suffering had ended for us and it came back! However, this time, it seemed to become the worst for me. I was fighting my tears back but eventually, they began to stream down my face.

"Don't cry." I can hear Kaien trying to comfort me as I felt his strong arms wrap around my thin frame. My fingers were clutching onto his buttoned shirt, digging into his chest. I felt like an idiot, crying like a baby but there was really nothing that I could do. I heard the doctor's solemn words with Kaien replying to every one of them. His chest vibrated every time he spoke, I am going to miss his voice. I felt one of his arms move to reach out to something.

"Its a medical report. I have to inform my family about this...situation."

Kaien had to half carry, half dragged me out. We were going to tell everyone the depressing news. I could have sworn that everyone's faces were different but they all had the same feeling. Grief.

Kaien was admitted to the hospital the very next day. Everything was falling apart and it hurts to see Kaien struggle and function prperly. The days went by in a blur and its getting harder for Kaien to function.

He vomits everything he eats and does nothing but sleep. Haha, its hilarious to see a strong man now bedridden. He's weak, just like my miserable state. He still talks but the conversations never lasted long.

It hurts that I will never hear more of his voice but what pains me more is that his two weeks are tomorrow.

"Ichirou..." I hear Kaien calling and I rushed to his side. My reaction made him frown but he then laughed softly. "Idiot, I'm not going to die yet..." He's exhausted like every other last day of his life. I tucked him in and gave him a kiss on his forehead. Soon, he was sound asleep. I turned to look at our only son sleeping in the chair nearby. He will be reminding me of Kaien so much. His hair colour, antics...everything. My lips formed a sad smile as I covered Natsuki with my coat.

The next day was nothing but machines, curses and tears. Kaien was hooked up to one of those machines. Doctors and nurses came in and out of the ward, checking the IVs and machine.

It was all pointless. Kaien was still going to die anyway.

Everyone came to see Kaien for the last time. How unacceptable, they never pitched in during the last few days. Mio at least visited once or twice and called to see if Kaien was alright. Now, everyone was outside, due to Kaien's wishes. He even told Natsuki to stand outside with the others! Now, an unearthly silence filled the room as both Kaien and myself remained in the ward.

"Ichirou...do you want to hear a song?" Kaien broke the unearthly silence. I turned to look at him with teary eyes. A song would be nice but, how am I to enjoy it when its going to be the last song you will sing? I wanted to tell him that but I nodded my head instead.

With a weak smile, he sang his last song.

It was called 'Soundless Voice'. His trademark song. However, he only managed to reach a certain verse.

"Please take away my voice and give it to my precious..."

His breathing became laboured. The heart monitor was beeping fast. Doctors rushed in and a few cursed. Kaien tightened his grip on my hand before it began to loosen. He looked incredibly pale, his hair sticking onto his clammy forehead. No, no...it cannot be his time yet. We still have a long way, many years to come and experience each and every single moment, make it sweet or sour. He still has to see Natsuki grow as well. Me tears began to flow, I was crying. No, sobbing.

His eyes were beginning to close. That was when I lost it.

"Kai-chan, no! You cannot die yet! Hang on and fight you idiot! Don't leave me! I still need you, so does Natsuki! Don't close your eyes! Say something at least, dammit!!"

The beeping was getting slower, my tears were staining the sheets. Kaien's mocha-amber eyes were dull and void of emotion. However, a tear rolled down his face.

"I love you..."

Upon saying those words, he drew his last breath, closed his eyes...and died.

There was a moment of silence and the only sound came from the heart monitor. Soon, my screams and cries could be heard. Everyone outside barged in, only to see me crying over a dead body. Leather-clad arms held me back. Everyone was pitying me. Why must it be like this? Why does fate have to be so cruel? I could see everyone in the room, either crying or avoiding each other's eyes with pure guilt. Natsuki was sobbing into Mio's arms. Mio herself was crying. They rolled out Kaien's bed, his life was over, so was mine.

His last song remained repeated in my mind over and over again. His final verse, all memories of him flood into my mind and began to play like some cinematic record. A big part of my life was just almost at my grasp, now it all has slipped away.

I had nothing left.

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Last Song
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