Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play
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Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

Ikebukuro: To some, it is just another big city in Japan, but there are others who have been priviledged to see what really goes on. Gang violence isn't what we're talking about. You'll soon see what I mean. Welcome to Ikebukuro...
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 Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval)

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Daina Hayashibara
Daina Hayashibara

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Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval) Empty
PostSubject: Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval)   Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval) I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2012 11:53 am

-Basic info-

Name: Daina Hayashibiara

Age: 15

Job: assistant of Izaya

Boyfriend: Shizuo

Parents: Dead

Online name: Maka

Gang: Dollars

Goal in life: Not to be a burden in life.

Birthday: August 22

~Online chatting
~The Moon/Sun
~The Atmosphere
~Cute things

~Loud Noise's
~Car rides
~Ugly things
~ Smiling

Fear: The dark

Characteristics: Quite but loud when she needs to be.Gets flustered in uncomfortable situations.Makes rash decisions through life.Hates being center of attention.Loves the Atmosphere,it calms her.
And knows how to stand her own ground, always ready to fight.

Background: A happy girl who loved her parents and never bothered her parents about her problems.She was bullied a lot and picked on but never told her parents or anyone because she loved seeing the ones she loved happy especially her parents.When they died of a car accident she kept smiling through it all even at the funeral.Life got pretty dull for her until an invitation to join the Dollars was sent.So she packed up and moved to the next city named Ikebukuro.She starts chatting online with a screen named nokura but is really Izaya.He invites Daina to a building where all his suicidal victims die.While on her way to the building she gets kidnapped,as Izaya plans, but through it all she still smiles, while Izaya watches his plan fall into place he notices her smiles.She soon gets rescued by The Black Rider, and taken to the building to meet Nokura, but up on the top of the building awaits Izaya to unfold his twisted ways.While Izaya explains to her what situation she's in and that all of this was his planning, she gets flustered and doesn't know what to say.Then Izaya leans close to her and whispers " I know you don't know what to say or do so how about you get back at me, and jump, besides there's no one to stop you here 'i mean am i right".As she leans over the edge and stares at the splatter of blood she starts to think.Then Izaya says, " Well goodbye miss.Hayashibiara. It's been fun".As Izaya lays back and watches the show, Daina stares at the blood and thinks of the accident, then she smiles.Izaya looks closer and she begins to walk away.Izaya stops her and asks her why she didn't jump.Daina looks at Izaya, smiles and says, "I can't upset them".Izaya begins to talk to her a lot and like shizuo says, stalks her.Then Izaya offers her a position to work for him.She agrees and they become close.


~Purple tank top
~Black Skirt
~Shorts underneath skirt
~Black Boots

Color~Dirty Blonde

Right eye~Green
Left eye~Green
Skin: Caucasian

Height: (5,6)

Weight: 50kg (110 pounds)


Tattoos: None

Scars/etc: None

Please notify me if you approve my OC
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EreAsha (Kasuka)
EreAsha (Kasuka)

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Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval)   Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval) I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2012 1:55 pm

This character simply cannot be accepted, and for several reasons. 1. You have put that the character is an assistant to Izaya without asking Izaya's canon player, Seliphra. 2. You have also put that she is Shizuo's girlfriend. We don't have a Shizuo player yet and a 24 year old man would not be dating a 15 year old girl. Also, the only relationships that there are are supposed to be canon or one developed for oc.

How did her parents die and the background says nothing, as well as needs to go by the Izaya player again.

Please just rewrite this entire thing. Go by and look at accepted ocs to get an idea of what to do.

Durarara Season two is a thing. A real thing!

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Yori - 19 - fortune teller/match maker
For the above Oc's

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PostSubject: Re: Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval)   Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval) I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2012 2:31 pm

I like the basic concept. Looks and likes are just fine, however, Asha is right in that you've gotten a little ahead of yourself.

If you are going to involve other characters in such close relations (boyfriend, boss, friend, etc) you really must get the person who plays the character's approval before you involve them. Remember you want your character to be very realistic to the Durarara storyline since they are an oc for a durarara roleplay group. It's not too often you see a fifteen year old with someone a bit older like Shizuo. Asha's kinda hit the nail on the head in regards to all that.


Perhaps you should think about maybe instead of being Izaya's assistant, she is a part of a group or a reliable source to which Izaya can go to for information. You would still have to talk to Seliphra about that, but it would offer far more opportunities for roleplaying (After all, what all can you roleplay as an assistant besides a workday).

Maybe instead of being Shizuo's girlfriend, she is a bit of a fan of his, following him when she has free time and admiring from afar. That gives you once more that interesting opportunity to roleplay with Izaya like your application here seems to offer. Your oc and Izaya can run into one another.

Other than that though, I have to agree with Asha, while you have an interesting idea here, and no doubt a fine oc if you were merely writing a fanfiction for an OCxShizuo; you have gotten far ahead of yourself.

Her parent's death in the car crash is fascinating and the smiling is a rather odd trait. I love that. Great thought was put into that. Keep that up, I would rather you focus more on /her/ rather than her interactions with Izaya.

I'm sorry we can't accept her yet, but don't give up all hope on her. She just needs some fine tuning and, if you are very set on interactions with Izaya, some dialog between you and Seliphra.

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Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval)   Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval) I_icon_minitime

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Daina Hayashibara OC(Needs Approval)
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